What people are saying about us

“I know of no other magazine in the education industry today that provides the richness and relevance of content featured in SEEN. It is a nearly perfect balance of practical methods, applied research and solution advertising all of which is timely and relevant to today’s education professional.
To illustrate, the Winter 2013 edition of SEEN contained enough relevant and timely content to form the foundation for multiple in-service university courses. An educator reading that one issue for the 8 hours or so it would take, could then spend the next several years applying and further refining what they learned.
Congratulations to the authors, management and editors who have made SEEN a reality.”

Art Willer, M.Ed.,
Bytes of Learning Incorporated

“I received a copy of the latest issue of SEEN and am so impressed with the loaded content! I can't put this down! I'm especially impressed with your interview of Temple Grandin! WOW!
I would love a couple of spare copies!”

Allison Goedde, Ed.D.
Bowling Green State University

“SEEN is a truly comprehensive resource for all the hot topics in education right now—from the Common Core to digital and mobile teaching and learning to STEM and the Next Generation Science Standards. And with special interest stories that span topics of school security, wellness, teacher evaluation, advanced degrees and more—SEEN is a resource for teachers, administrators, school officials, policymakers, and all practitioners in education.”

Kacy Karlen
An education research and development organization

"Got the latest SEEN Magazine. I have to tell you, it is the VERY BEST education magazine that I've encountered - bar none! The layout, color,and length of articles and the relevance of your topics are fabulous! I know it's for the Southeast part of the country, but is it possible for folks elsewhere to subscribe? I'd like to let my educators throughout the country to know about it. Educators don't have a lot of time to spend reading professional magazines, but I'll bet yours gets read! If you have snatches of time here and there, you can accomplish reading these articles."
Sandra K. Darling, Ph.D.
Learning Bridges

“The Fall issue was an incredible accomplishment! Amazing coverage and beautifully packaged.”

Don Perras
DP Enterprises



Our Goal: to reinvigorate the spirit of American education.  The Southeast Education Network, through SEEN Magazine and www.SEENmagazine.us, presents resources, ideas and techniques to help educators become more effective while growing personally and professionally. SEEN Magazine is dedicated to educators, school administrators, and the education community.