Security Product Profile: Just Say Go

In the past couple of years, primarily due to the pervasive nature of the 24-hour news cycle and the Internet, stories of deranged individuals attacking the most vulnerable and precious targets, our kids, has caused considerable fear and consternati... More >>

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Picture This! Engaging K-6 Students With Visuals

When children are very young, they often draw pictures on anything and everything. As adults, we cherish these drawings and are quick to hang them in a prominent place for all to see. However, our focus and appreciation of their created visuals ofte... More >>

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Do the students in your building construction classes know the maximum stair riser height, the live load used to calculate the floor system in a livingroom, do they understand egress and fire separation, know how wind loads affect a structure and... More >>

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CREATE, EXPLORE, and DISCOVER at the Huntsville Museum of Art

The Huntsville Museum of Art brings people and art together by providing students a first-hand experience of original works of art through its permanent collection changing exhibitions annually.  More >>

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Technology Lends a Helping Fin for Children at the South Carolina Aquarium

Educators preach, “Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning,” and as modern society steadily marches into the Digital Age, the change of pace leaves many uncertain of what is in store for the future of formal education. The power of curiosity... More >>

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Regional Exhibits Help Horry County COME ALIVE

Housed in the Old Burroughs School located at the corner of 9th Ave. and Main in historic Conway, S.C., the Horry County Museum features a variety of local and regional exhibits. More >>

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A Group Outing to please everyone

When planning student and group excursions, sometimes it is difficult to please everyone with a diverse offering of possibilities, but not so in Berkeley County, South Carolina. Whether it’s educational programs, historical tours, outdoor activities... More >>

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Teachers from all over the southeast are discovering that Jasmine Hill Gardens and Outdoor Museum located near Montgomery, Alabama, makes Greek and Roman studies come alive for their students. Although the garden was founded in 1928, extensive chang... More >>

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What’s new at old Henricus? A Living History Educational Museum

Henricus Historical Park—housing the recreated site of the second successful 17th century English colony in the New World —is working steadily to make 17th century Virginia history come alive, both by searching for the past and by re-creating it for... More >>

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The adventure on the world’s first mountain climbing cog railway begins at Marshfield Base Station. Buzzing with all of the activity a person would expect to encounter in an operating train station, one of the first sights a visitor to the railway w... More >>

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The High Museum of Art Offers HIGHly Engaging Teaching and Learning

What do a sushi couch, an African mask, a Byzantine painting, a marble sculpture and a painted bicycle have in common? They are all part of the High Museum of Art’s diverse permanent collection, which is on view every time you visit. Comprising 13,0... More >>

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Breaking down barriers and going outside your comfort zone are two obstacles that can be overcome mentally as well as physically. The ACE Adventure Resort in West Virginia offers an amazing amount of outdoor adventures from rafting and rock climbing... More >>

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Successful Student Travel Starts with Selecting the Right Educational Travel Company

Choosing to Travel Imagine — the moment has finally come. You and your students are about to embark on an educational trip to some of the world’s most notable and historic destinations. For months your classroom has been abuzz with talk of al... More >>

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A necklace of islands that begins just south of Miami, the Florida Keys are connected by the Overseas Highway’s 42 bridges — one almost seven miles long — over the Atlantic Ocean, Florida Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. In 2009, the famed highway was de... More >>

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Learn to be a zookeeper, take a shower of butterflies — experience Gainesville

Nearly 30,000 people a year come through the gates to visit a unique site on the Santa Fe College campus — a teaching zoo. The program is the premier wild animal technology program in the United States and the students learn what it will take to bec... More >>

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