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One If By Land Tours is a unique student and adult group travel company that many say is “just too good to be true.” But it is and founder Stuart Weisberg will tell you why.

Why is One If By Land Tours different? “The difference is my 35 years in this business. People trust me and that opens doors for me that are closed to other groups,” says Weisberg.”

Weisberg says his years in the business have given him the best rates. “I don’t just get the wholesale rate,” he says. “I get the bulk wholesale rates and I can pass that along to the schools, sometimes saving up to $100 per student.”

Because he has this trust from his vendors he is able to not only save schools money on their trips, but also be there for them with any problems that occur during their trip.

“I had a school that was stuck on the highway because their bus broke down. I was able to get someone out there immediately due to my contacts in the business,” related Weisberg. “One school called and told me they had only 13 students and this amount of money and I was able to make it happen.”

Because One If By Land Tours has vast experience and contacts, Weisberg is able to analyze any trip and save schools money with a better experience. “I was looking at a trip that was giving students $10 a night to eat at a mall. I did not think that was a good idea. My trip would have included a meal one night at Hard Rock Cafe and a meal at an Italian restaurant one night and saved the school that $10,” said Weisberg.

Wheatley High School took the Philadelphia tour and had this to say: “Our driver was excellent. Our tour director was one of the best in my experience on trips. Could not have worked any harder for us. Of course we will continue to patronize One If By Land Tours.”

Stuart Weisberg understands that schools are facing challenges every year. The schools that have used One If By Land Tours receive the best value in student travel and there are no gimmicks. All tours are customized to meet the needs of the students. If there is a specific curriculum focus, an itinerary can be developed that more than satisfies that need. There are tour operators available to discus any itinerary objectives.

Reputable Transportation

One If By Land Tours is proud of its reputation for 35 years as a safe and reliable transportation company. They contract with operators that share the same values regarding safety and service and only charter from companies approved by local school districts. The company is a member of TSX (Transportation Safety Exchange) and hires companies that have been approved by TSX. All coaches are lavatory equipped with DVD players for your enjoyment. The seating capacity of coaches can range from 47-59 passengers. State, city, and district requirements regarding insurance and driver qualifications are strictly adhered to.

One If By Land Tours Inc. continues to lead the industry in value and quality of program. Each year they make dozens of changes and introduce new products, and still visit and evaluate all the components of their packages to assure they meet their high standards.

Every tour is customized to meet the needs of your students. Unless other arrangements have been made, all tours include:

  • Round trip transportation and the use of the motor coach for the entire tour
  • Transfers and local transportation for air tours
  • Quad accommodations for students, double occupancy for the chaperons
  • All hotels have inside access rooms
  • A ratio of 1 complimentary tour for every 10 paying tours
  • Breakfast and dinner daily (lunches when requested)
  • All admissions to the attractions
  • A professional tour director aboard each coach for the entire tour
  • Local licensed guides for sightseeing in cities that require a licensed guide
  • Customized itinerary planning based on your students’ specific needs
  • Flexible payment plans

Some of the most popular tours that local schools select each year are featured on the website, but One If By Land Tours can develop a tour to any destination in North America and Europe.

Visit www.oneifbylandtours.com to get started.
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