Speech-language pathology is a wonderful profession filled with an awesome responsibility to change people’s lives by improving their communication skills and abilities.  Communication and cognitive ability are the most important variables that sepa... More >>


Biltmore House Interactive and Hands-On Programs Continue Vanderbilt Legacy

When George Washington Vanderbilt collaborated with Fredrick Law Olmsted and Richard Morris Hunt on the creation of Biltmore, he was planning more than a home, he was building a legacy. George Vanderbilt’s vision for 125,000 acres in Western North Ca... More >>

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Get in Touch With Your Inner Genius at Edison and Ford Winter Estates

The Edison and Ford Winter Estates offers a unique combination of history, science, and literature that can be found nowhere else. This National Register Historic Site is one of the top most visited historic home sites in the nation and is a step ba... More >>

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A Handmade Medieval Castle in Arkansas A Living History Book, an Outdoor Laboratory

Have you ever wanted to take your kids to a construction site where the “beep beep beep” of machines backing up is replaced by the ting ting ting of hammer to anvil and chisel to stone? Show them something that is not moving at warp speed?   A... More >>

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Great Places to Learn About History In Florida

Once considered to be home to the “Fountain of Youth” by many, Florida has been the site of several historical events and home to many historical figures. From its residents to its culture, Florida offers many opportunities for visitors to the Sunshi... More >>

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Fun and Adventure in Palm Beach County

When visitors think about staying in Palm Beach County, images of beautiful beaches, pristine golf courses and general fun in the sun fill their minds. When they arrive, all these things and more don’t disappoint their tropical musings. But when ... More >>

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Museum and Schools Creating Successful Community Collaborations

The West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc. (WFHPI) announces its second annual regional conference, “Celebrate Our Civic, Community and Cultural Heritage,” to be held in Historic Pensacola Village on April 24, 2010. Historic Pensacola Village i... More >>

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Fly to the Moon and Beyond Visit Your Local Challenger Learning Center

Take your students into space at your local Challenger Learning Center and then return to the classroom for your debriefing! Using space exploration as a theme and simulations as a vehicle, Challenger Center for Space Science Education and its ne... More >>

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Science Comes Alive at Zoo Atlanta The Citys Oldest Cultural Destination Gets Younger Every Year

Every child learns differently, but few could argue that nothing encourages information retention more than an unforgettable personal experience. Designed by educators for educators, Zoo Atlanta’s award-winning programs bring a deeply personal contex... More >>

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Tupelo: It’s a Hit Tupelo Strikes the Right Chord with Students

Unplug, unwind and jump in: For today’s on-the-go families, Tupelo, Mississippi is the ideal getaway, with a diverse mix of fun and exciting attractions that are totally unique. As original as Elvis, its favorite native son — as authentically Americ... More >>

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Louisiana’s State Parks and Historic Sites Take You Out of the Classroom and Into History

Louisiana’s 21 State Parks, 17 Historic Sites, and one Preservation Area offer you and your family a uniquely rewarding experience of our state’s natural beauty and historical riches. More >>

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The Modern Civil Rights Experience

Our nation has come a long way from the intense struggles for racial equality that took place during the 1950s and 60s. The recent election of Barak Obama as the 44th President of the United States was a watershed moment in American history and a vi... More >>

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South Carolina: From the Mountains to the Sea History Lives in South Carolina

South Carolina is a state unusually rich in history and tradition, and in family friendly places to take it all in. Let’s begin at the beginning. While perhaps best known for the cannon shots on Fort Sumter that marked the beginning of the Civil ... More >>

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Patriots Point Creates a Unique Blend of Experiential Learning

Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum’s newly renovated “state-of-the-art” Education Center offers students, teachers and visitors a chance to experience history and science like never before. Made possible by an endowment from the Post and Co... More >>

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Myrtle Beach Area See Saltwater Aquariums, Live Reptiles, Interactive Displays

When most people think of Myrtle Beach, S.C., they think of fun in the sun, warm beaches, outstanding live entertainment choices, a magnitude of restaurants, shopping galore and of course, golf! What most people don’t often realize is the expansive o... More >>

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