Begin at home, where your heart is, to eat healthy and improve your lifestyle

A cardiovascular disease is any disease that causes problems with the heart or blood vessels. Cardiovascular diseases, also known as CVDs, are the number-one cause of death in the world. The World Health Organization says that by 2030, 23 million pe... More >>

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Online Autism Solutions: CARD eLearning™ and CARD Skills®

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States, is characterized by impairments in communication and socialization and is often marked by repetitive behaviors such as rocking and head banging. ASD i... More >>

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School Safety How strong is your circle?

The Virginia Tech massacre, Columbine High School shooting, and Red Lake Senior High School massacre all remind us of the potential for violence and mass casualties in schools. These heartbreaking calamities snuffed innocent lives and marred survivi... More >>

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Classroom teachers: Design your own advanced degree

Lorraine Greenfield, a former middle school teacher, principal and superintendent of schools, knows firsthand that a teacher’s classroom and school can bring challenges their college education did not predict or fully prepare them for. Influxes of s... More >>

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Virtual Classrooms Preparing future education leaders

As part of my transition into higher education during the late 90s after my careers managing at the operational level in both the military and the retail sector, I learned very quickly that as employment rates decrease, enrollments at college and un... More >>

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Education and Law: Educators and school administrators can benefit from a background in law

The field of education law encompasses the intersection of two otherwise distinct disciplines: education and law. This expanding intersection includes concepts such as: student rights and obligations, teacher rights and obligations, primary educatio... More >>

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Compatibility of student and college is the key to success for both

To say it is important that students find sufficient information to make intelligent decisions regarding their postsecondary education would be an understatement, to say the least. In particular, this is true for those students for whom college is n... More >>

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Redefining ‘Relevance’ The case for women’s colleges

Today when much emphasis in higher education is placed on “relevance,” it may be surprising to some that women’s colleges still exist. According to the Women’s College Coalition, there are only 48 left in the United States. Many high school students... More >>

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Liberal Arts and STEM studies at the world’s preeminent women’s college

In 1909, the Wellesley College yearbook published a tongue-in-cheek drawing that depicted the varying ways a Wellesley woman is viewed by different people, including herself. In the image, the young woman is viewed by her mother as a quiet girl who ... More >>

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Teacher to Teacher (T2T): ADHD goes to school

Needs to work harder, needs to sit still, needs to pay attention, needs to get organized, needs to listen and follow directions, needs to turn in assignments on time, needs to control frustration and anger, needs to get along better — have you used t... More >>

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Black and white thinking: Developing the middle ground

Some folks live in a high-contrast world; they perceive and react to life in a black and white way: good/bad, happy/sad, enemy/friend, kid/adult. This type of thinking can pose real problems for the individual who thinks in absolutes. Let’s call... More >>

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Applied behavior analysis: A resource for intellectual and developmental disabilities

Over the past 10 years, we have seen a significant increase in the incidence of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) in the United States. In 2002, one in 150 children was diagnosed with autism; in 2006, one in 110 children was diagnosed with this complex... More >>

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Are we over-medicating our students? Learning differences and the DSM

As the fifth revision of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) since 1968 nears completion, we will likely see news stories about changes in how we diagnose psychological disorders in the United States. Educators should pay attention to th... More >>

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The desired long-term impact of STEM? Grow skills and boost the local economy Business and industry leaders are getting onboard in hopes of having an impact

Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics. Just hearing these words individually causes concern in many students. Bring the subjects together under the STEM umbrella, and students’ ears begin to perk in curiosity. Implement an integrated, han... More >>

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How can the U.S. gain the lead in STEM Education? A recruitment and retention strategy for enrollment in STEM undergraduate programs

Today there is a widening and deepening national awareness of the significance of high school, college, and graduate-level preparation in STEM to the United States’ primacy in innovation and in the global marketplace. Paradoxically, the nation’s K-12... More >>

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