Life Safety, Security, and Operational Conflicts

Our world is full of threats. The buildings and systems we interact with everyday are designed to limit our exposure to the risk of fire, bodily harm and other such threats. We tend to take for granted many of the safety features afforded us by t... More >>

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Sea to Stars, History to STEM in Hampton

Centered in Coastal Virginia and minutes from Williamsburg, Hampton offers students an experience that spans from the Sea to the Stars, with lots of unique material in between. At 400 years and counting, Hampton is rich in history and the city showca... More >>

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Bok Tower Gardens connects and engages learners

“Over the mountains and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go” is a saying that has been chanted by children for many years as they engage in imaginary play. Here on the Lake Wales Ridge, we say “Let us climb Iron Mountain, go through the tr... More >>

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St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum Where science and maritime history come together to create hands-on project based STEAM learning experiences

St. Augustine Lighthouse and Museum’s (SAL&M) K-12 programs and tours focus on a broad range of maritime topics as they relate to Florida, the country, and the world! Using program content that meets Common Core and other state and national curricul... More >>

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Explore St. Tammany Parish

Explore Louisiana’s Northshore and discover experience learning at one of the area’s top field trip destinations, where students and teachers alike find adventure in our outdoor classrooms and unique educational opportunities. Louisiana’s Northshore... More >>

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Students as allies and advocates in creating the 21st century schools

Schools today are grappling with how to use digital devices and technology to create new learning opportunities for the 21st century. This is a profound task for many schools that touches every part of the learning mission. As part of the change pro... More >>

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How to stop school violence Components of a comprehensive program

One of the most pressing questions in schools today is, “How can we stop school violence?” We know from experience that violence in the workplace can be drastically minimized. How about schools? While, violence in schools cannot be 100 percent preve... More >>

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Security 101 for the school administrator

The recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in a small town in Connecticut has brought with it a lot of introspection about what could have been done to better protect these children and the adults charged with their care. School boards and s... More >>

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Counting the seconds to safety

American Psychologist magazine recently addressed the issue of violence in schools in “Understanding and Preventing Violence against Teachers,” published online in January and in its February–March print edition. More >>

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Campus safety and security of the future — beyond a duty of care

Successful institutions have survived and sometimes thrived by anticipating, navigating and mitigating a myriad of hazards, risks and emergencies over multiple generations. Brand reputation perception, and risk outcomes, arguably including quality o... More >>

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Cyberbullying and school liability

Not a day goes by that we are not introduced to a new product or service that enhances our ability to communicate, work, play or learn via the Internet. The speed of technical innovation is often breathtaking leaving educators racing to catch up to ... More >>

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Bully box, meet the Smartphone New technologies transform anonymous reporting

Increasingly, new laws and court rulings hold that educators may be responsible for incidents that impact school life but that happen outside of school hours. Today’s educators must address challenging issues such as bullying, cyberbullying, violenc... More >>

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Best practices for supporting families, and yourself, during the college application process

Many of us associate the fall months with carving pumpkins, picking more apples than we could possibly ever eat, and coming to terms with the fact that yes, it is once again time to retire our flip flops for another season. Just as the winter boots ... More >>

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A meaningful and planned entrance into the hospitality industry

As high school students matriculate into their final years of secondary education, many turn their attention to future aspirations and careers. This article focuses on those students who are interested in a vocation in the hospitality industry, also... More >>

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