Florida District Finds Technology Help from Unlikely Experts: Its Students

Martin County School District has created the Students Supporting Schools (S3) program, which enhances classroom instruction by offering authentic IT experiences and customer support opportunities for high school juniors and seniors. More >>

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Project-Based Classrooms Help Students Become Active Learners

With lackluster outcomes and persistent achievement gaps across the country, how we educate our children and prepare them for the world is under the microscope. It should be a wake-up call that we continue to fall behind other countries in educatio... More >>

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Better Teaching: Fractions and the Common Core

The Common Core elementary math standards place substantial emphasis on fractions. Indeed between grades 3 and 6, more than 40 standards relate to fractions.           More >>

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Psst! Your Writing Instruction Is of Little Consequence

On matters of consequence, the little prince had ideas which were very different from those of the grown-ups. -Antoine de Saint Exupéry        On one of his many adventures, the little prince (hero of Antoine de Saint Exupéry’s... More >>

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According to Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the rate of childhood peanut allergies more than tripled between 1997 and 2008.   One of the most common food allergies, peanut allergy is among the most dangerous as peanuts tend to cause particularly se... More >>

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Life Safety, Security, and Operational Conflicts

Our world is full of threats. The buildings and systems we interact with everyday are designed to limit our exposure to the risk of fire, bodily harm and other such threats. We tend to take for granted many of the safety features afforded us by t... More >>

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Flexible Scheduling: Solving the Mystery

An eighth grade teacher made an appointment with the school principal to express concern about student behavior in her last period class. She bemoaned the students’ inattentiveness, inability to follow any abstraction in the lesson, and attention-see... More >>

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Online Autism Solutions: CARD eLearning™ and CARD Skills®

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States, is characterized by impairments in communication and socialization and is often marked by repetitive behaviors such as rocking and head banging. ASD i... More >>

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Innovative Solutions to the Autism Crisis in Education

The dramatic increase in the incidence of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) among children and the current economic climate presents an increasing challenge to both families and schools.  Budget cuts mean schools are faced with larger class sizes, dec... More >>

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Teacher Leader Sample Case: How Hard Do I Push?

What a relief! Another strong finish to the school year! Again our kids’ test scores climbed. Yes, lesson study work IS continuing to make a positive difference in student achievement. The administration once again will be pleased. We have cross-grad... More >>

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New Scholarship announced for students with ADHD

Students in the United States diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) who are planning to pursue higher education have a new scholarship program opportunity. The Shire ADHD Scholarship includes a monetary award and a prepaid ye... More >>

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