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08/23/2010  | 
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“Discover It All” in West Virginia’s Eastern Gateway. About an hour from the Baltimore-Washington Corridor, you can pursue learning in a multitude of ways while having fun - be it history, outdoor activities, or most anything else.

An super abundance of history can be found here in Jefferson County — from Revolutionary times , starting with the George Washington family history in the area, and going through John Brown’s Raid and the Civil War.

George Washington’s family lived here — in western Virginia. They owned 14 plantations here, seven that are still here today. The land came to George Washington the surveyor who worked the land for Lord Fairfax. George Washington owned the Bullskin Plantation and was building a house here when his brother-in-law died and Mount Vernon became available for him to purchase.  George’s younger brother Charles founded Charles Town. There are more Washington family descendents buried in Charles Town, WV than anywhere in the world — over 70.

You can learn about the Washington family and view an original letter from George Washington at the Jefferson County Museum in Charles Town.

The Harpers Ferry National Historical Park offers great student programs to learn about the John Brown Raid of 1859 (believed to be the catalyst for the starting of the Civil War) and Civil War programs ably led by the educational department at the park. Here students can watch i-pods made by fellow students, learn the steps of loading and firing a Civil War musket, marching techniques, and more as they live the life of someone of that period. Each student gets to make decisions based on how the raid or the war influenced his or her family, as they play out different scenarios.

During the down time of your trip, several authors are available to speak to the students about the period and the era. Team building activities are offered by several outfitters that may be of interest.

A leisurely rafting or tubing trip down the Shenandoah or Potomac Rivers could be a highlight of the trip. Some of the best water activities in the area can be found at Harpers Ferry.

There’s always something happening in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Come and Discover It All! in Wild and Wonderful West Virginia.


The Harpers Ferry National Historical Park offers great student programs to learn about the

John Brown Raid of 1859 (believed to be thecatalyst for the starting of the Civil War) and

Civil War programs ably led by the educationaldepartment at the park.


For information please call the Jefferson County Convention and Visitors Bureau at 304-535-2627 and let us plan your trip here.
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