Robotics in the K-5 Classroom

The world of automation I recently had a conversation with a someone outside of education. I asked him what he thought should change with our current education system and his reply was, “When I was in high school, most everyone took auto shop... More >>

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Great Leaps Equips Students for Success

Great Leaps is a mission driven company fueled by a passion for equipping students for success through simple, effective and fun educational interventions. We have effective language and math interventions but are best known for our one-on-one Readi... More >>

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Thinking about Professional Development Differently

An innovative approach to holistic professional development for all school district employees to improve student outcomes I’ve spent over 15 years talking to school districts around the country about how they support their employees’ profe... More >>

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Building Bridges to a Strong School Community

Schools with a strong sense of community are positive places where children, parents, and staff all work together in an environment that has the potential to help each individual find success. Creating that sense of community is similar to building ... More >>

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Why Teachers Need to Know About Educational Neuroscience

Any educator who has been in the profession long enough remembers the numerous and well-intentioned curriculum programs and instruction initiatives that have appeared, faded, and even disappeared over the last few decades. Names such as Learning Sty... More >>

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence: How we can transform pedagogy with big data, artificial intelligence and social human robotics

The opportunity for education to lead rather than follow innovative, breakthrough applications of technology is within reach. Educational leadership can leverage these technologies to advance teaching and learning for each learner. More >>

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Building Knowledge in Our English Classrooms

When my school implemented a new literacy curriculum in the start of the 2015-16 school year, I remember laughing. Not a, “Here we go again with yet another curriculum” laugh, but a, “It wouldn’t be right to cry in front of my principal” laugh. I wa... More >>

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The New First “R”

In the era of ed reform, redefining the Three R’s is a political pastime. “Rigor, Relevance, and Relationships” seems to be a common favorite. This reframing is well-intended, and sometimes enlightening, but it doesn’t translate well from catchphras... More >>

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The Impact of Technology

My first day as a high school English teacher introduced me to 174 sophomores. I was only a few years’ older than they. I had an imposing desk waiting for me in each of the rooms I shuttled through. They filed into rows of uncomfortable chairs with ... More >>

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Developing A Personal Brand: The Younger, The Better Challenge

Let’s start with a challenge: I challenge each of you as school administrators to walk into a small classroom of students and ask how many of them have a personal brand.Take count as to how many students raise their hands.  Will it be one, two, zero... More >>

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Failure Is Not an Option: Making the Case for High Reliability Education Systems

What should schools have in common with hospitals, commercial airlines and even nuclear power plants? In this article I will assert that all should strive toward higher reliability, or toward becoming high reliability organizations (HROs). More >>

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Historic Camden

At Historic Camden, the Colonial world and the American Revolution come to life for students during school tours offered all year round.  More >>


STEM Education at a Living History Museum Henricus Historical Park

Henricus Historical Park has offered education programs to grades Pre-K – 12 for nearly 20 years.  Each program covers not only history and social studies, but also includes math, technology and sciences -- STEM Education.  Our newest programs meld ... More >>

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach is an ideal coastal city destination for student group travelers thanks to its three distinct beaches, well-known and off-the-beaten-path attractions and opportunities to explore its 18,600 acres of parks and wildlife refuges in addit... More >>

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American poet, writer and scholar Mark Van Doren says, “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” More >>




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