Innovative Solutions to the Autism Crisis in Education

The dramatic increase in the incidence of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) among children and the current economic climate presents an increasing challenge to both families and schools.  Budget cuts mean schools are faced with larger class sizes, dec... More >>

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5 things colleges wish their incoming students understood about college

This fall, thousands of students will begin their college careers at institutions across the country. The educators and school personnel who played a key role in these students’ journeys to college have already turned their focus to a new class of s... More >>

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Challenging the Standardized Testing status quo: getting to know PARCC

During the 2014-15 school year, schools across the nation will be giving a new set of K-12 tests in a new era of standardized testing. These “next-generation” assessments — developed collaboratively by the state-led Partnership for Assessment of Rea... More >>

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Preparing the next generation of engineers and technologists

While experts debate about everyone needing some college education – the workplace is linking middle-class employability to postsecondary education and training. Are parents, teachers and students on the right track? Every time we turn on the te... More >>

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Hands-on technology,hands-on education

It’s no secret that educators, administrators and IT staff have a tough job. They are balancing resources and responding to state and national mandates, all while trying to focus on helping students learn and become successful outside of the classroo... More >>

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Preparing students to pursue technology careers

It is no secret that technology-based careers are on the rise. A job candidate who has a strong background in electronics is a valuable commodity in today’s workplace and will be in even more demand as technology becomes absolutely essential to ever... More >>

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Blending teachers and e-Learning The effectiveness of online learning to develop 21st century skills

According to the NCREL Synthesis of New Research on K-12 Online Learning, online learning is rapidly growing, expands educational options and provides equal opportunities for all learners. But just as important, the study proves that online learnin... More >>

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Peer observations and professional learning communities Purpose and potential of peer observations

(Adapted from “The Practice of Authentic PLCs: A Guide to Effective Teacher Teams,” Corwin Press, 2011) In the early 1980s, as a third-year teacher, I was asked to teach math in a rigorous summer program at one of the nation’s leading private... More >>

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Teacher professional development at the Smithsonian Institution

Teachers will be the first to tell you how valuable professional development opportunities are to them. Many educators take advantage of the training workshops offered exclusively to teachers, in the hope of gaining new content knowledge and resource... More >>

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Student travel safety checklist Advance preparation is key to having a safe student trip

Today, many new educators and even some experienced ones are having second thoughts taking students on trips due to the potential safety and security risks associated with group travel. As the leader of a student group, safety and security is an ove... More >>

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Virginia is ‘hallowed ground’ for Civil War History

When it comes to Civil War history Virginia is unquestioned “hallowed ground.” More Civil War battles were fought in Virginia, by far, than in any other state. It follows that Virginia has a bounty of preserved and interpreted battlefields, museums,... More >>

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Students get hooked on science at the Virginia Living Museum

“Wow! That ancient shark must have been as big as school bus!” exclaimed an excited sixth grader as he held up a seven inch long, five million year old fossil shark tooth with serrated edges as sharp as a steak knife. On the table in front of him we... More >>

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Busch Gardens: 2012 education and youth programs Explore six European countries in one fun trip

Learning takes on a whole new meaning at Busch Gardens. Here, kids can discover the importance of animal preservation and conservation when they come face-to-face with a bald eagle. They can learn more about architecture and 17th century Europe as th... More >>

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Norfolk Nautical adventures await

Located conveniently along the Mid-Atlantic coast between Williamsburg and Virginia Beach, Norfolk, VA is the ideal destination for action-packed and affordable, educational tours. With an abundance of outdoor activities, historical and cultural att... More >>

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Henricus celebrates 400th anniversary

It was 400 years ago, in September of 1611, when 350 men and boys moved west up Virginia’s James River to settle on an area of land near today’s city of Richmond. Having come from James-town, the first successful English settlement in North America,... More >>

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