Making Advanced Learning for All a Reality: A Case Study

Taking a step back and really looking at what schools are offering students can be extremely eye-opening for district leaders.  More >>

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Shaping the Future How Does 3D Printing Shape A Student’s Education?

3D Printing Facilitates Experiential Learning in K-20 Classrooms The 21st-century is proving to be a pivotal point in human history as technology permeates every facet of our lives. In order to prepare students for life and work in the age of... More >>

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Technology in the Classroom: One Person’s Point of View

Having spent my entire career in education, a career spanning nearly 50 years, I have seen many changes impacting how instruction is delivered. And in those 50 years, nothing has impacted change more than technology and the Internet. As with most ch... More >>

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Augmented Reality Creativity and Independent Thinking

Augmented Reality appears to have gone “mainstream” for the first time. Augmented reality superimposes information on our world through the use of technology. When I say mainstream, I am referring to the use of Augmentation in our modern world. Reme... More >>

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Active Parental Engagement Not Just a Trend

Parent engagement in the classroom is all the rage in the EdTech market. Most recently, the conversation in schools has shifted from, “we’re doing everything we can” to “what we’re doing isn’t working” and “how do we make it better?” More >>

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It’s Time to Get Serious about School Safety

Even with the unprecedented amount of money available in the 2018/2019 academic year for school safety and security, most schools will not reach a level of sustainable safety.  More >>

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A Case for Focusing on the “A” in STEAM Year-Round

Initiatives such as National STEAM Day highlight the increasing need for curriculum that prepares students to enter the growing STEM workforce — but schools need to think beyond a single day of the year. National STEAM Day serves as a reminder to fu... More >>

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Top Tech Essentials for Parent Engagement

Parental involvement has long been part of the schools’ formula for improving students’ academic performance. As the educational landscape shifts to the digital frontier, many schools are turning to technology tools to make that connection between h... More >>

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Seven Steps for Adapting Technology to the Classroom

As the recession of 2008 becomes a not too distant memory, some schools are finding themselves better funded. With this comes the acquisition of technology for schools and classrooms. The widespread introduction of technology can have amazing impact... More >>

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Leveraging Technology to Improve Academic and Clinical Outcomes

Evidence-based teaching, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) chief among them, relies upon quality data, calculations, graphing and analysis to guide the professional towards teaching strategies that optimize skill and lesson acquisition. In practice, i... More >>

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What do teachers think about integration of tech in the classroom?

If you have been paying attention at all, you know K-12 education is undergoing a revolution in technology and teaching techniques not seen since pencil and paper replaced slate;  the introduction of digital technology in the classroom.  It is ... More >>

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I have 10 email addresses and counting.  I can view them on any of my many devices, regardless of my connection.  Modern convenience is great, except when it breaks.  Or when a password changes Or a Wi-Fi router resets Or I shift my w... More >>

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More >>



One of the best things about delivering professional development and consulting in schools is working side by side with teachers and administrators to answer questions and solve problems by drilling down into data until we find root causes so target... More >>

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School improvement efforts have driven data collection to new and alarming heights in recent years. Many argue that data is essential for improving students’ achievement in schools and preparing them for success in life, while others feel this hold... More >>

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