About SEEN

Mission Statement: The Southeast Education Network, through SEEN Magazine, www.seenmagazine.us and other outreach efforts, furthers the efficacy of American education by finding, understanding and presenting ideas and resources to our nation’s educators, administrators, government officials and others in the education community.

Large numbers of thought leaders from the Southeast, across the United States and around the world regularly contribute original articles, papers, books and ideas for discussion and publication in our media properties including our flagship publication, the Southeast Education Network (SEEN) Magazine. These thought leaders converge for one very important reason: the opportunity to focus their efforts into an impactful, solutions-oriented presentation to our nation’s top educators and education decision-makers.


Topics discussed often include:

·         Administrative challenges and their solutions

·         Career Readiness among students/Career and Technical Education

·         Classroom Technology

·         Common Core State Standards/Other standards

·         Data and Data Management

·         Early Childhood Education

·         English Language Learners

·         Evaluation

·         Experiential Learning/Travel

·         Gifted Learners

·         Higher Education/Advanced Degrees in Education

·         Professional Development/Conferences and Seminars

·         School Safety and Security

·         Schoolwide/Districtwide/Statewide Technology

·         Social and Emotional Learning

·         Special Education and Learning Differences

·         STEM

·         The Globalization of Education

·         Wellness and Nutrition

·         And much more