FROM the EDITOR Spring 2010

I met David Houle through my friend Darryl Rosser, CEO of Sagus International. David is one of our nation’s leading futurists. In addition to writing books and delivering keynote speeches, David advises Fortune 500 companies about the future and how to prepare for it.

   In his past life as a media executive, he was on the team that launched MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and CNN Headline News. He also helped to create two television series on A&E for his client Bill Kurtis,Investigative Reports and American Justice, introducing single subject documentaries and legal programming to prime time before those programming concepts became common place. So I think it is safe to say that David has a feel for trends and a unique ability to study and predict the future. In my discussions with David, I asked him to give us a look into the future of education in America, and to help us understand our place in the global education marketplace. In doing so, David identifies trends and implores us to embrace connectivity and collaboration in our education model. You won’t want to miss this peek into the future (hover car not included).

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Math Moments with Maggie WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE. What You Say Makes All The Difference

There is a certain hurley-burley in education these days as the urgency to correct the math problem heightens. The search for a remedy is acute as research points to the need to make meaning — curricula are reshaped and programs are rewritten — all important changes. But equally important are those smaller shifts we can all make in daily practice. One of those shifts is in the way we make (or break) meaning, by the words we choose to talk about the math we see.

You see, here’s the thing, in our quest to make it easier for our students, we sometimes use bad language. We give them ‘non-sense’ rules and terms to memorize, we expect them to simply believe something is true because we say so and, I hate to be the one to tell you, we sometimes even tell lies.

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Helping Students Graduate BUILDING GLOBAL ECONOMIES. From the Schoolhouse to the Workplace

Schools need to be globally competitive, just as businesses are. 

We have come to recognize that Coca Cola is a global company, and you can buy a McDonald’s hamburger all over the world. Faxes, cell phones and the Internet have freed industrial firms from geographic boundaries. Toyota can build cars as easily in Evansville, Indiana as it can in Japan. Motorola can assemble pagers as easily in Singapore as it does in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Look at the label of any “American product.” General Motors makes cars in Canada and Korea as well as the United States. I.B.M. makes some of its computers in Mexico as well as the Far East. Pitney Bowes puts its name on the outside of some photocopy machines while Ricoh puts its mechanisms inside.

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Speech-language pathology is a wonderful profession filled with an awesome responsibility to change people’s lives by improving their communication skills and abilities.  Communication and cognitive ability are the most important variables that separate humans from other species. 

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Problem Solved PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Your Fastest Fix for Serious Student Behavior Problems

That is by far the most common comment I hear from teachers, counselors, and principals who contact us for professional development. I’ve heard this comment so much that I sometimes joke that educator training seems to prepare teachers to work with Beaver Cleaver, but Beavis and Butthead keep showing up. Throughout the country, educators report seeing growing numbers of uncontrollable students, who present increasingly serious behavior problems that are unresponsive to conventional interventions. Read More »

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America’s Future in Global Education

Those of you reading these words clearly know that we are living in the 21st century. The calendar clearly shows this to be the year 2010. What many of you may not know is that we are also in transition from one age to another. We are leaving the Information Age and entering the Shift Age. We are therefore in one of those times in human history when there is a coincidence of two major transitions. When these rare times of passage occur humanity is transformed. We therefore have, are, will and must enter a time of educational transformation in the United States.

In the last two millennia there have been three times where, in a matter of 50 to 75 years, humanity has been transformed. The first was the 75 year period following Gutenberg’s invention of the moveable type press in 1455. Prior to that, knowledge in Europe was controlled by the church and the aristocracy. 

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Teacher Preparation and Global Competitiveness: Forging the Link

The global market is becoming increasingly diverse as more countries clamor for a seat at the world’s economic table. America’s head chair position is being elbowed by the goods and services being brought by new competitors who offer huge and talented workforces, willing to work for low wages to prove their capabilities and get a larger piece of the economic pie. If America is to maintain a seat at the table, let alone keep its head seat, we must prepare our students to bring competitive skills to this new world market. We’ve heard this cry for globally competitive skills so often now it has become trite. It’s time for action to replace words.

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Lessons from Modern Germany Impressions of the Transatlantic Outreach Program

For Transatlantic Outreach Program (TOP) participants, the real mission is to find the real Germany and bring it home to their classrooms! 

Guten Tag! Germany might seem to lend itself to many generalizations, but a closer look reveals the complexity of this land and its people. Order, efficiency, and diligence, it is true, are closely associated with Germany. However, after a TOP experience in Germany, one will come away with a greater appreciation for the difficulty in generalizing. It seems that a large part of the German population is on vacation, just returned from vacation, or about to go on vacation.

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Activities in Science Classes: Will Our Future Scientists Outsmart Their Competition?

Whether students fire rockets on the playground or feed worms to giant beetles, science activities can certainly heighten student engagement and make schoolwork fun. But do activities necessarily teach science and, perhaps more importantly, do activities teach students to think?

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Career and Technical Education Critical to Position US in the Global Marketplace

As America works on positioning itself in the global marketplace, a hidden gem in education will help develop and produce an educated, qualified workforce: career and technical education (CTE). Since 1862 when the Morrill Act provided land for agriculture colleges in each state to provide instruction, different federal and state education initiatives have enabled CTE programs to align curriculum and skills to the changing economy. As we continue into the 21st century, America is constantly changing with economic, environmental, and political demands, and CTE continues to answer the call in preparing students for today’s and future challenges.

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Career and  Technical Education Today Hope for the Future or More of the Same?

America is faced with a myriad of economic challenges today. The greatest country in the world in the 20th century is losing the competitive edge. China and India are emerging economies projected to grow stronger over the next few years. Our students are consistently scoring lower than their Asian counterparts on global assessments. The American gross domestic product (GDP) is coming back slowly from the recent recession, but our imports continue to exceed our exports. We have lost the manufacturing industry that kept us in the lead of other global exporters. We have the highest unemployment rate since 1983. All of these statements lead us to ask ourselves, “Is there hope for the future?”

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A New Role for CTE

The Millennium Generation describes the students currently occupying middle and high school classrooms across the country as the ones that teachers repeatedly must ask to “unplug” and pay attention. This particular generation has been the subject of countless news articles highlighting their disappointing performance on international reading, math and science tests, raising doubts about their ability to compete in a world economy.

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Education for a Technical Career

Education professionals are challenged to help students with diverse interests and skills become successful in school and plan for their future. Although some students have a clear cut vision to attend a four-year college, there are many who don’t see that as their best choice. You have a great opportunity to provide students and their parents with valuable information about career colleges and, more specifically, the many opportunities available for today’s trained technicians.


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STEM Education What Form? What Function?

(This is part three of a three part series.)

What about the world-class STEM curriculum and materials called for in Rising Above the Gathering Storm? Several curriculum products have recently emerged from National Science Foundation funded projects and have application to some of the components of STEM education. Most notable are: Engineering by Design, a K-12 engineering curriculum from the Center for the Advancement of Teaching Technology and Science (CATTS), Engineering is Elementary (EiE) from the National Center for Technological Literacy (NCTL), and the Invention, Innovation, and Inquiry materials from the International Technology Education Association (ITEA). 

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Are You Still Teaching Letter Names?

Are you thinking, “What else would we teach?”

The traditional methodology of teaching reading introduces letter names first rather than letter sounds. We have been conditioned to think that this is what a child needs to become a proficient reader. 

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An Educator’s Gift How Janet Allen Brought the Magic of Books to Her Students

“It has been over 15 years since I left my own classroom,” says Dr. Janet Allen, who taught for 20 years before leaving the classroom and becoming a respected adolescent literacy consultant. “In spite of that time and distance, I can still remember my students’ responses when they came into the classroom to see the books packed and ready for my move. One of the girls burst into tears and said, ‘Mrs. Allen, you’ve packed away all the magic.’”

But thankfully, Janet knew that the magic wasn’t the books themselves, it was the enthusiasm for reading she had instilled in her students. Today, as a literacy consultant, Janet helps show teachers that they, too, can have motivated, interested readers in their classrooms. How does she do it? As Dr. Allen says in her book, Yellow Brick Roads, educators must make “literacy so appealing [students] couldn’t resist learning.”

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Preparing Students For The Future Creating Personalized Education Opportunities

Education’s purpose is to empower students to find their own paths to their own dreams; to create life-long learners who are prepared for both the modern world and the future; and to empower individuals to make a positive impact in the world. This statement tops the list for the Personalized Education Philosophy, envisioned by a group of educators who asked themselves the question, “How do we prepare students for a future we can barely imagine?” The answer: create personalized education opportunities aimed at preparing students to be successful, not just in their own communities, but as world citizens. The group’s goal is nothing short of changing the world of education, with activities ranging from teacher training to the founding of an international online K-12 school, all governed by the tenets of the Personalized Education Philosophy presented here.

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Self-Injurious Teens What to Look for and How to Help

Few of us ever imagine that our wonderful children are going to grow to adolescence and do something as self-destructive as self-injury or mutilation, yet more and more parents find themselves facing this difficult scenario. Self-injury is defined as any self-inflicted action that causes bodily harm and can include scratching, cutting, burning, mutilating, hitting oneself or banging body parts against hard surfaces. Self-injury is a negative way of dealing with strong emotion; it is serious, addicting, can cause life-long consequences and can even be fatal. Think it can’t happen to your teen?

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Taking a Fresh Look at Faith-Based Education

Throughout the country, high school seniors are seeking information from a wide variety of postsecondary educational institutions as they look to find the one institution to serve their educational and career needs. This is the time of year when parents and high school guidance counselors are facing the task of advising and guiding young minds toward a decision that is right for the student. 

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Service Learning at a Faith-Based Institution

Multiple terms are used to describe the various field experiences and internships that are designed for students in higher education. In the preparation of school personnel these experiences have emerged as partnerships and the utilization of professional development schools. There has also been increasing awareness of “service-learning” in teacher education within the past decade. This article examines the five key elements of service learning in faith-based institutions using Liberty University as a model for best practices.

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Teaching at a Faith-Based College

I was asked to share the joys of working at a faith-based college. Although the last nine years of my career have been as a professor of education at a private Christian college, Gardner-Webb University, I started my educational career as an undergraduate in a large state university. I spent my next 21 years working in the public K-12 educational setting, teaching first in a rural North Carolina middle school, then in a Virginia inner city elementary school and then working as vice-principle and principle at schools with a student economically disadvantaged rate of 70-75 percent.

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Dr. Jenkins 10 Commandments Extending Educational Opportunities to Everyone

Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr. wasn’t looking for a job in 2006 when he was contacted by members of Livingstone College’s Board of Trustees about becoming the institution’s 12th president.


In fact, he was considering retiring from higher education at the time.

After giving the position serious consideration, Dr. Jenkins decided if the college’s trustees would buy into his blueprint to construct a total learning environment at Livingstone College, he would accept the job.


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The Professional Teaching and Learning Cycle: A Strategy for Ongoing, Job-Embedded Professional Development

Comprehensive, sustained, intensive, aligned, continuous, job-embedded, supported — these terms are frequently used in describing what high-quality professional development looks like in schools and districts. Rather than fragmenting professional development into a variety of short-term offerings for individuals and expecting improvement to occur as a result — a practice in too many schools — high-performing districts and schools arrange for professional learning that targets specific identified needs and that occurs every day within the context of the actual work.

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Digital Curriculum Individualizes Instruction Helps Schools Better Meet Student Needs

Helping students stay on track for graduation from high school has never been more important, or more challenging, than it is today. A high school diploma is essential for students to qualify for the jobs that will allow them to earn the income necessary to support themselves and a family, and education beyond high school is increasingly a requirement for the positions available in today’s global economy.

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Response to Intervention Low and High Achieving Students

Response to Intervention (RTI) is gaining wider acceptance as a strategy for all students. The process includes using assessments to identify students who need supplemental instruction and then providing additional help of varying level depending on their individual needs. The goal is to use informed assessment to provide early intervening services so that all students have the chance to achieve.

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Mobile Giving ‘Shock and Awe’ Moving From Disaster Relief to Mainstream Giving

January 2010 became not only the dawn of a new decade — but for those of us in fundraising, Mobile Giving proved itself as an easy and useful tool almost overnight. I call it the “shock and awe” of fundraising.

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School Security and the Budget Crisis

“Financially, I’ve never seen it this bad.  The state is broke. Federal programs are getting axed, and I don’t know where I’ll get the money to continue that safety program we just started. No one wants to raise taxes, and frankly, I don’t see an end in sight.”

Who said this? It could have been any school superintendent, principal, or school security director in the entire United States. Everyone agrees that times are tough.

Americans have been witness to 50 years of challenges to the safety of schools, and with each decade comes a new burden to the annual budget that had not been expected. In the 60s it was racial issues; in the 70s it was drugs; in the 80s it was gangs; in the 90s it was school shootings, and; in the 2000s, it was terrorism. No shortage of challenges for school leaders here. Bad? Yes, but the real danger is this: While every decade has seen another major problem added to the ongoing list of threats, absolutely nothing has come off the list! Nothing.

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The Changing Face of Computers This is Not Your Parents PC

(This is part two of a three part series.)

The power and pervasiveness of personal computers have taken hold in every part of our lives, and education is certainly no exception. Educators across the globe have welcomed computers, but not always with open arms. We don’t have to look too far back to see how the promise of education computing has turned out far different than the reality. Even today, schools have computers that are malfunctioning, are prone to viruses, and require a great deal of administration and maintenance. In this article, we take a look at the old face of computers in education and what the future holds.

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Schools Without Walls

Since the beginning of time, the human race has always had a natural desire to learn through the environment it inhabits, and as a result of our species’ evolution, we have learned how to adapt to the changes in the societies we have created, and thus continue learning. Our knowledge and skills have continued developing as we set the bar higher and higher each time, and we adapt to the changes we create.

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School Based Healthcare: Why it is Common Sense

(This is part two of a three part series on school-based health care.)

School-based health centers (SBHCs) provide primary care, mental health services, and sometimes oral health care to students where they are: in school. In part one of this series from the National Assembly on School-Based Health Care (NASBHC) we learned why school-based health care is important, and why SBHCs are an integral component of the community schools model. In this second part of the series we explore what makes school-based health care programs part of a common-sense approach to ensuring that all children and adolescents in the United States are healthy and achieving to their fullest potential.

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MRSA Wages War on Schools and Students

What is MRSA?

Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, shortened to the acronym MRSA (pronounced “Mer-sa”), has been increasing in number for decades, and has recently mounted a full scale assault on our educational system. MRSA, as the name implies, is a Staph bacterium that has mutated to build up a resistance to methicillin and other common antibiotics including penicillin and amoxicillin. Originally discovered in hospitals, and sometimes called hospital-acquired MRSA, healthcare-associated MRSA (HA-MRSA) would invade patients that had come to the hospital for an illness or injury. Now it is known to attack wherever groups of sick or injured people with weakened immune systems may be found, namely nursing homes, same-day surgery centers, and dialysis centers.

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Building Cooperative and Competitive Skills The Physical Education Model

Occasionally, school administrators, teachers or parents, wonder why the education system engages in high school sports events, middle school physical education courses or elementary school playground activities. A reasonable response could be that these experiences allow children a controlled outlet of diversion and energy release that at the same time is directed toward the improvement of the child’s health. No doubt these observations are true. However, could there be more, much more value to these types of curriculums?

Recently, Urban Meyer, the football coach at the University of Florida, was interviewed by the media concerning the Gators’ positive win and loss record, and their premier national ranking. The coach explained to the media that football games were less about winning and losing and more about building the leadership capacity of the players. He pointed out that football consisted of developing lifetime skills that would serve the players and society well outside of a football game. 

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Online PE: Not Just a Virtual Workout

“Online PE? How does that work?” This is generally the first reaction we hear to the idea of online physical education courses. Admittedly, most people have visions of fingers working vigorously as students click a computer mouse or video game their way to a sedentary lifestyle. The term itself appears to be an oxymoron. However, online PE is not just a virtual workout. The goals are the same as a traditional gym class and the benefits are numerous.

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Where Does Physical Education Belong in Our Schools?

Physical education (PE) is at the intersection of at least three major academic thoroughfares. PE has roots in exercise and sports science and represents a primary means of applying the science. PE is itself a pedagogical field and is practiced within educational systems. The public health field claims PE as a health intervention that is of increasing value due to the childhood obesity epidemic. Major intersections are often centers of culture and commerce, but the turf surrounding PE is often contested. 

Over the decades PE programs in universities have split from exercise science departments because they could not reconcile the science and application missions.  This may not be too unfortunate, because neither the scientists nor the PE practitioners tried too hard to bridge the gap between science and practice.  Because all states have some kind of school physical education requirements, education departments in universities and state governments have no choice but to accommodate PE. However, there is a notable lack of enthusiasm for PE on the part of the education establishment.  The federal Department of Education provides little leadership or support for PE.  Many state education departments refuse to hire a physical education coordinator.  After 100 years in the schools, PE is not considered a core subject and education departments remain unsure what to do with PE.  The percentage of students taking PE has declined in recent years.

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Fiscally Sound Procurement Utilizing Cooperative Purchasing as a Tool

While cutbacks and budget shortfalls abound in education, it is essential for public agencies to practice fiscally sound procurement to ensure they are getting a good value for every dollar they spend. This can be more difficult than it sounds. Your staff must meet state purchasing laws while getting the exact items you need on your campus, from a reputable vendor, at a price your budget will allow.

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Communicating Miracles Quickly with Flair

“Is it okay that I don’t believe anyone can do this?” the prospective parent asked gravely. Mary Beth Cull, coordinator for the Light on Literacy Program at the Columbia University Medical School hears this question a lot. The program teaches autistic children how to read, even when they are not able to speak. 

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How Important is Learning About History?

I have a Zoology degree and work in tourism. But my passion is history.

My interest came through a trip with my teacher in 1958 to Galesburg, Illinois on the Centennial of one of the Lincoln-Douglas debates. The speaker for the day was Carl Sandberg, pre-eminent Lincoln biographer. Re-enactors portrayed both Lincoln and Douglas and re-enacted their speeches 100 years ago to the day.

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The Billy Graham Library: A Journey Through Time

Although it does contain a bookstore, the Billy Graham Library is no collection of books. Rather, it is a place filled with stunning videos, enduring artifacts and interesting stories. The Billy Graham Library is an experience.

Among many other things, the library is a lesson in history. How did a young man from such humble beginnings eventually become one of 20th Century’s most respected Americans? What event catapulted Billy Graham’s ministry into the national spotlight? Who most influenced his life and ministry? These questions and many more are addressed as visitors tour the facility.

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Biltmore House Interactive and Hands-On Programs Continue Vanderbilt Legacy

When George Washington Vanderbilt collaborated with Fredrick Law Olmsted and Richard Morris Hunt on the creation of Biltmore, he was planning more than a home, he was building a legacy. George Vanderbilt’s vision for 125,000 acres in Western North Carolina came with his commitment to bring and teach modern skills and methods in agriculture, scientific forestry, horticulture, and land management to the area he fell in love with, and the place he would call home.  Read More »

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Get in Touch With Your Inner Genius at Edison and Ford Winter Estates

The Edison and Ford Winter Estates offers a unique combination of history, science, and literature that can be found nowhere else. This National Register Historic Site is one of the top most visited historic home sites in the nation and is a step back in time to the emergence of industrial and technological America as we know it today.

At the estates, we include educational information in our programs and tours that you can integrate back into your classroom. There are also materials provided to teachers and group leaders to prepare students with pre-visit study, a reading list and even a new orientation video which provides highlights of the field trip. This ensures that everyone involved gets the most out of their experience by letting the learning begin long before and continue after your visit to the estates. 

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A Handmade Medieval Castle in Arkansas A Living History Book, an Outdoor Laboratory

Have you ever wanted to take your kids to a construction site where the “beep beep beep” of machines backing up is replaced by the ting ting ting of hammer to anvil and chisel to stone? Show them something that is not moving at warp speed?


A new build attraction with a twist, is slowly taking shape on a site about halfway between Little Rock, Ark., and Springfield, Mo., and close to Branson, Mo.

A life-sized 13th century fortified castle is raising with 45 foot high towers, five foot wide walls, a drawbridge and stone walls surrounding the inner expansive courtyard using the techniques, materials and rules of the Middle Ages.


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Great Places to Learn About History In Florida

Once considered to be home to the “Fountain of Youth” by many, Florida has been the site of several historical events and home to many historical figures. From its residents to its culture, Florida offers many opportunities for visitors to the Sunshine State to learn about American history. The following are just a few of the many attractions and activities in Florida that will take any person on a journey through the past. Read More »

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Fun and Adventure in Palm Beach County

When visitors think about staying in Palm Beach County, images of beautiful beaches, pristine golf courses and general fun in the sun fill their minds. When they arrive, all these things and more don’t disappoint their tropical musings.

But when informed cultural tourism adventurers go beyond the sun-soaked stereotypical experiences, they start to explore a rich, unique history that enhances their appreciation for such a beautiful vacation destination.

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Museum and Schools Creating Successful Community Collaborations

The West Florida Historic Preservation, Inc. (WFHPI) announces its second annual regional conference, “Celebrate Our Civic, Community and Cultural Heritage,” to be held in Historic Pensacola Village on April 24, 2010.

Historic Pensacola Village is a museum complex located in the heart of downtown Pensacola, which hosts tens of thousands of students on annual field trips each school year. WFHPI education staff consistently seeks ways to enhance visitation, especially during the current economic climate and in an environment of high-stakes testing. I am sure that schools and other museum sites throughout the country find themselves in similar situations. How can we meet our operational goals while facing these mounting obstacles?

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Fly to the Moon and Beyond Visit Your Local Challenger Learning Center

Take your students into space at your local Challenger Learning Center and then return to the classroom for your debriefing!

Using space exploration as a theme and simulations as a vehicle, Challenger Center for Space Science Education and its network of nearly 50 Challenger Learning Centers, serve more than 400,000 students each year, and engage over 40,000 educators through missions, teacher workshops and other programs. The centers create positive educational experiences that raise students’ expectations of success, foster in them a long-term interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and inspire them to pursue studies and careers in these areas.

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Science Comes Alive at Zoo Atlanta The Citys Oldest Cultural Destination Gets Younger Every Year

Every child learns differently, but few could argue that nothing encourages information retention more than an unforgettable personal experience. Designed by educators for educators, Zoo Atlanta’s award-winning programs bring a deeply personal context to any science class. With test scores at an all-time low in the U.S., Zoo Atlanta is in a unique position to work with teachers to improve science and environmental literacy. All programs are designed to meet Georgia Performance Standards and are created to support, not distract from, your existing curriculum. Read More »

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Tupelo: It’s a Hit Tupelo Strikes the Right Chord with Students

Unplug, unwind and jump in: For today’s on-the-go families, Tupelo, Mississippi is the ideal getaway, with a diverse mix of fun and exciting attractions that are totally unique. As original as Elvis, its favorite native son — as authentically American as the majestic herd of buffalo that roam the hillsides — as unspoiled as the scenic vistas of the historic Natchez Trace Parkway — as pulse-pounding as the dramatic Civil War battle reenacted every year, Tupelo is the ticket for an adventure packed with fascinating history, delightful recreation, up-to-the-minute shopping, and so much more.

In other words, “kids are welcome to pack their video games,” says Linda Elliff, director of sales for the Tupelo Convention and Visitors Bureau. “We just don’t think they’ll have much time for them.”

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Louisiana’s State Parks and Historic Sites Take You Out of the Classroom and Into History

Louisiana’s 21 State Parks, 17 Historic Sites, and one Preservation Area offer you and your family a uniquely rewarding experience of our state’s natural beauty and historical riches. Read More »

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The Modern Civil Rights Experience

Our nation has come a long way from the intense struggles for racial equality that took place during the 1950s and 60s. The recent election of Barak Obama as the 44th President of the United States was a watershed moment in American history and a vivid reminder of the past.

Many historians are concerned that the facts of the civil rights movement are at risk of being forgotten. Fortunately, much of the history of that era has been preserved in countless cities throughout the South and along the many stops of the “Modern Civil Rights Trail.”

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South Carolina: From the Mountains to the Sea History Lives in South Carolina

South Carolina is a state unusually rich in history and tradition, and in family friendly places to take it all in.

Let’s begin at the beginning. While perhaps best known for the cannon shots on Fort Sumter that marked the beginning of the Civil War, Charleston is the place where the Carolina Colony that later became South and North Carolina had its beginnings in the late 17th Century.

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Patriots Point Creates a Unique Blend of Experiential Learning

Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum’s newly renovated “state-of-the-art” Education Center offers students, teachers and visitors a chance to experience history and science like never before.

Made possible by an endowment from the Post and Courier, donations collected by the USS Yorktown Foundation and the hard work of Patriots Point’s staff, the museum opened their new, highly-interactive classroom aboard the flagship aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown, in March, 2010. Now in a larger space with separate classrooms, the Education Center is outfitted with the latest technology available including SMART Boards, video conferencing capabilities and high definition cameras strategically located throughout the ship.

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Myrtle Beach Area See Saltwater Aquariums, Live Reptiles, Interactive Displays

When most people think of Myrtle Beach, S.C., they think of fun in the sun, warm beaches, outstanding live entertainment choices, a magnitude of restaurants, shopping galore and of course, golf! What most people don’t often realize is the expansive opportunities available for educational outreach for students. Read More »

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The Harvey B. Gantt Center Celebrate African American Art, History, Culture

Whether it’s traveling bus tours, school trips or special occasions such as wedding receptions, corporate events or private affairs, the Gantt Center will afford you with an experience to remember.

As part of the Wells Fargo Cultural Campus, the Gantt Center will serve as one of the entry points to experience the arts, sporting events and many other amenities that center city Charlotte, N.C. has to offer.

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Cherokee Experience the Land and the People

The new turtle shell rattles you made sound crisp and ready for the Green Corn Dance. But first you must greet this day as you greet every day. Your whole village gathers on the banks of the Oconaluftee. All enter the water, face east, and pray to the seven directions, the four cardinal points, the sky, the earth, and the center or spirit. You give thanks for the new day, and wash away any feelings separating you from your family, neighbors, or the Creator. This is duyuktv ‘the right way,’ the Cherokee Way.

When you visit Cherokee, North Carolina, you can almost imagine yourself living this way. Here, the same mountains where the Cherokees have maintained their traditions for generations surround you. People who proudly preserve a culture far older than the new nation that surrounds them, welcome you.

The Cherokees believe that they have always lived in Western North Carolina. Indeed, finely crafted stone tools and fluted spear-points confirm that ancient people lived here more than 11,000 years ago, at the end of the last Ice Age. Ancient Cherokee tales describe hunts of the mastodons that once foraged through the upland spruce and fir.


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Moneypalooza Provides Students with Dollars and Sense

Benjamin Franklin coined the saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned;” an aphorism that resonates far and wide these days.

Over the past two years Marbles Kids Museum, located in downtown Raleigh, has worked with the local banks of North Carolina to create an exhibit that would bring to life the importance of establishing healthy money habits through innovative and high-energy activities. The result is Moneypalooza, a colorful world of money where kids play with smart ways to spend and save while having a wealth of fun learning to earn.

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Harpers Ferry First Shots of American Civil War Fired Here

In order to prepare for the upcoming Sesquicentennial, students in 2011 need to visit Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. That visit will give students of the Civil War the proper perspective they will need in their understanding of the events leading up to that war. Without too much stretch, it can be said that the first shots of the American Civil War were fired at Harpers Ferry. Read More »

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Visit Colonial Williamsburg Where School Group Tours Benefit Educators

Have you considered just how easy a Colonial Williamsburg study visit can be? We know that if you’re an educator, a field trip outside of the classroom — let alone your hometown — is definitely worthwhile, but it can be a tiring process. The itinerary planning, coming up with correlating lesson plans, and the cost involved can be quite intimidating. Is it worth it? Well, that depends on where you go and what you hope to accomplish. Colonial Williamsburg can assist you in meeting the objectives set forth in a standard field trip, and our study visit program will likely exceed most of your expectations. Read More »

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School Books Come to Life at Norfolk

Spring heralds the season of warm weather and outdoor activities. It is almost that time of year when school students itch to get out of the classroom and explore the outdoors and partake in hands-on learning experiences.

This season, whether during a fieldtrip or weekend stay, students who visit the port city of Norfolk, Va. will find that their schoolbooks come to life. While in Norfolk, not only will they have the opportunity to learn more about history, art, science and the mysteries of the deep blue sea, but experience them as well.

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Virginia Living Museum Makes Nature and Science Come Alive for Student Groups

View red wolves, bald eagles, otters and a loggerhead sea turtle up close and personal. See a living replica of a Cypress Swamp and an Appalachian mountain cove. Touch live horseshoe crabs and fossilized dinosaur tracks. Explore the universe in the planetarium. Read More »

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Fun Adventures at Busch Gardens and Water Country USA

Twenty-first-century science and technology meets Old World charm at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. More than 50 thrilling rides, including four of the world’s best roller coasters, rise from six beautifully landscaped European “countries.” In 2010, Busch Gardens offers teachers a great line-up of events and concerts, a new Irish show and a brand new motion simulator that soars guests through Europe’s most spectacular terrain and famous landmarks. Summer, fall and winter are packed full of excitement with a nighttime light show production, IllumiNights: A Busch Gardens Encore; Howl-O-Scream, celebrating all things Halloween; and Christmas Town, the newest holiday spectacular that transforms the park into winter wonderland. Read More »

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Re-Defining Adventure in Berkeley County

Known for its natural beauty, scenic landscape, rich culture and exciting history, Berkeley County is luring more and more visitors each year.  However, if you choose to visit, we must warn you....most of those who “visit for pleasure” actually end up falling in love with Berkeley County forever!  Countless visitors have been so enticed by what Berkeley County offers that many have made the transition from “visitor” to “permanent resident”, and are now calling this beautiful area their home!

Groups and families especially enjoy the year-round gorgeous weather in Berkeley County. Visitors are able to enjoy the attractions, events, water sports and local culture of this emerging area all 12 months of the year. 

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