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How the Army helps with the ACT, SAT and more

08/23/2010  | 
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In today’s world, tests are increasingly the end rather than the means. The world relies on tests to determine who will graduate, get a job, receive a scholarship, or even enter a government career as a firefighter, police officer, civil servant or military service member. How well young men and women score on standardized tests can have a great impact on their future. No matter your views on the politics of testing, as an educator, you care about your students and want them to succeed. At the same time, you know you cannot give every student the individual attention needed or wanted.

Many students under-perform on standardized tests, not because of a lack of knowledge, but because of a lack of good testing skills and familiarity with the particularities of the test they are taken. The value of test preparation has been demonstrated through studies and validated by the willingness of many to pay for test preparation courses from firms such as Peterson’s. Unfortunately, the cost of test  preparation courses can serve as a barrier for many deserving students.

Additionally, the focus of many test preparation courses on college admission tests may not resonate with those students whose goals do not currently include college entrance. March 2 Success is a free, Web-based program that makes high quality, test preparation instruction available to any current or former student. The curriculum is designed by Peterson’s, Educational Options, and College Options Foundation.

No Obligation

March 2 Success is a public service provided by the U.S. Army. It is our way of participating in the “No Child Left Behind” initiative. Schools and teachers incur no obligation by recommending use of March 2 Success.

More importantly, we do not collect information from participants about their school and do not track participation by school affiliation. While registrants can request recruiter contact, there is no obligation for registrants to do so. Only those registrants who indicate such a desire will be contacted. Personal contact information (address and phone number) is not collected except from those who wish to be contacted. The privacy of March 2 Success participants is respected. For more information visit

The Course

Individuals will have the capability of selecting part or all sections of the course offered within March 2 Success. These sections include: l Comprehensive English (language usage, reading, writing),  integrated math (basic math, algebra, geometry, statistics), integrated science (earth science, biology, chemistry, physics),  SAT program (seven timed practice tests), high school preparation (study skills, language arts, math, science),  ACT Program (seven timed practice tests),  SAT/ACT flashcards deck (20 vocabulary & grammar/five math),  Zero Hour Threat (video game to raise ACT / SAT scores),  College Planning Tips – Admissions, Financial Aid, College Success Info.


If someone you know is ready to work for their future, give them the help they need and start them on March 2 Success. The program is available to anyone over the age of 13 with Internet access. It’s free and there’s no obligation. To enroll or to view a demonstration log on to

Click on the register button, answer a few questions and registration is complete.


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