FROM THE EDITOR - Spring 2014

From stem to stern, education’s about the people. And as educators, we are in the people business. It’s not about the school. Or the classrooms. It’s not about the curriculum. Or the technology. It’s not about the math. Or the science. It’s about the people. It’s the superintendent who communicates her vision within a community, inspiring parents to become active participants. The principal who partners with his teachers, creating an environment of trust and commitment. The teacher who watches her students’ eyes to confirm the “ah-ha” moments. With all our new technology, new teaching methods, new tools and directives, it still comes down to this: teaching and learning is a people business.

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Parents, Common Core, and Assessment

Just putting two of the three article topics together sounds like an explosion — parents and the Common Core or parents and assessment or assessment and Common Core. Putting all three together seems like courting a nuclear reaction. However, nuclear reactions can be used for good as well as blowing things up. Mixing these ingredients of parents, the Common Core standards and assessments can also have good results. We just need to be careful of why and how we are mixing them.

Let’s start with why. First, why would anyone want to put parents and the Common Core standards together? Educators are having enough trouble wrapping their heads and hearts around these new standards. Shoot, just when we were getting used to the old ones, now we have this new stuff to deal with and we want to put parents in the mix? Why ask for more headaches?

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Transforming Staffulty

Dr. John F. McEwan, a friend and fellow Jostens Renaissance National Hall of Fame educator who passed away in May of last year, always opened his part of any presentation with a reminder for educators to follow corporate research because they have the time and the funding for extensive investigation. In his honor I want to direct you to a 10-year study of 200,000 managers and employees entitled “The Carrot Principle” by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton. The study delineates how the best managers use recognition to engage their people, retain talent and accelerate learning and performance.

Another personal insight came from Marriott executive chairman, J.W. “Bill” Marriott, Jr. Their expansion team was in a due diligence posture regarding construction of an ocean front hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. At a wonderful dinner at The J.W. Marriott in our nation’s capital, I asked Mr. Marriott for the key secret to their worldwide success. He said, “We realized that if we take care of our employees, they will take care of our guests!” From that tenet came my Renaissance designation: Staffulty ... go ahead ... Google it! Staffulty is a creative word for faculty and staff ... staff comes first because they are the support group that underpins the entire teaching and learning process: parent volunteers, clerical staff, substitutes, cafeteria staff, custodians, bus drivers, foundation members, college teacher interns and any other community members that assist our teaching faculty and administration.

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Shifting the Focus from Grades to Learning

As more and more schools adopt student-centric instructional models,we are seeing a growing interest in proficiency-based grading (also known as standards-based grading). Peer-to-peer learning, guided inquiry, project-based learning—all of these strategies require the assessment of skills that may not be fully captured by an A-F scale.

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Adding Common Sense Standards to Common Core

As I type this, estimates are that there have been more than 50 U.S. school shootings since the landmark tragedy at Columbine and at Sandy Hook, about a year and a half ago. It seems like a good time to stop and take a look at whether that tragic moment in U.S. history has impacted teacher professional development training. During that rough December, many had wondered if the tragedy might serve as a wake-up call, that finally there would be an epiphany and the world at large would finally see the scope and severity of contemporary problems like school violence, student mental health issues, cyberbullying and classroom disruption. There was a wave of hope that teacher training might finally start to change to include preparation on how to prevent and manage the critical issues that have emerged in the last decade or so.

From my vantage point, providing training workshops to educators, teachers are still constantly telling me that their training never imagined the violent, troubled classrooms where they teach each day. School shootings, drug dealing, cyberbullying and extreme violence didn’t exist when most of today’s teachers were learning their profession. Teachers tell me that in the past year and a half they have seen a change in their training, but not in the direction many needed.

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Teacher Evaluations: The Conversation Has Changed

Teachers across the nation are being transformed into instructional leaders, in part due to the new evaluation methods being put into effect in multiple schools and districts. In the past three years many states have made changes to their teacher evaluation systems to incorporate multiple measures of teacher effectiveness, including classroom observations, student performance information, timely feedback and opportunities for professional growth. At this time, more than half of the states require annual staff evaluations. Because the majority of the states allow local development of the evaluation plan, teachers are being allowed to have a say in policy and practice.


According to the report released by the The National Council on Teacher Quality “As of September 2013, 35 states and the District of Columbia Public Schools now require that student achievement is a significant or the most significant factor in teacher evaluations. To date, only Alabama, California, Idaho, 

Iowa, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Texas and Vermont have no formal policy requiring that teacher evaluations take some objective measures of student achievement into account in evaluating teacher effectiveness.”  


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Can You Type Faster than a Fifth Grader? Highlights of the 4th Annual Davis School District Keyboard Challenge 2014

In Davis School District, Farmington, Utah, the ability to compete with a fifth grader at keyboarding skill depends on whether you can type at least 60 words per minute, after your speed has been adjusted downward for any errors.

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Closing Learning Gaps in STEM Digital and Curriculum Prospects

Can digital curriculum products close the gaps in academic performance in STEM subjects for female students and for African-American students in particular? Such a discussion should start with the general lagging STEM performance of American students as a whole, then examine the factors for further deficiency by demographic groups.

Success in STEM is important for academic and economic reasons. The mission for anyone’s education is to learn how to communicate, how to think, and how to relate. Math concerns itself with quantifying and ordering things, and applying reasoning skills. 

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Student Readiness to Achieve: Decreasing the Achievement Gap

 The implementation of national Common Core Standards is a major initiative to address the persistent achievement gap plaguing public schools across the country. While a noteworthy goal to improve students’ test scores, educators are confronted by decades of inadequate academic performance.  Reversing the historical dilemma of chronic school failure requires a concerted effort to reverse this unfortunate pattern. Decreasing the glaring achievement gap depends on changing students’ perception of learning. A shift in attitudes is essential to boost their commitment to achieve, a serious challenge in communities with depressed accomplishments. Unless students’ school readiness is dramatically altered, this mandate will be compromised. Ultimately, this task compels educators to master instructional skills and classroom management techniques to succeed with diverse learners, especially in districts with static  progress.


In response to students’ readiness to achieve, and an expanding population of at - risk and special education learners, reliance on traditional instructional practices must be evaluated.  Commitment to antiquated teaching formats, like lecturing, will negate attainment of anticipated Common Core outcomes.  Strategies effective with prior generations of more homogeneous students will prove ineffective in today’s classrooms defined by varied social - cultural backgrounds. Worksheets, rote memory, drills, and question - answer interactions, among others, have minimal potential for reaching predetermined achievement criteria. Therefore, educators must apply an array of creative instructional procedures to maximize students‘ success with Common Core Standards.


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Learning From Massachusetts: Career & Technical Education Success

As a long-time superintendent of an award winning career technical high school in Massachusetts, I am often asked what has made our unique system so successful. To respond, I must first describe the vocational technical model as it has been implemented in our state.

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Are You Willing to Get Your Hands DIRTY?

In the 60s
The year was 1965 and I was in eighth grade. My sister was dating a guy named Bill that did not like school, but was very talented mechanically. When graduation came, he barely made it across the stage. Bill, like his father, went to work in the shop at Oldsmobile after he graduated. He moved up quickly from assembly to jigs and fixture repair and finally to a level-5 engineer. After 35 years, Bill was the “go-to” guy to build $80,000,000 engine plants wherever GMC wanted them built.

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Climate and energy are topics that afford many opportunities for middle and high school science teachers to engage students in inquiry around current challenges facing their communities and society. 

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The Leader's Guide to Success in a More-With-Less and More-With-More World

America’s classrooms, both K-12 and college, have always held the promise a better future for the nation. Today, that expectation is no less, — but times have changed. K-20 classrooms are expected to do more with less: help states produce more workers with greater technical skills — but with less funding. At the same time, our K-20 institutions are challenged to be more accountable, to raise achievement and to use more data to make better decisions – in other words, to do more with more.

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Best Practices of EdTech PD The Intersection of Content, Technology and Pedagogy

Technology in the classroom is still controversial and some educators still question the benefits. After all, skeptics say, it takes capital investment to ensure that schools have Wi-Fi bandwidth and computers, tablets and other devices that are up to date and properly maintained. Then there is the question of appropriate use — how teachers and students use technology — so that exploration, content mastery, and demonstration of that mastery actually occur. With the advent of Common Core Standards, answering this question is even more critical.

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Designing Online Courses for K12 Students?

Who is developing online courses for the K-12 market and how do schools districts or publishers know that the online or blended courses are of the best quality for K-12 students? These are questions that many school districts, publishers and third party organizations like The Quality Matters Program and iNACOL are currently asking, and the answers provide insight into the growing K-12 online education market.

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Technology Investment Demands an Equal Investment in Professional Development

Innovative Learning
As large investments are made equipping schools with technology, an equivalent or even larger investment must be made on professional development and support for integration in the classroom. Many failed attempts for technology integration have been demonstrated, which strikes a nerve across the nation because so much money is invested in hardware and software. Adding to the pain is the rapid pace of change in technology itself, making it nearly impossible to remain current with new practices. Innovations are evolving as a result of the human desire to have more access faster, and to have automation of routine tasks at the moment of inception. Innovations such as Google Glass are being developed for people demanding instant automation, speed, and access to ideas as conceived individually and shared with others immediately at the touch of every surface, or even by simply blinking an eye. It is becoming the latest operating system, adding to the familiar iOS and Android. A few fortunate schools will soon be equipped with this innovation and become the model for cutting edge practices, saving time and expediting information at a pace never before attainable in a classroom. Imagine how teaching and learning will change as a result of instant knowledge gratification through surface and wearable Google Glass technology.

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Too often our best intentions to help others grow and learn just don’t work out. We’ve all tried to help someone do something better only to end up cooking up resentment and resistance. We observe what they’re doing, we see a way to do it better, we start making suggestions and, if we have the power, we may even require them to change their approach. 

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A Case for Teacher Leadership

Today’s public school district leaders face seemingly insurmountable challenges: Too many of their best teachers are leaving; they are running out of qualified principals to lead schools; achievement gaps in student outcomes persist. The most powerful prerequisites schools can provide to address the third issue are solutions to the first two. Regardless of environment or student demographics, experienced teachers and principals who serve as strong instructional leaders yield student success. To maximize this impact, schools, districts, and non-profits are starting to pay more attention to the often-untapped adult leadership skills of teachers. Teacher leadership is becoming, dare I say, all the rage.

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How do You Effectively Communicate the Shifts of the Common Core to Your Teachers? 3 suggestions to help the educational leader

Do you live by your to-do list? Most successful people do, but the to-do list mentality will not serve your teachers and students when it comes to the new Common Core State Standards. In a world of teachers who like to get things done and checked off the list, this is a major shift affecting not only teaching, but also how you, the educational leader, present information to your staff.

Gone are the days of simply handing out the standards, asking teachers to create a time-line and checklist, and moving to the next item on the agenda. The new standards call for you to be able to communicate a more integrated vision; to explain the weaving process of the standards so that teachers can clearly see the fabric.

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PROFILES Stories About the Companies and Personalities That Are Making a Contribution to Education

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Turning Around a School Is Tough Work!

The need in our nation for radically improving schools exists now more than ever. As of July 2013 there were over 6,380 schools identified as Priority or Focus schools. These schools face overwhelming challenges to increase student achievement with some of our most difficult to teach student populations. 

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Creating and Empowering Learners – A Framework for School Improvement and Student Success

Pasi Stahlberg, education guru from Finland states that “Visitors to the Finnish schools are surprised at how much the responsibility of learning in Finnish schools is with the pupils”.

Dr. Stahlberg indicates key strategies for success in Finland’s success include equity in all schools, empowering teachers which, in turn, empowers students to take ownership of their learning. The Finnish model emphasizes a focus on the primary schools with terrific teachers as key factors in their success.

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Our National Challenge: Create a Relevant System that Serves Today's Students

Shareen dropped out of school at age 14. After spending three hard years, she decided to return to school so she could support her daughter. In her Educurious classroom, she found support and encouragement to begin to read again. Leveraging The Educurious Expert Network™, Shareen communicated with prominent, New York Times best-selling author April Henry who shared her own meandering path via a webinar. After building skills and confidence, Shareen has since decided that she too wants to be a writer.

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We Save Lives... We are GEOS School safety at its best

Our nation’s schools should be safe havens for teaching and learning, free of crime and violence. Between natural and man-made disasters, our schools need to be better prepared to protect students and staff from threats including armed intruders, abductions, altercations, fires, and chemical spills.

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Active Learning Through Project-based Learning

When I watched how a group of students from Danville High School presented the results of their water quality testing of three local parking lots to their school board, I was struck once again by how differently they learn than we did. A generation or two ago, we would sit in classrooms passively and listen to the teacher lecture. Of course, we would do experiments in our science labs, but few that seemed relevant to us.

The Danville class was following a biology curriculum that turned them into active learners, engaged in solving an issue facing their local community. They went beyond learning all the key scientific information that they must know to understand biological systems. They discovered that science is highly relevant to the world they live in, and why knowing and using the information they learned might affect public policies that can make their lives better.

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As never before, teacher preparedness and teacher evaluation are being closely aligned to student achievement. With the release of NCLB Waivers by the Executive Branch, through the U.S. Department of Education teachers must be evaluated using student test scores. The waiver removes the requirement that all students must be proficient in reading and mathematics in the spring of 2014 as required under the law (NCLB, 2001). 

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A New Challenge for Teachers
With changes in education today, the success of English Language Learners has never been more uncertain. The implementation of the Common Core State Standards has brought increased rigor for nearly all students. Many educators have welcomed the challenge, but some remain unsure. Speci?cally, teachers of English Learners and those who administer their programs report that they are feeling concerned. They wonder how the increased rigor of the Common Core assessments will adequately demonstrate student learning, and thus, student achievement for their students.

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CCSS FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT Local assessments prepare for and predict performance

As districts struggle with and prepare for the full implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the coming national assessments, there is more than enough anxiety and trepidation over this initiative. Questions loom. How do we prepare for the new CCSS and its assessment program? Will scores decline as much as some are predicting? But the real question the reader has to answer is “how do I help my district prepare for this new initiative?” That is the bottom line, not what the state or region or other districts will do, but what will I do to support my district.

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Informational text. We see the phrase over and over in the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts, and generally acknowledge that students need to read more engaging nonfiction content. Yet in many classrooms, the Common Core expectation to have students reading fifty percent nonfiction and informational text by fourth grade leaves teachers, administrators, and parents concerned. New assessments looming on the horizon—whether from PARCC, SBAC, or written by the state—introduce additional concerns around students’ ability to successfully work with informational text.

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Selecting a Graduate Program in Education

For anyone working full-time and balancing family responsibilities, the thought of returning to college for a master degree can be very daunting — even intimidating. 

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Nationwide Reciprocity Stands to Lower Students’ Barriers to Distance Ed

State lines don’t matter much to students who take online college courses. A Florida undergrad can supplement coursework with an online class from a Texas college. A North Carolina mom can update her workforce credentials in a degree program from a Georgia university. And both of them will have the same quality experience online as students in those colleges’ home states.

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University and School District Collaborations Working Together to Meet the Needs of Teachers and Students

According to Juarez-Dappe, “Professionals in education at all levels have long argued for more contacts between secondary and post-secondary instructors as one important way to improve subject matter mastery. In response to this call, professional development activities that emphasize collaboration between middle/high school teachers and university faculty have increased significantly in recent years.” Edinboro University of Pennsylvania’s (EU) Department of Middle and Secondary Education and Educational Leadership is an excellent example of this practice.

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(This is part one of a two-part series on effective leadership.)

Effective leadership is a crucial part of school improvement (Cowan, Joyner, and Beckwith, 2012). Yet leaders at schools in the process of transformation often struggle with how to best guide their staff and students to better outcomes. Our experiences serving as turnaround principals in Texas and South Carolina and then working with underperforming schools while at SEDL have revealed insights on the core actions that leaders take in successfully leading school transformations. These actions can create the conditions needed to shape a school culture where teaching and learning can improve. Although these insights are written for people who often lead school turnaround efforts — principals, assistant principals, instructional coaches and teacher leaders — other stakeholders involved in school improvement will also find them instructive.

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CREATING A PROFESSIONAL AND ETHICAL LEARNING COMMUNITY Feed the teachers so they don't eat the students!

“Feed the teachers so they don’t eat the students.” So read a sign I remember seeing at a conference many years ago. This humorous truism has stayed with me all these years later. In fact, the dark and humorous truth of this statement echoes in my head these days as I travel and converse with educators across the country. One thing is clear: educators today feel stressed out and maxed out, pressured by time and tests, with too much to cover, too little time to do it, and all the while budgets continue to tighten. When you feel like you’re doing everything you can and it’s still not enough, resentful demoralization often sets in. Whether you’re an administrator, a team or department leader, I recommend that you heed this wise advice and “feed the teachers, so they don’t eat the students.”

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Building an Emotional Bank Account

As leaders we hear things like applying “soft” skills is not as important as focusing on “hard” data, such as student achievement. Our collective work with district and school leaders shows us otherwise. We’ve found that student achievement is difficult to improve without leaders building effective working relationships with employees. (principals with teachers and staff; district leaders with principals and staff).

What do employees expect from leaders? They expect their leaders to know who they are, what they are good at, and what they value. A Studer Group study on work/life blend revealed five specific things employees want in their work environment.

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Up Close & Personal with Gary Player

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity on several occasions to travel to Washington, D.C. to participate in the national lobbying effort known as the National Health Through Fitness Day. As a part of this advocacy effort, our goal was to meet with members of Congress (U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators) and their staffers to talk about the need for continued federal legislation to help “Get America Moving.” 

National Health Through Fitness Day is an annual lobby effort, spearheaded by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association and PHIT America. It attracts leaders and athletes from all realms of the sports, health, fitness, and exercise industry, something I could not have been happier to be a part of.

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MOVE TO IMPROVE Physical activity programs making a difference in learning

(This is part two of a three-part series about activating the brain and body through increased physical activity in our school systems.)

In the last issue of SEEN we discussed the lack of physical activity with an overemphasis on standardized testing in U.S. schools today. 

The reduction (and in some cases, elimination) of physical education in our schools has not only contributed to obesity and related diseases, but has adversely affected our children’s brain health. By increasing physical activity in our schools, we can combat obesity, regain student concentration, and possibly even increase academic success.

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USDA Clamps Down on School Snacks Leaves Some Loopholes

This Back to School season, while students search for familiar faces and faculty, one thing may prove to be entirely unfamiliar: the snacks and beverages sold in vending machines, a la carte lines and student stores.

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What’s for Breakfast?

When that first school bell rings to kick off the day, are students ready to tackle a full day of learning? For many children, the grumbling in their stomachs may be louder than that shrieking bell or the teacher talking at the front of the room. A recent comprehensive study, “Hunger in our Schools: Share Our Strength’s Teacher Report,” found that three out of five teachers say they have children who regularly come to school hungry. Nearly 90 percent of principals surveyed say they see children arriving hungry at least once a week.

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Every day, educators, therapists, and parents work tirelessly to help children on the autism spectrum reach their potential in areas such as communication, interaction, academics, and daily life skills. With new interventions for children with autism spectrum disorder emerging rapidly, one of the biggest challenges that professionals and caregivers face is deciding which type of intervention to utilize within classrooms, therapy settings, and in the home.

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THE FUNDAMENTALS of ADHD Coaching for Students

You were talking to a fellow teacher about ADHD coaching last week and she told you that one of her students benefited from the coaching process. He is more organized, uses his planner and works with his coach regularly to schedule all his life events from academics to sports and family activities. 

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In a recent New York Times article Nicholas Kristof tells a story from the 1950s about a kid who was a handful; he was a trouble maker, didn’t want to learn, never read, didn’t fit in and was disrespectful. He was from a large family, no electricity in the house, father was a farmer with a second grade education, he attended a small segregated school in the South and he was always mouthing off. He drove his teacher to tears.

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Battle against Bullying

I was the girl who got called fat every single day. The girl who camouflaged her pain by laughing really hard and talking too loud, drowning out the demeaning comments. The girl fighting an internal battle to get up, get ready, and go to school every morning.

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Cultural TRAINING What Every Administrator Should Know

Cultural diversity is creeping up in every region, state, city, district and school in America. In some areas, this is occurring very fast, in some it’s occurring slowly. Regardless, the demographic changes of the American classroom are bringing cultural diversity to the forefront of many schools.

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A Safe Haven? Prevention and Deterrence Have Limits

(Editor’s note: This is part one of a two-part series.)

Acts of lethal violence at public facilities continue to make headline news. Perhaps psychologically the most troubling fact is that a number of these incidents occur at schools. The impact on the minds of the public is not only greater because children are usually victims but also because our society views schools as the safest of havens for students and staff.

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BUILDING FOR SUCCESS - a district-wide global school model

If you’re thinking about globalizing your district, there’s no time like the present. Talk of preparing students for the 21st century ignores the fact that, in reality, we’re already 14 years in. We need to provide students with a variety of modern skills to ensure they are competitive in our increasingly interconnected world. Developing students’ language skills, increasing their global knowledge and enhancing their cultural experiences should be critical objectives of K-12 education around the world.

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All Children Deserve a Quality Reading Education

Imagine learning to read without books. Imagine instructing children to read without books and with limited materials. These are realities of many teachers and children living and learning in Guatemala. In the United States, teaching children to read is also a perplexing endeavor. 

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SAS: Why a Global Company Supports Public Education

As a world leader in analytics, SAS has built a reputation for not only helping businesses lead and succeed in their respective markets, but also working hard to ensure future generations are prepared to handle the growing demands for STEM-related careers.

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Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program instills love of reading

Nearly 30 years ago, Pizza Hut made a commitment to instilling a love of reading into children around the country when it launched the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program. What started as a personal passion for our company at the time, Art Gunther, BOOK IT! has grown into a program that is in more than 38,000 elementary schools, 620,000 classrooms, and reaches 14 million students each year.

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Bootleggers, Pirates & Legends All Come to Life in Berkeley County

If you’re looking for a new type of adventure, come to Berkeley County. Berkeley County is rich with history, natural beauty, and culture. Berkeley County, settled in the late seventeen hundreds by English and French Huguenots, has had a rich history with Revolutionary War heroes and all in between from plantation life to bootlegging.

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A Best-Day-of-The-Year Experience

Our philosophy is simple. We want to provide our guests with a best-day-of the-year experience. As the leader in regional entertainment, Cedar Fair offers the most extensive collection of properties throughout the U.S. and Canada including 11 amusement parks, four water parks, five hotels, and five campgrounds. Cedar Fair’s dedication to providing the best in family friendly entertainment and guest service keeps guests coming back year after year.

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The Great Outdoors

Famous scientific researchers such as Jacques Cousteau and Charles Darwin knew first-hand that when you become aware of your environment — by touching it, seeing it and interacting with it — so much more can be learned. Experience has the power to transform passive awareness into responsible action.

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Where can students enjoy an out-of-this-world experience while being provided a hands-on educational program that engages them in multiple areas of science, technology, engineering, and math? Blast off from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga’s Challenger STEM Learning Center in its simulated space missions: Welcome aboard!

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GO COASTAL in Concord Dive in to North Carolina's piedmont at SEA LIFE in Cabarrus County

Prepare for a wave of excitement when you announce that students will be learning alongside sharks, jellyfish, stingrays, starfish, seahorses and thousands of colorful fish during their next lesson!

SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord Aquarium is a one-story, 26,000-square-foot indoor aquarium at Concord Mills, the largest shopping and entertainment destination in the Carolinas. This one-of-a-kind experience puts students up close and face-to-face with over 5,000 amazing underwater creatures.

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Georgia’s Southern Museum Offers Teachers, Students Unique Educational Experience

The Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History, located in Kennesaw, Ga., offers educational opportunities for students of all ages.

Through tours and programs that can be tailored to meet teachers’ needs, the museum’s offerings reinforce classroom learning by connecting information from textbooks and lesson plans with rare artifacts.

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MSG New All Access Tour Provides A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The Newly Transformed Madison Square Garden

No trip to New York would be complete without a visit to Madison Square Garden. Your class can experience the grand re-opening of the All Access Tour, following the arena’s unprecedented, three-year, top-to-bottom transformation. Beginning today, this 75-minute tour will be open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and will allow guests to experience the newly transformed arena, while being immersed in The Garden’s rich history throughout the building. Madison Square Garden is a “must-see” when visiting New York City and the All Access Tour gives guests access to “The World’s Most Famous Arena” like never before.

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Horry County (pronounced O-ree) is one of the largest counties in the Eastern United States at over 1100 sq. miles and is drained by two major river systems, the Waccamaw and the Pee Dee. This low, sandy land along the coastal plain of South Carolina supports dense stands of long-leaf pine which fostered the areas first economic growth in the production of Naval Stores. Today, the county’s major industry is tourism with the Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach attracting millions of visitors annually.

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Admin Arsenal Software Keeps Teachers Teaching

It's no surprise that technology is a core part of education. Teachers rely heavily on software to organize lessons and teach students critical skills. However, software must be updated routinely in order to stay fully protected against the dangers of software exploits. Leading applications (Java, Flash, Reader, Chrome, etc.) will provide security patches on a monthly or quarterly basis.

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Data Is A Four Letter Word Drowning in Data

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed a lot of talk lately around the subject of “Big Data” in education. The promise of Behavior Modeling and Predictive Analytics is alluring to data miners and data scientists. For most educators, however, just trying to get a handle on the data they already have can be a struggle. If you’re like me, you’re a little fatigued with the phrase “Data Driven Decision Making” and aren’t terribly excited about the prospect of piling on more data.

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Interview Stream Video Tools Help Students Ace Interviews; Speed Hiring & Admissions

It's a Tough World
Today's job market is very competitive as employers look for the most qualified candidates and the "best fit" for their organization. Companies face many challenges in hiring due to shortages of required skills in the labor force, increasing competition in the marketplace, sourcing enough qualified candidates, and pressure to meet growth objectives. To increase access to candidates, employers turn to video interviewing to both broaden and deepen the talent tool.

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Our Goal: to reinvigorate the spirit of American education.  The Southeast Education Network, through SEEN Magazine and, presents resources, ideas and techniques to help educators become more effective while growing personally and professionally. SEEN Magazine is dedicated to educators, school administrators, and the education community.

Did You Know?

Technology in the Schools
14.1 million — Number of computers available for classroom use in the nation’s 114,000 elementary and secondary schools; that works out to one computer for every four students.

9.9 million — Number of school-age children (five to 17) who speak a language other than English at home. These children make up nearly one-in-five in this age group. Most of them (7.0 million) speak Spanish at home.

Teachers and Other School Personnel
6.5 million — Number of teachers in the United States. The bulk of them (2.6 million) teach at the elementary and middle school level.

School Enrollment
40% — Percentage of elementary and high school students who are minorities (i.e., people who are non-Hispanic white). This compares with 21% in 1970, when the crest of the baby boom was enrolled at this level of school.