FROM the EDITOR Spring 2010

I met David Houle through my friend Darryl Rosser, CEO of Sagus International. David is one of our nation’s leading futurists. In addition to writing books and delivering keynote speeches, David advises Fortune 500 companies about the future and how... More >>

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Trace Newport News, Virginia’s History along the Founders’ Trail

Your students can walk in the footsteps of history when they experience the all-new 12 sites located on Founders’ Trail in Newport News, Virginia. Historical markers with period photographs link these 17th-century sites.   Among the many stories tol... More >>

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Edu-tainment Finds its Way to the Hallowed Hall of Norfolk, Virginia

As the last days of the summer season draw to a close, a group trip to Norfolk, Virginia is the perfect antidote for the start of school.   The ideal transition between the fun-filled days of summer and the start of another text-booked driven school... More >>

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The Mountain Arts Center Music and Education in the Mountains

What do you do if music comes as naturally to you as breathing?  If you’re one of those in eastern Kentucky who sings or plays an instrument (as many do), you travel the winding roads through the hills to Prestonsburg.  It is there that the Mountain... More >>

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Wonderlands of Adventure at Florida Museums

For many, the Sunshine State is all about the many wonders of the outdoors, with great weather and gorgeous beaches. Visit Florida museums and you will find wonderlands of adventure and knowledge. More >>

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Immerse Students in Learning with Disney Y.E.S.

Two Disney Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) programs, “Disney’s Ocean Discoveries” and “The American Story,” are being updated in time for the new school year. More >>

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STEP Program: Makes Student Travel Easy

Everyone talks about offering one-stop-shop convenience, but how many destinations deliver? If you could get all of your classroom instruction in the environment of a field trip, that met national standards, and totally engaged your students, wouldn... More >>

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Exciting Adventures Outside the Traditional Classroom

Think outside the Boat! Embark on an adventurous voyage of educational opportunities and exchange the average school day for a fulfilling trip to Kinston, North Carolina. More >>

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Celebrate the First English Settlement

Twenty-three years before Jamestown, there was Roanoke Island. The settlement didn’t survive, but the history, adventure and family fun did. More >>

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Berkeley County: Re-defining Adventure

Just outside Charleston, SC, Berkeley County is known for its natural beauty, scenic landscape, rich culture and exciting history. Groups and families especially enjoy the year-round gorgeous weather in Berkeley County. Visitors are able to enjoy th... More >>

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Colonial Williamsburg’s Great Hopes Plantation

Taking your class on a study visit to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area will educate and delight your students. Here, they can interact with Williamsburg’s citizens including shopkeepers, free and enslaved blacks, traditional families, and legen... More >>

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Virginia’s Historic Triangle It’s a whole new world

“I haven’t been to Williamsburg since my parents brought me here when I was a child.” This is a sentiment that is heard on a daily basis in Virginia’s Historic Triangle. Now parents themselves, these children bring their kids to experience the fun... More >>

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Virginia Living Museum Exhibit Highlights Green Construction and Gardening

You’ve read all those articles about living “green” – maintaining your home in a manner that uses less energy, produces less waste, and is kinder to Mother Earth. Don’t you wish you could go somewhere that would actually show you, up close and hands... More >>

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Thinking Outside the Curriculum Box

Each year millions of dollars are spent on classroom instructional materials, but how is it determined which curriculum materials are the right ones?  Are the decisions based upon quality and effectiveness or convenience and past practices? The new ... More >>

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Letter Sound Learning A key to early literacy success

According to the Report of the National Reading Panel, “an essential part of the process for beginners involves learning the alphabetic system, that is, letter-sound correspondences and spelling patterns, and learning how to apply this knowledge in ... More >>

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