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Henricus Historical Park is located on the historic James River — originally called the Powhatan River by native inhabitants — about 80 miles west of Jamestown, America’s first successful colony. It became the 1611 site for the second successful colonial “citie” in North America. 

Today the nine acre living history park set within the 810 acre Dutch Gap Nature Preserve with its diverse woods, wetlands and wildlife, has more than 16 colonial and Indian-era re-created buildings peopled with costumed living history interpreters. Indian and English farms abound with 17th century foods, an era-specific tobacco crop and English domesticated animals such as goats, pigs and chickens. 

Henricus provides a series of school programs for grades Pre-K-12 that focus on national and state standards for social studies and history and on STEM sciences, math and technology. 

Upcoming Educational Events:

Godspeed Days (Sept. 21- 22) – held once every two years, provides school groups with special guided tours of the site and a community filled with additional costumed Indian and English Interpreters. Also, board the Jamestown Settlement’s colonial ship Godspeed.  Demonstrations and activities will include in the English area:  blacksmithing, carpentry, ships’ navigation, tobacco horticulture and trade, musket firings and 17th century navigation and life aboard a 17th century sailing ship. In the Indian village, there will be demonstrations on farming, hunting, tool making and cooking. Environmental demonstrations will take place on the banks of the James River. 

Henricus Archaeology Day (Oct. 3) will join a Family Fun Day of archaeology activities for children of all ages with talks on the history and archaeology of the area for adults.

Join us for Things That Go Bump in the Night! (Oct. 28- 29) – step back to a 17th century harvest evening of walks through both Indian and English villages with fireside renditions of Virginia Indian and Old English legends and folklore. “Capture the essence of what a Colonist felt between 1607- 1622 in a strange new land surrounded by danger, darkness and uncertain peril.” 

Watch for New Venues at Henricus:

A new James River Wetlands Walkway with science kiosks will be built near Henricus this year. Science and the Environment – STEM Programs for educational groups of all ages are currently being developed. 

Henricus will be bringing in its own colonial era sailing ship – the Sea Lion. Dry docked at Henricus it will serve as a “classroom” of 17th century sailing, colonial voyages and the tobacco trade. Surrounding it will be built a 1600s River Commerce Area.

There is always something fun, exciting, educational and UNUSUAL going on at Henricus Historical Park in Chester Virginia.

Call us at 804-318-8797 for more information or look us up at www.henricus.org for a full schedule with details of our public events and educational opportunities.
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