Monsters of the Deep

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

09/03/2009  | 

You won’t believe your eyes. You won’t believe their size. The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science will host the “Monsters of the Deep” exhibit, developed by PaleoFun, Inc., from June 13, 2009 – January 8, 2010.  The Museum was recently named the state’s Travel Attraction of the Year by the Mississippi Tourism Association and Jackson’s Travel Attraction of the Year by the Jackson Convention and Visitors Bureau.

“Monsters of the Deep” transports visitors into the underwater world of prehistoric creatures and modern-day aquatic giants. Exhibits feature skeletons and realistically fleshed-out models.  With their incredible teeth, gaping jaws, and long snake-like necks, the bizarre monsters of the ancient seas were unlike anything known today. In this fascinating prehistoric world, huge carnivorous, marine reptiles filled the oceans alongside sea turtles the size of a car.

Although the creatures of the deep have changed over the past 65 million years, we are still fascinated with the modern marvels of present day monsters, such as the elusive Giant Squid and amazing whales.

“The Museum is pleased to present this opportunity to experience the scale of these awesome creatures and learn more about the oceans they inhabit today. Don’t miss the 21 foot, fleshed-out, 40-million-year-old toothed Zygorhiza whale that complements our very own ‘Ziggy’!” explains Libby Hartfield, Museum Director.

The Museum’s expanses of glass and octagonal skylight invite visitors to share their time between the indoor exhibits and the outdoor environment. Life-size habitat displays, in this 73,000-square foot building, reveal the rich diversity of Mississippi’s living heritage.

A 100,000-gallon aquarium system houses over 200 species of native fishes, reptiles, amphibians, and aquatic invertebrates.

A 1,700-square foot greenhouse containing a 20,000-gallon aquarium provides a home for alligators, turtles, fish, and a lush native plant garden.

An open-air amphitheater and over 2.5 miles of walking trails wind through the 300-acre natural area. The outdoor trails meander through wooded bluffs, river bottoms, lakes, and scenic swamplands, offering opportunities for nature walks, photography, and the study of living things in their environment.

Plus, a 2500 square foot space allows the Museum to showcase special changing exhibits.

Group rates are available. The museum is located at 2148 Riverside Drive in Jackson, MS. Please call 601-354-7303 or visit for details.

“Monsters of the Deep” , organized by PaleoFun, Inc., is sponsored by Gertrude C. Ford Foundation, Dudley Hughes, the Janet and Luther Ott Charitable Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Jackson, the Walker Foundation, the Chisholm Foundation, Feild Cooperative Associates, Inc., Sanderson Farms, Inc., Nissan of North America, Regions Bank, Dr. & Mrs. Steve Zachow, Dr. Ollye Shirley, The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science Foundation, and other generous supporters.

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