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08/23/2010  |  KIM COHANE and ELLEN SAGNARD
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You’ve probably heard it said — or even said it yourself —  a bachelor’s degree today is the equivalent of what a high school diploma used to be years ago.  The bar has been raised and obtaining an associate’s or bachelor’s degree is often not enough in today’s competitive world.  Many students will need to continue their education in graduate school.  While it is great advice for most young baccalaureates to gain real world experience before immersing themselves back into the halls of academia for a masters or doctorate, what about those whiz kids who always stood out in high school?  You know, the one who knew she wanted to be a doctor since she was three years old.  Or, the one who’s going to take over the family business and needs an M.B.A. to manage it?  And how about the one who always wanted to go to law school and become a Supreme Court judge?   In today’s economy, students and parents need to ask the question, “Which university will help me reach my goals faster?” 

Dual admission?

Nova Southeastern University offers a leading edge to a select group of highly motivated students who have maintained a laser focus on their career goals from an early age.  Qualified students in the Dual Admission Program are automatically reserved a seat in one of NSU’s graduate or professional schools. 

Dr. Dimitri Giarikos,  Associate Professor and Coordinator of Sciences in the Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences at Nova Southeastern, explains, “The Dual Admission Program at NSU is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students to get accepted into their undergraduate program and have a seat saved for them at the graduate level.  Not many colleges or universities in the nation can do that.”  

There are over 30 dual admission programs at NSU that incorporate graduate or professional programs.  Many students choose to combine undergraduate school with graduate business, law, education, oceanography, and many others.  The most popular are the health professions: audiology, dental medicine, nursing, occupational and physical therapy, osteopathic medicine, and more.  Admission requirements, such as grade point average, test score, pre-requisite classes in high school, differ from program to program.  All of these students, however, share similar traits.

“Dual Admit students have a clear idea of their goals.  They know they want to be in a professional school setting in the future.  This program allows them to focus on their career choice at an earlier stage . . . and to have some sense of security to know that a seat is saved for them in their respective college or university,” adds Dr. Josh Feingold, Associate Professor in the Division of Math, Science, and Technology.

Unlike traditional programs, Dual Admission offers a unique path that will jump start high achieving students into their choice of graduate or professional programs, “The dual admissions program is a great program to be in as a freshman,” says Natasha Antonovich, Dual Admission Pharmacy Student.

“ I applied to both undergrad and graduate school.  I was in undergrad for 2 years and as long as I kept up my GPA and got a certain score on the PCAT, I was automatically guaranteed a seat in the (NSU) pharmacy school.  Everything I did in undergrad was geared towards how I would use it in pharmacy school.  It was a great preparation for transitioning from undergrad to graduate school.”

High-achieving students find an enriching environment at NSU

The undergraduate experience is more than just going to class and studying at the library.  At NSU, high-achievers find support both in and out of the classrooms.  They’re highly involved outside their residence halls with a wide variety of enriching programs that encourage leadership and support student success.  All undergraduate students may take part in the Clinic Exploration Program (CEP) which offers students the opportunity to shadow medical professionals on the job in many of NSU’s clinics. Program participants gain a broad perspective that shows how various medical fields work together and offers a practical, up-close review of several medical career options.

The Dual Admission Program is much more than just a direct path to a student’s future.  It was designed to free up students to expand their academic interests and get a richer, more well-rounded education.  Since a dual-admit student’s place in grad school is already reserved; they can afford to take a few risks.  So even if they’re planning to go to law school, maybe they’d enjoy a theatre class.  If their goal is to become a corporate titan, it couldn’t hurt to learn a little about psychology.  The point is, they have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

Theme Housing

Living on campus is a big part of the undergraduate experience.  Students with similar interests or in the same academic program on a residence hall floor may choose the housing option where like minds are clustered together.  For students who excel academically there is a built-in residential community at NSU to support and encourage their growth.  NSU has leadership-themed housing for undergraduate students beginning their freshman year.  Other themes include a quiet study floor and those with a fraternity and sorority membership.

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