Re-Defining Adventure in Berkeley County

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Known for its natural beauty, scenic landscape, rich culture and exciting history, Berkeley County is luring more and more visitors each year.  However, if you choose to visit, we must warn you....most of those who “visit for pleasure” actually end up falling in love with Berkeley County forever!  Countless visitors have been so enticed by what Berkeley County offers that many have made the transition from “visitor” to “permanent resident”, and are now calling this beautiful area their home!

Groups and families especially enjoy the year-round gorgeous weather in Berkeley County. Visitors are able to enjoy the attractions, events, water sports and local culture of this emerging area all 12 months of the year. 

Cypress Gardens

One of the true treasures of Berkeley County is Cypress Gardens.  Cypress Gardens features boat rides on a black water swamp amidst blooming azaleas, camellias and other native flowers and flora featured in the gardens.  Cypress Gardens has long been a draw for groups and visitors of all ages. Cypress Gardens has hosted over 16 major movies including The Patriot, Cold Mountain and The Notebook, along with the television mini-series North and South and one of its first movies, Swamp Thing.

Take a serene boat ride on the black water swamp, and then visit the Butterfly House, the Reptile Center and aquarium.  Call ahead to book variety of educational tours which can be customized for your group. Garden Clubs, Bird Watchers and nature enthusiasts also love to come and enjoy these wonderful natural gardens and explore the parks vast nature trails. 

Water & Nature

Known for the natural beauty of its land and water, Berkeley County’s rivers, streams and lakes offer superior canoeing and kayaking adventures.  Our infamous “Berkeley Blueways” feature 20 canoeing and kayaking trails. These water trails take visitors through pristine landscapes full of wildlife.  During blooming season, wildflowers rich with colors of the rainbow line the banks.  Egrets, herons, eagles, fish, turtles and alligators make these waters home.  Keep an eye out to catch a glimpse of animals such deer, otters, squirrels, fox and even bobcats along the banks.

For the high-impact adventure seeker, Berkeley County offers world-class waterskiing, jet skiing, sailing, wind surfing, and boating on Lake Moultrie and Lake Marion.  Visit the Santee Cooper Locks on the Cooper River, an engineering marvel which allows visitors to experience the second largest water lock in the United States, which lowers boats 75 feet from Lake Moultrie to the Cooper River.  The Cooper River is the only known location in South Carolina to offer an underwater history trail.  On a calm day, scuba divers flock to see the extraordinary remains of a British War Ship. The Cooper River, known for being a plantation road to Charleston, has also served as a port since the 1700’s.

For more information about Berkeley County, call 843-761-8238, or visit Mention this article to receive special group discounts.

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