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As the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide, SABRE Security Equipment Corporation knows about keeping people safe, and taking down attackers. With free safety resources as well as products twice as potent as the average pepper spray, SABRE is proud to offer the very best – and has been for 40 years. 


What Is Pepper Gel?
Pepper gel is a pepper spray alternative that’s ideal for on-campus use. Pepper gel doesn’t atomize in the air, meaning the police-strength formula only affects the bad guy, not the user or others in the immediate area. 

Tried, tested and proven effective.
33% of K-12 parents are worried about their oldest child’s safety during the school day1. That staggering number is no surprise, given how often school violence – from bullying at recess to a shooter on campus – makes headlines. And as with any tragedy, the school safety crisis has shown us amazing acts of heroism. For instance, a student at South Pacific University was able to minimize that school’s 2014 tragedy by using pepper spray to incapacitate a gunman. 

Our communities’ police departments also depend upon pepper-based security products. SABRE pepper sprays are trusted by the New York Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and the Chicago Police Department. With the same potency as pepper spray, SABRE pepper gel would give peace of mind to parents, faculty and students. 

Protection at a safe distance. 
With SABRE’s pepper gel range of up to 30 feet, the user doesn’t have to go hands-on with a violent criminal. 

Practical and cost-effective.
With up to 25 bursts per canister, SABRE pepper gels provide protection against multiple threats. Plus, SABRE products boast a 4-year shelf life (double that of other brands) and are legal in all 50 states.


Backed by education and training.
SABRE’s national network of Personal Safety Academy (PSA) instructors can help train your faculty in effective pepper gel usage. PSA instructors are known for their knowledge, enthusiasm, passion and professionalism.  
After learning how to use SABRE products effectively, PSA attendees walk away feeling empowered. “I am so confident about using the pepper spray since I’ve attended the class,” said PSA alum Karen H. “I went home a new person that night, ready to take action and protect myself if need be.”

Each product also comes with a free how-to-use training video, because SABRE shares your belief in the power of education. 

The safety of your teachers and students is your number one concern – so it follows that you’d want to have the very best in every 
classroom. SABRE is that very best. 

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