Explore the Mysteries and Marvels of the Intertidal Zone

The motto of the Lowcountry Estuarium based in Port Royal, SC is “Conservation through Education” with a focus on the Port Royal Sound Estuarine system. This unique coastal environment stretches from the barrier islands bordered on the north by St. H... More >>

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New Scholarship announced for students with ADHD

Students in the United States diagnosed with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) who are planning to pursue higher education have a new scholarship program opportunity. The Shire ADHD Scholarship includes a monetary award and a prepaid ye... More >>

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Waiting for "Superman"? - Don't hold your breath

While the documentary “Waiting for Superman” does make some valid observations on the issues challenging American education today, it fails largely under the weight of its own kryptonite:  that there is a crisis in public education.  Believing in the... More >>

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Teacher Professional Development: Taking time to learn

I often say “we make time for what we value.”  The irony is teachers, in particular, struggle with finding time to learn to be better teachers.  But who has time to think about professional development? More >>

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Epson Creative Zone

Epson Creative Zone is a free resource for teachers featuring hundreds of projects including scrapbooks, calendars, award certificates, textbook covers and more.  More >>

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Students go to the Hill 2011 Annual Federal Education Policy Institute focuses on supporting vulnerable students in schools: Policy directions for the nation

The George Washington (GW) University’s Federal Education Policy Institute responds to current issues in education each year. This year’s Institute, held by GW’s Graduate School of Education and Human Development, will focus on recent research and r... More >>

Relevant Tags: Issues in Education, education, policy, institute, federal, participants, children, school crisis, mental health, carol kochhar, kochhar bryant, education policy, george washington, crisis intervention, federal education

R.E.A.L. instruction

A brown paper bag filled with recyclables and a goal to create an art sculpture in 30 minutes fulfilled the teamwork objective for my Communications class. In small groups, students were given the task to create an art sculpture using recyclables. Th... More >>

Relevant Tags: Special Education, learning, students, instruction, class, education, sculpture, shepherds college, art sculpture, create art, intellectual disabilities, learning process, angela houk

Choosing the right classroom management software solution

When was the last time you taught a class or did a presentation where each member of your audience had a computer? What was your experience like? Were you so engaging that everyone in the audience ignored e-mail, games, online shopping, and texts? O... More >>

Relevant Tags: Technology, computer, keyboard, keys, letter, with disabilities, use computer, typing tutors, strategies improve, improve computer

STEM education: Focusing on the silent 'E'

Stealth, what does it mean? According to Webster, stealth means “Flying under the wire unobserved and unacknowledged.” The word has been used to describe technology, business behavior, a computer virus and even a roller-coaster. Surprisingly, the wor... More >>

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Connection to science at the Smithsonian

Who could have guessed that a gift from an illegitimate son of an English lord would lead to the formation of the world’s most famous museum and research complexes, one that is situated in Washington DC and is visited by millions of excited visitors ... More >>

Relevant Tags: Science Education, smithsonian, science, research, education, institution, resources, science education, professional development, connection science, smithsonian institution

Preparing for excellence in Mathematics

The Challenge Among the 13 southeastern states, 10 currently have an Algebra I graduation requirement, and two more will have one in the 2011–2012 school year. This means that every student graduating from high school will need to succeed in al... More >>

Relevant Tags: Mathematics, students, algebra, mathematics, math, school, course, support, instruction, high school, pre requisite, math support, support class, preparing excellence, graduation requirement

Educating 21st century learners

Test scores confirm that America’s students are falling behind their international counterparts in vital “fields of the future” such as science, technology, engineering, and math, collectively often referred to as the STEM subjects. Girls, in particu... More >>

Relevant Tags: STEM Education, schools, girls, skills, 21st century, century skills, school graduates, national coalition, century learners, educating 21st

Inspiring readers one book at a time

Being a teacher is challenging. Not only do you design lesson plans and manage classroom logistics and behavior, you are expected to meet the needs of every diverse learner in your classroom. From the academically gifted to the most struggling studen... More >>

Relevant Tags: Literacy, learning, reading, nonfiction, students, curriculum, classroom, readers, power strategies, inspiring readers, test scores, peer supported, independent reading

Addressing food allergies at school

The number of school-aged children with a food allergy is rising, and driving a real need for comprehensive food-allergy management plans within the school setting. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), one in 25 children has a food all... More >>

Relevant Tags: Nutrition, food, school, allergy, anaphylaxis, allergic, children, management, food allergy, allergy management, life threatening, allergic reaction, management plans

Planning physical activity for Middle School Students

In elementary school, children have regular opportunities for physical activity, active play, and moving their bodies to expend energy. Although there have been reductions in the number of hours of physical education programs over the past several ye... More >>

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