Early learners, full speed ahead:
Turn STEM into STEAM with ART

The research supporting the importance of laying a firm foundation in the first five years of life is certainly not new. As Early Childhood educators today, armed with brain research and impressive data, I think we have learned to look beyond our... More >>

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According to Mount Sinai School of Medicine, the rate of childhood peanut allergies more than tripled between 1997 and 2008.   One of the most common food allergies, peanut allergy is among the most dangerous as peanuts tend to cause particularly se... More >>

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Supplying TOMORROW’s Classroom TODAY

Located in Wood-Ridge, NJ, Academia Furniture evolved from family businesses begun over 100 years ago. Proudly, we continue those same, demanding standards – real people providing real quality, real service and real solutions. More >>

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Vend-ucation has put together a highly effective, multi-benefit solution for a recognized school problem.

Placing the solution for healthy school vending into the hands of ambitious students has proven to provide a dramatically greater fundraising capacity than schools have ever enjoyed from outsourced vending professionals. More >>

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Cabarrus County: Learning in the fast lane

Located in the southern piedmont of North Carolina, Cabarrus County is known as — Where Racing Lives! Though the destination was built on speed, students are encouraged to learn at their own pace. The first documented discovery of gold in the con... More >>

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On November 23, 2005, Georgia Aquarium officially opened its doors to the public. As one of the world’s most dynamic aquariums, Georgia Aquarium features more aquatic life than any other aquarium in the United States. Through a path of more than 60 ... More >>

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Zoo Atlanta The four part edge of the Zoo Atlanta field trip

Educators are jugglers. One ball sails high into the air while another must be supported in-hand, and the movement never stops. In a juggling act where the balls are age level, interest, momentum, performance and real-life application, a teacher’s h... More >>

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Henricus Historical Park 17th Century history and STEM education

Henricus Historical Park, a 17th Century living history museum, is located on the historic James River near Richmond, Virginia. It consists of the re-created Powhatan Indian Village of Arrohateck and the second successful English colonial Citie of H... More >>

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Behind the Scenes at Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium tours provide students the unique opportunity to learn about the rich history of America’s favorite pastime, while visiting the home of the 27-time World Series-champion New York Yankees. The original Yankee Stadium, built in 1923, wa... More >>

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What is Madame Tussauds? The ultimate celebrity experience!

There’s so much to see and do at Madame Tussauds! Get up close and personal with over 220 life-like wax figures of the biggest stars and icons in entertainment, sports and history. From Marilyn to Madonna to Gaga, there is a star for every generatio... More >>

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Blue Man is New York

BLUE MAN GROUP is not just a show, it’s a state of mind. Having utterly redefined the New York theater scene, BLUE MAN GROUP continues to reinvent itself. The wildly popular show at the Astor Place Theatre now combines signature BLUE MAN GROUP momen... More >>

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Managing a crisis with social media and anonymous communication

Thanks to the proliferation of handheld smart devices and social media such as Facebook and Twitter, we can all share and distribute information instantly and succinctly. The Dec. 8, 2011 shooting on the Virginia Tech campus, the recent Oct. 21, 201... More >>

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Preventing school bus danger zone fatalities

Over the past eight years there have been 92 child fatalities in the danger zones around a school bus — an average of almost 12 each year. As we study the causes of each and every one of these accidents we learn that many factors contributed to thes... More >>

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Fundraising Fewer is Better

Principal Brian Burkett had heard the occasional complaints about his school’s worn-out playground — but he also knew money was tight. The current year’s budget was already stretched thin, but Burkett had a plan. Past experience told him that famili... More >>

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The case for appropriate corporate support of public education

School administrators, parents and policymakers are looking for alternative solutions to increase vital funding to critical school programs. The current deep financial need follows years of unprecedented budget cuts — 34 states appropriated less fun... More >>

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