Helping Teens Shatter the Myths About Drugs and Drug Abuse

Many teens are not aware of the serious risks drugs and alcohol pose to their health, to their success in school, and to their future. According to a 2011 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report , Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and South ... More >>

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Engaging Your Students in Drug Prevention Education All Year

As educators, we all understand that substance abuse affects many youth and families across the United States. With a lack of effective prevention programs available, the average age students begin experimenting with drugs is consistently becoming y... More >>

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The Unconventional Learner: Hidden in Plain Sight

Students who perform below their intellectual capabilities are often considered underachievers, lazy, or just not very smart. These students tend to be among a hidden group of learners that have difficulty with visual processing of information delive... More >>

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Project Based Learning: The 10 Step Plan

A decade ago, project based learning (PBL) was popular in a few schools and with a few teachers, but hardly widespread. Not so now. With the rise of 21 st  century skills instruction, the advent of career and college readiness goals and a renewed em... More >>

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Four Steps to More STEM Learning

Research in STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) indicates that a key factor in creating an effective STEM curriculum is to provide accessible opportunities to engage students in group problem solving. Such an approach allows for... More >>

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Working memory in the classroom and beyond

The role of working memory in attention and learning continues to gain more interest from psychologists, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, educators, and parents. What is Working Memory? Working memory is the abili... More >>

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New opportunities in engineering, technology offered by expanding field of industrial robotics

The science and technology of robotics are steadily rising in importance, and not just in manufacturing. Educators and administrators in four-year, degree-granting engineering institutions are developing new programs and some existing programs are b... More >>

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U.S. Manufacturing: An industry worth celebrating

Manufacturing is resilient, strong and the cornerstone of the U.S. economy. The role of the manufacturing and its importance to the United States is far more prominent than output or employment numbers. It’s about working to maintain and improve ... More >>

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Youth Hostels: the educational component

Accommodations are often an overlooked component of a school trip. If it’s cheap, safe, and convenient, it’s booked. But lodging can be so much more than just a place to sleep; it can be a meaningful part of your group’s experience. More >>

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Carolina Gold: A history of rice in S.C.

Berkeley County, South Carolina has always been known for its rich history and now it’s being expressed and shared with storytellers. Would you like to hear stories at the grave or a battle site of the elusive “Swamp Fox,” General Francis Marion, wh... More >>

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Field trips can get students excited about life science

Under the instruction of two experienced cave biologists, 15 students suited up in coveralls, donned caving helmets with battery-operated lights and climbed down into a wild cave in western Virginia to study rare cave creatures in their natural habi... More >>

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Discover adventure at Busch Gardens

The anticipation is over! Come discover a wonderful world of adventure at Busch Gardens — where after two years of waiting, we’ve finally unveiled our pulse-pounding new roller coaster Verbolten. As the crown jewel of the newly rejuvenated Oktoberfe... More >>

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Education and Fun at Fernbank Museum of Natural History

A field trip to Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum of Natural History offers students a science-based look at the natural world, a journey through history, an exploration of world cultures, and a step back into prehistoric time. As students explore hands-on ... More >>

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Kennedy Space Center Interactive learning programs designed to inspire future explorers

Want to elevate your students’ imaginations to new heights? Take them on a lasting journey that truly is out of this world at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex! More >>

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Reach higher ground in Gatlinburg, Tenn.

Inspiration comes easy, if you know where to look. It’s rising from the misting mountains, rushing through the trickling streams and singing from exquisite wildlife that calls this mountain haven home. Surrounded on three sides by the natural beauty... More >>

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