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I may be showing my age a bit, but in my day Education Technology was an oxymoron. Even though I didn’t have to walk 6 miles to school — barefoot — in the snow everyday like my sister, it was still a different era. I do remember someone bringing a “portable calculator” to Mr. Wilson’s 8th grade class. It weighed 4 pounds and couldn’t even do square roots.

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Math Moments With Maggie 3 is Not Three - The Art of Digit Dancing

Where would you be without 3? China maybe!

All cultures have specific marks and words we use to communicate a distinct idea related to quantity — ‘three-ness’.

The special word and mark we assign to that idea distinguishes it from other ideas, like ‘two-ness,’or ‘four-ness’ or any other ‘ness’.

But the mark is not the idea itself any more than a map of a territory is the territory itself. And therein lies the problem at the very heart of our modern math woes.

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Helping Students Graduate

No Child Left Behind has placed a great deal of pressure on schools and school districts to lower dropout rates, increase their school graduation rate and narrow the achievement gap. In addition most states have raised their educational standards in order to become more globally competitive. The Gates Foundation has called the crisis, The Silent Epidemic. And it is. Every school day 171 school buses loaded with children leave school never to return. That is our daily school dropout rate.

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Problem Solved Oh Wow! Motivation-Makers

Got problem students? Here’s immediate, problem-stopping help.

You’re reading SEEN Magazine’s newest column. This is your new place to turn for the best, most innovative solutions for your worst K-12 classroom management problems. Even better, each column will include at least one completely free printable worksheet or device that you can use right away to stop or prevent classroom discipline and behavior problems.

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The SEEN Interview Governor Bev Perdue - As NC govenor, Perdue continues to make technology in our schools a priority

SM: In this issue of SEEN Magazine, we are focusing on Technology. In your opinion, how important is technology to today’s educators? Why?

Governor Perdue: Technology is fundamentally important to both our educators and students. It is the chalk and blackboard of the 21st century. Computers, the internet, online libraries and encyclopedias – they offer today’s teachers access to a broader range of knowledge and resources than ever before. If we want our children to compete with the world’s best and brightest, we simply must arm our teachers with the high tech tools they need to bring the world into the classroom.

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The BIG Picture What we need to know about technology

The American vision of school is still rooted in what Horace Mann called the “common schools” of the 19th century.   Schools mutated into the universal sorting system (“time is fixed, results vary” ) that served our industrial economy in the 20th century.  But technology and the global knowledge economy require us – and empower us – to reconceive schools today as institutions that can prepare all students to succeed in a rigorous curriculum through a personalized experience.  The principles laid out here are fairly basic, but their application can get quite complex.  As you think through how these apply to your situation, stay focused on your goals and know when to get some expert help. 

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Weaving Technology Through the Fabric of Learning How technology intersects with the tech-savvy 21st century school district

If you can imagine an intricately designed piece of fabric with a metallic thread running across the complex pattern, then you should be able to visualize how modern technology has become an essential part of school district operations. Today, technology has literally become that essential thread woven throughout all aspects of a district’s operations. Most district activities can be placed into one of three broad categories – teaching and learning; administrative; and communications. While there are certainly overlapping tasks among these areas, it is a useful way to think about the various places technology intersects with the functional areas of a tech-savvy, 21st century school district.

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Designing Interactive Online Course Activities Using Web 2.0 tools to engage online learners

In the past two decades, there have been sweeping changes in the use of technology as a means of course delivery in colleges and universities. Whole programs of study are now offered entirely online. It has been difficult for much of the professoriate to accept or stay up with rapidly developing changes in teaching and learning with technology. Social and educational demands are prompting institutions to provide students with e-learning opportunities.

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STEM Education What form? What function?

(This is part one of a three-part series on STEM education.)

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education often has been called a meta-discipline, the “creation of a discipline based on the integration of other disciplinary knowledge into a new ‘whole’. This interdisciplinary bridging among discrete disciplines is now treated as an entity, known as STEM. ”

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What’s Missing in K-12 Education? Answer — engineering and technology

As our society increasingly depends on engineering and technology, it is more important than ever that everyone understand what engineers do, and the uses and implications of the technologies they create. Yet few citizens are technologically literate, largely because technology and engineering are not taught in our schools. Children (and adults) know shockingly little about technology and engineering: the vast majority of citizens have a narrow conception of technology, believing that the term refers only to computers and electronics, and that engineering and science are basically the same thing. To understand the world in which we live, it is vital that we foster engineering and technological literacy among all people, even young children!

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Technology Plus Best Practices A winning combination for school security

When combined with generally accepted best practices and strategies to maximize value, technology can be very effective in enhancing school safety and security. In particular, three different types of technology illustrate this maxim.    

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It’s the process that leads to improvement

A superintendent meets with principals to discuss the latest round of district test results.

The results reveal wide disparities in the scores for different subgroups of students. The administrators know that to improve student learning they must find a way to improve classroom instruction. They also know that the teachers are working harder than ever in responding to district pressure to raise test scores.

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Faster Path to Digital Success Schools transition to web lockers technology for a faster path to digital success

There’s a new kind of locker in use at schools across the U.S. today.  It doesn’t take up any physical space, but holds an unlimited amount of homework and class work. These web-based storage systems, called “web lockers,” are quickly emerging as the “go to” technology tool for schools and school districts in need of a solution to a fast-growing data management challenge.

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Only a Matter of Time Where are the Kids?

The sign on the classroom door read “Our school is proud to begin instruction at 8:15 am,” but it was already 8:17 and no one was around. A janitor wheeled up in a golf cart, so I promptly approached him: “Where are the kids?” He pointed in the direction of the playground. From my vantage point I couldn’t see the kids, but I could hear them. “The bell just rang; they’ll be here in a moment.”

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Test Generators Save Teachers Time

Terry Gaunt from Capistrano Valley School was looking for a better way to offer a more complete exam to his students. After some research, he determined a test generator was the tool he was looking for. He required something professional, that had great graphics and was easy to use. He also needed better quality questions than he was getting from his standard textbook exams. After a lot of searching, Terry found Examgen, a Syracuse, NY company that writes and publishes test-item databanks for math, science and social studies with test generating software. What used to take Terry hours to do now takes just minutes with Examgen. He was then able to spend more time doing what he does best, which is teaching.

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Helping the Reader’s Brain Anticipate Meaning

According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, at least 20 million children in this country struggle with reading. The 2007 National Assessment of Educational Progress reported that the national average of 8th graders in public schools scoring at or above proficient in reading skills was 29%. For fourth graders the national average was 32%. Excellent reading is essential to academic success, but reading proficiency is declining.

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Teacher Observations and Professional Development: Optimizing teacher evaluations with technology to address the teacher content and skills gap in the 21st century

“In the 21 Century, Teacher Evaluations and Professional Development are two of the most important duties district and school administrators must bring coherence to in order to increase and sustain student achievement”  

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Educators Use Graphing Technology for Math

A generation of students has used graphing calculators at home and in the classroom to get a better grasp on math. Now a new generation of graphing calculators is changing the way students are using these tools, making it easier to explore math in different ways. These innovative tools help students develop critical thinking skills and problem solving skills that will foster success in future mathematics classes.

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Improving School Security An identity management solution

After many instances of school violence over the past two decades, there has been a significant focus toward improving school security. Though leaps and bounds have been made in these areas by many schools, one of the more commonly overlooked areas of concern is identity management, which seeks to answer the following:

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Bookshare Transforms Reading Independence for Iowa Student with Reading Disabilities Brings harmony to school and family life

Kurtis Broeg uses a new, online accessible library,, to provide access to digital books for qualified 9th-2th graders with reading and learning disabilities.


“The Bookshare library has brought reading independence and harmony back into the life of my 9th grade student, Megan Krapfl and her family,” said Mr. Broeg, Special Education Teacher and Learning Strategist for Williamsburg Jr. and Sr. High School, Williamsburg, Iowa.


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The Changing Face of Education

The best place to look at how the world around us is changing is in a classroom. In this small space, we can often see the large effects of economic conditions, technological advances, and the diverse make-up of our population. Unfortunately, many teachers are outpaced by these developments and are not equipped with resources to deal with the challenges they present.

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The State of Online Education

Challenging economic times and record job losses across the nation have displaced a number of individuals, especially those 25 and older, who are now unemployed or underemployed.  Many of these individuals are turning to higher education to assist them in their quest for improved employment marketability and alternate job prospects. 

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An E-Learning Response to 21st Century Educational Challenges

The expansion of K-12 online education follows the same trend in public education and training in corporate environments. Estimates put the number of US students participating in at least one online course at over one million for the 2008-2009 school year, up from 40,000-50,000 in 2000. That translates to a $50 million market with a growth rate that is currently over 30% annually. As of 2008, 44 states have formally instituted online learning programs. The promise is that distance education can offer an approach to expanding school learning time that allows for more flexible and individualized learning through the application of new technologies.

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Adding a Personal Touch Makes
Online Education Go the Distance

With the inauguration of online education in the early 1990s, much has changed about the face of education.  Thinking outside of the physical classroom allows colleges and universities to reach a whole different demographic than the traditional high school senior.  It is now easier than ever for working individuals to begin class work, complete an associate’s or bachelor’s degree, or obtain a graduate degree.  Some individuals — particularly non-traditional students — often have apprehension about the online classroom environment, and many others do not even know where to begin when applying to a program.  Many fall through the cracks as they try to keep up with homework and housework.  As universities move more toward an online setting, they still must remember a large part of the college experience: personal interaction.

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Why You Should Consider Distance Education Programs as a Professional Development Option

As teachers, you and I spend the majority of our careers educating others.  We’re passionate about education; it’s why we got into teaching in the first place -- whether we teach in public school, a community college, a vocational high school or a private institution.   

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How Technological Upgrades and Advances Have
Impacted Various Levels in Higher Education

Technological advancement is evident and has a tremendous impact on higher education at various levels. Take Georgia Southern University (GSU) as an example, technological advancement is promoted systematically and caused by a variety of considerations. At the college level, technology plays an influential component and almost becomes a necessity. An event in the College of Education attested this statement.

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21st Century Focus: Brain Based Learning Educating students as a whole and teaching the way the brain naturally learns best

What is the scientific background behind brain based learning?

Do most people only use 10% of their brains? This legend is well known in popular culture and rarely debated. Can you believe we use 100% of our brain through each and every day? The 10% myth can be linked to many but both Albert Einstein and Edward James believed we only use a small part of our mental and physical resources. .  However, let’s think about this premise.  Was Einstein born with a bigger brain or did he simply “build” himself a bigger brain?

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Competing in the Global Economy Factors impacting science achievement

In 2005, the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) released A Commitment to America’s Future: Responding to the Crisis in Mathematics and Science Education, which brought national attention to the critical issues that are effecting America’s competitive position in the new global economy. The report found that for the U.S. to meet the new economic challenges, the math and science base must be enhanced and expanded. A frequent yardstick used to measure science achievement and growth in U.S. education is the National Assessment of Educational Progress, or sometimes referred to as the Nation’s Report Card offers a glimpse into the shortfalls of science education across the country. The National Assessment Governing Board (NAGB) defines “proficient” as solid academic performance or competency of challenging subject matter. In 2005, 29% of 4th grades, 29% of 8th graders, and 18% of 12th graders scored proficient on the national science assessment. It is clear that as a nation, the U.S. has a low percentage of students scoring at the proficient level in science while the number drops as students’ progress through high school.  This significant lack of science proficiency in K-12 students is due to a number of factors, the most considerable being a lack of high quality curriculum materials that provide a coherent presentation of essential science skills, and lack of science content knowledge and pedagogy by classroom teachers.

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Promoting Higher Education Through Web 2.0

American teens are now spending more than 31 hours a week online – that’s more than four hours a day – and that’s on a regular week, school included. Last year, 93 percent of teens (ages 12 to 17) were hanging out online, up from 87 percent in 2005, but what are they doing there?

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The Goldilocks Dilemma When is the ‘right time’to start kindergarten?

It’s Sept. 1, and a new school year is beginning, along with the “kindergarten dilemma” confronting many parents and teachers. A child is five years old, or will be five years old by the legal cut-off date for school entrance,  is starting kindergarten now the right decision for every child who meets the age requirement?

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V is For Video Conferencing

From pink slips to pay cuts, educators and school systems across the United States are feeling the pinch in a worsening economy.  The economy is forcing school districts nationwide to implement severe cost-saving measures.

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Online Education Solutions Serve At-Risk Students

As major U.S. cities struggle to lower their high school dropout rates, increased accessibility to online education may improve graduation success for at-risk students outside the classroom.

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‘Early College’Option Provides High School Graduates a Big Head Start on College Degrees

Students who enroll in Brenau Academy by their 10th grade year will be able to graduate with both a high school diploma and enough credits to qualify for a two-year college degree from the Academy’s sister higher education institution.

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A New Approach for Adolescents and Adults with ADHD

ADHD is one of the most common neuro-developmental disorders for children, and students with ADHD utilize more health and mental health services than their peers. Though this article will focus primarily on adolescents, ADHD is a life-long condition and therefore the recommendations are applicable to adults as well.

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Education Consultants Help in Making That Important Decision

In today’s troubled economy everyone is looking for ways to save money or to find the most economical option. Parents are looking for the appropriate educational option for their child and they must make difficult decisions balancing costs versus education. Using an educational consultant can help families find the most appropriate educational options. Surprisingly, the services of a consultant to help with that educational decision prove to be a very cost effective measure. It may seem like an oxymoron that another fee could actually save you money on your school, college or program search and application process, but it is verified time and again by parents after they have engaged the services of an educational consultant. To better understand the savings, it will help to examine the background and training that a consultant brings to the partnership with the family, the educational search process, and options available.

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Finding the Right Academic Environment

Too many parents think the search for the perfect environment starts with the school. I made this mistake when I first moved into a new community many states away from my home. On our first trip down to Virginia to begin the process of what would be a move, my wife and I set out in our car visiting schools. As we looked, some emphasized parent involvement and others spoke of student responsibility, some were warm and embracing while others talked of the value of a competitive environment. We soon realized that every approach, as different as they were, sounded good in theory and each administrator shared compelling stories of success.

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There is a Crucial Need for Professional
Development for Social Studies Teachers

Through field observations, anecdotal stories, plus quantitative and qualitative evaluations that measure teacher content knowledge and strategies, along with student achievement, data reveal that many, if not most teachers of American history, are grossly ill-prepared to teach solid, historical content.

In TAH grant pretests, roughly 800 social studies teachers have scored a mere 61 percent on 30,000 responses pertaining to topics they teach — a failing grade on the topics they present to their students each day. Test questions include inquiries of the specific content to be covered in the program, along with A.P., NAEP, and various state assessment questions.

The scores are broken down by teachers who have majored in history, 59 percent, those who minored in history 53 percent, and remarkably, those with no undergraduate history background scored 58 percent. Nevertheless, all categories had failing grades.

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Prevention Preferred

In the medical profession, one advocates preventive care in order to alleviate or reduce major health issues. Just as in medicine, educators recommend attention to learning or emotional issues before they escalate and are in need of major repair.

Early Childhood Challenge

As children enter preschool and kindergarten, some can already read, while others cannot even hold a pencil. Emotionally, some have a difficult time with separation from parents and sit in the corner rather than play on the swings or talk with other children.

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Does Your District's Curriculum Triangle Resemble the Bermuda Triangle

(This is part one of a two part series.)

For a positive impact on student learning, every district needs a triangle of local curriculum, instruction, and assessment, with complete alignment among the three (as illustrated below).

Most teachers understand this. However, as a consultant who works with districts in all parts of the country, I frequently encounter teachers who are not exactly enthusiastic about working on any part of this triangle. Why? Because they feel like “pawns in the system.” Everything about what they are to teach, and how and when they are to teach and assess, is framed in requirements — and all the requirements have been externally imposed.

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Thinking Outside the Curriculum Box

Each year millions of dollars are spent on classroom instructional materials, but how is it determined which curriculum materials are the right ones?  Are the decisions based upon quality and effectiveness or convenience and past practices? The new school year budget and additional stimulus money gives school districts an opportunity to buy materials that make a difference for students, their teachers and parents.

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Letter Sound Learning A key to early literacy success

According to the Report of the National Reading Panel, “an essential part of the process for beginners involves learning the alphabetic system, that is, letter-sound correspondences and spelling patterns, and learning how to apply this knowledge in their reading.” For children to be successful readers, they must develop a strong foundation in letter-sound correspondence.   

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Educate for Character

A woodsman was granted one wish after saving a leprechaun’s life. “Good husbands for my daughters,” he said.

“Define good,” the crafty leprechaun replied.

“Good character,” the woodsman said.

Impressed, the leprechaun arched an eyebrow. “Define good character.”

“The kind of men you’d want for your daughters.”

The leprechaun beamed. “Ah, then you will have honorable men with kind and loving hearts. And I’ll throw in a strong conscience.”

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Schoolwide Discipline Can you make it work?

Behavior and discipline have always been a problem and frustration for educators. Witness the Annual Phi Delta Kappa/Gallup Poll in which discipline is consistently listed as a major problem in our public schools.

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Make Manners a Part of Your Classroom

Manners is a hot topic for today’s parents. A private poll conducted via Café Mom indicated that over 85 percent of mom’s believe that their child is losing valuable educational time every day due to a lack of manners in the classroom.

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Keep Gym in School

As an NFL Network analyst and in my years as a professional football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, San Francisco 49ers, and Oakland Raiders, I have had the opportunity to travel the country. Over the past decade, I have been struck by the fact that no matter what city I visit, the parks are mostly empty.  It seems to get worse and worse every year.  Kids are just not playing outside the way they did when I was growing up. 

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About Keep Gym in School

In 2008, NFL Network (NFLN) launched Keep Gym in School - a national initiative dedicated to restoring Physical Education in America’s schools and raising awareness about the need for organized PE as part of each child’s complete education. 

School Adoption

NFL Network, in conjunction with its local distribution partners and NFL teams, work with one school district in four cities to select a middle school for adoption. NFLN provides each deserving school’s PE program $50,000 for capital refurbishments, equipment replacements and upgrades, and instructor salaries using “need” as the primary criteria. NFLN and its partners also collaborate with the school district to distribute football-specific lesson plans that complement the district’s existing PE curriculum. 2008 adopted schools included:

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Got PE?

Like milk, isn’t physical education (PE) “essential” for kids?  Doesn’t it contribute to their growth and development?  So why are so many deprived of it?

Also like milk, there are all different kinds of PE.  There’s the “Let’s sit down and talk about how important it is to be active” PE, the “My kids love to play dodgeball and kickball” PE, and the “HI, I’m Coach Blood and Guts and welcome to my extension of athletic practice” PE. 

Fortunately, these examples of malpractice are going the way of the dinosaurs (previous descriptions were taken directly from the yearly plan at Jurassic Park Junior High).  Today’s PE should provide:

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Reconnecting Students with the Real World

“The Hidden River Cave was awesome! I really enjoyed getting muddy in the river and crawling through tight spaces.”

“It was so natural. It felt as if nobody has ever stepped foot there except for me and my group. It was just us with our caving helmets giving us light as we walked through the terrain. It was somewhat challenging but in a very good way. After getting through the tour it has a way of making you feel like you can take on the world.”

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Louisiana’s State Parks Get out of the classroom and explore history

Louisiana’s 20 State Parks, 16 Historic Sites, and one Preservation Area offer you and your family a uniquely rewarding experience of our state’s natural beauty and historical riches.

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Field Trips: A Call to Action

In Corinth, Mississippi, the term “field trip” is more than just a day or two away from school…it is a call to action!  Presently, teachers are becoming more and more aware of the importance of nurturing both mind and body in the educational experience. Corinth is the perfect fit for both…offering Civil War museums and outdoor hikes to more remote sites around town.  With assistance from National Park Service rangers, educators can mix heritage travel and outdoor fitness.  By taking to the great outdoors, students have the opportunity to view some of the most pristine earthworks in the American Civil War.  What are earthworks one might ask?   

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State Parks Director’s Vision: No ‘Last Child in the Woods’

Nature deficit disorder. “The Last Child in the Woods.” Natural play.

Call it what you will. Today’s kids no longer feel the connection to the great outdoors, much less their own backyards, that they did in years past, and that has people like Phil Gaines more than a little concerned, and he’d like educators’ help.

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Museums Are in The Business of Preserving Magic

Most of us likely recall a school field trip during which the light went on. For some of us it may have come as our introduction to museums. For others, a particular exhibit or specimen may have ignited dormant passions, leading to a lifelong pursuit. Eminent scholars such as the late Joseph Campbell — the man who brought the power of myth home to America through his PBS specials with Bill Moyers — were inspired by visits to museums, in Campbell’s case the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

For generations, students at all levels of education have benefited from school field trips to museums. But that time honored aspect of the well-rounded education is threatened these days. Although some might see field trips as an optional luxury for our school children, for many students such experiential learning contains the key to real knowledge and understanding.

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Children’s Museums + School Field Trips = 21st Century Learners

There is growing interest for educators to teach 21st century skills and STEM learning, which proponents suggest must be incorporated into our children’s education to ensure the future workforce and global competitiveness of the United States. What are 21st century skills and STEM learning and what resources are there for schools to reinforce them?

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Monsters of the Deep Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

You won’t believe your eyes. You won’t believe their size. The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science will host the “Monsters of the Deep” exhibit, developed by PaleoFun, Inc., from June 13, 2009 – January 8, 2010.  The Museum was recently named the state’s Travel Attraction of the Year by the Mississippi Tourism Association and Jackson’s Travel Attraction of the Year by the Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau.

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The Mountain Arts Center Music and Education in the Mountains

What do you do if music comes as naturally to you as breathing?  If you’re one of those in eastern Kentucky who sings or plays an instrument (as many do), you travel the winding roads through the hills to Prestonsburg.  It is there that the Mountain Arts Center, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the mountains, stands as a purveyor of dreams and giver of music education.  After all, that is why it is there – the result of one woman’s dream and the promise of dreams yet to be fulfilled.

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Wonderlands of Adventure at Florida Museums

For many, the Sunshine State is all about the many wonders of the outdoors, with great weather and gorgeous beaches. Visit Florida museums and you will find wonderlands of adventure and knowledge.

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Immerse Students in Learning with Disney Y.E.S.

Two Disney Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) programs, “Disney’s Ocean Discoveries” and “The American Story,” are being updated in time for the new school year.

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STEP Program: Makes Student Travel Easy

Everyone talks about offering one-stop-shop convenience, but how many destinations deliver? If you could get all of your classroom instruction in the environment of a field trip, that met national standards, and totally engaged your students, wouldn’t that be a step in the right direction? And if all of that was offered in the convenience of either a lesson planner workbook or Internet, wouldn’t that be an instructor’s dream come true? In essence, the convenience of on-line or catalog shopping for student travel. This is the sort of thing that Columbus, Georgia is offering through the Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau’s (CCVB) Student Travel Education Program or STEP.

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Exciting Adventures Outside the Traditional Classroom

Think outside the Boat! Embark on an adventurous voyage of educational opportunities and exchange the average school day for a fulfilling trip to Kinston, North Carolina.

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Celebrate the First English Settlement

Twenty-three years before Jamestown, there was Roanoke Island. The settlement didn’t survive, but the history, adventure and family fun did.

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Berkeley County: Re-defining Adventure

Just outside Charleston, SC, Berkeley County is known for its natural beauty, scenic landscape, rich culture and exciting history. Groups and families especially enjoy the year-round gorgeous weather in Berkeley County. Visitors are able to enjoy the attractions, events, water sports and local culture of this emerging area all 12 months of the year. 

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Colonial Williamsburg’s Great Hopes Plantation

Taking your class on a study visit to Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area will educate and delight your students. Here, they can interact with Williamsburg’s citizens including shopkeepers, free and enslaved blacks, traditional families, and legendary political icons such as Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry. They will learn about living in a British colony through an array of stories portrayed in the daily outdoor street theater, Revolutionary City®, and also through the exploration of colonial trades with a number of skilled artisans. The drama of the 18th century unfolds before your class as the events leading to the American Revolution are brought to life.

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Virginia’s Historic Triangle It’s a whole new world

“I haven’t been to Williamsburg since my parents brought me here when I was a child.” This is a sentiment that is heard on a daily basis in Virginia’s Historic Triangle. Now parents themselves, these children bring their kids to experience the fun they remember, as well as discover all the new adventures the New World has to offer.

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Virginia Living Museum Exhibit Highlights Green Construction and Gardening

You’ve read all those articles about living “green” – maintaining your home in a manner that uses less energy, produces less waste, and is kinder to Mother Earth. Don’t you wish you could go somewhere that would actually show you, up close and hands-on, how it can be done?

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Trace Newport News, Virginia’s History along the Founders’ Trail

Your students can walk in the footsteps of history when they experience the all-new 12 sites located on Founders’ Trail in Newport News, Virginia. Historical markers with period photographs link these 17th-century sites.   Among the many stories told are those of Captain John Smith, who named Mulberry Island; John Rolfe, husband of Pocahontas and Captain Christopher Newport, who led the three-ship English fleet that landed in Jamestown in 1607.

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Edu-tainment Finds its Way to the Hallowed Hall of Norfolk, Virginia

As the last days of the summer season draw to a close, a group trip to Norfolk, Virginia is the perfect antidote for the start of school.   The ideal transition between the fun-filled days of summer and the start of another text-booked driven school year, the seaport city brings learning to life with its unique cultural, historical and nautical adventures leaping out onto the streets – and waterways – of Norfolk.

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FROM the EDITOR Spring 2010

I met David Houle through my friend Darryl Rosser, CEO of Sagus International. David is one of our nation’s leading futurists. In addition to writing books and delivering keynote speeches, David advises Fortune 500 companies about the future and how to prepare for it.

   In his past life as a media executive, he was on the team that launched MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and CNN Headline News. He also helped to create two television series on A&E for his client Bill Kurtis,Investigative Reports and American Justice, introducing single subject documentaries and legal programming to prime time before those programming concepts became common place. So I think it is safe to say that David has a feel for trends and a unique ability to study and predict the future. In my discussions with David, I asked him to give us a look into the future of education in America, and to help us understand our place in the global education marketplace. In doing so, David identifies trends and implores us to embrace connectivity and collaboration in our education model. You won’t want to miss this peek into the future (hover car not included).

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