Every Teacher a Leader

In the midst of challenges in the educational system delivery as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, educators at all academic levels were called to exhibit characteristics of teacher leaders. As teachers strove to balance instruction in face-to-face... More >>

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LEADERSHIP Mac Bogert of AZA Leaning Mac Bogert received his Masters of Education from the University of Virginia and worked as a Teacher Specialist for Anne Arundel County Schools providing staff development services before founding AZA Le... More >>

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Up to Code What K-12 Administrators Need to Know About the Building Code Process

In what has become a standard three-year code cycle at a national level, the International Code Council (ICC) and its supporting committees revise and update the International Codes and standards to evolve with industry trends in design, manufacturi... More >>

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Facility Repairs & Improvements The Long and the Short of It

Quality learning environments have been found to exert a positive influence on students’ educational performance. Research indicates that it is not important if the school building is old or new, but that it provides a comfortable, well-lit, healthy... More >>

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Things That Go BOOM DOT Hazard Class 1 — Explosives

If you watch any movie or television show, one aspect of hazardous materials that is constantly overdone is DOT Hazard Class 1 – Explosives. The smallest amount of explosives will produce the biggest bang, the loudest boom, the largest fireball and ... More >>

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It's Time We Rethink School Fundraising

Is your school stuck in a fundraising rut? Are you just going through the motions year after year, while the fundraising company walks away with a large percentage of your earnings? A majority of schools are stuck in this hamster wheel and are left ... More >>

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Thinking About Professional Development Differently An innovative approach to holistic professional development for all school district employees to improve student outcomes

I’ve spent over 15 years talking to school districts around the country about how they support their employees’ professional growth. It’s a complicated process, with different departments and schools within the district attempting to accomplish diff... More >>


DEVELOPING A SUSTAINABLE, SYSTEM-WIDE PIPELINE for Rigorous, Standards-based Classrooms

K-12 educators now widely recognize that preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s new economy must be our top priority. In the business world, thought leaders use the acronym VUCA to describe the future our students will most likely face, one chara... More >>


Brainy Teachers Create Brainy Kids

My definition of “brainy teachers” is not what you might think. I’m not talking about the straight A student who becomes a teacher and wants his or her students to do the same. I was a straight A student! Teaching special education convinced me it w... More >>

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In a recent interview with NPR, Ted Kolderie, a leader of the charter school movement, stated, “If students don’t want to learn, you can’t make them. So any effort to improve learning must begin with improving student motivation. I challenge people ... More >>

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Among the first questions school board members and administrators often ask regarding aging facilities are: “What will it cost to bring our schools up to date?” and “Should we remodel or demolish and start over?” Attempting to answer these questions... More >>

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Choosing the Right School Furniture Supplier

The pace of change in today’s education landscape is unprecedented. Schools face different and more complex challenges and must keep up with the demands of 21st century learning environments, technologies and teaching methods. Today, a classroom’s p... More >>

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The Second Lever of Success for Superintendents Principal Coaching and Supervision

I recently wrote an article arguing that superintendents have three key levers for improving the quality of schools and increasing student achievement: More >>

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IMPROVE Conference Attendance

Promote your conference to more than 100,000 interested administrators and educators in our special Conferences, Seminars and Professional Development issues. Coming in November and March, these editions of The Southeast Education Network Magazine w... More >>

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Creating a Strong School Board-Superintendent Relationship

With the average tenure of a school superintendent being only 3.2 years, it’s possible that a school board member could go through hiring a superintendent during every four-year term they serve. Turnover is more usual than not. So how do a supe... More >>

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