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Which is faster, an airboat, a go-kart or an alligator? It might surprise your students to know that the airboats at Wild Florida Airboat Tours and Wildlife Park aren’t nearly as fast as the Go-Karts at I-Drive NASCAR — and they’re only slightly faster than an alligator when he’s sprinting through the breeding marsh at Gatorland!

Besides being consistently voted three of Orlando’s most favorite attractions, Wild Florida Airboat Tours and Wildlife Park, I-Drive NASCAR and Gatorland are also three of Orlando’s most beloved places to book student fieldtrips! Clocking in at around 35 m.p.h., Wild Florida’s airboats cruise a 13 acre slice of paradise located at the headwaters of the Everglades. Besides seeing a bevy of alligators and eagles — even cows — in a pristine and protected setting, students can learn about native and exotic animals in Wild Florida’s Wildlife Park and even hop on a ranch buggy to tour and explore the significance and impact of the cattle industry and ranching in Central Florida.

And when your students are ready to pick up the pace, why not zoom on over to I-Drive NASCAR and hop into a SODIKART! I-Drive NASCAR’s SODIKART RTX is the new generation of electric karts clocking in at an amazing 45 m.p.h.! And not only do they leave airboats in their dust, students can discover how ergonomics, engineering and high-energy absorption can truly be amazing for the environment.

And sometimes, slower and steadier wins the race — at least for the alligators at Gatorland — because they don’t have to swim too far or fast to partake in all-you-can-eat turkey dogs thanks to Gatorland’s guests. But they could if they wanted. Alligators clock in at an incredible 20 m.p.h. in the water — 11 m.p.h. on land! And that’s just one of about a million jaw-dropping facts kids can learn at Gatorland, Central Florida’s very first attraction that opened in 1949!

Today, there are thousands of alligators, crocodiles, nesting birds, bobcats, panthers, deer, raccoons, snakes, and other things that go bump in the night that call Gatorland home. And not only can you zip line over an actual alligator breeding marsh, Gatorland has three of only 12 leucistic “white” alligators in the world. So the next time you’re ready to book a field trip, why not race to Wild Florida, I-Drive Nascar and Gatorland! All three are highly informative, wildly entertaining and, above all, great places to satisfy any student’s need for speed!

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