Safe and Healthy Schools Are No Accident

08/24/2015  | 

Serving America’s schools for more than 56 years, School Specialty continues to lead the way in providing educators with performance based solutions through the advent of SSI Guardian, a full service safety and security consulting firm.

Born out of the need for evidenced based security solutions for K-12 schools, SSI Guardian helps administrators achieve the safest learning environment possible through their all hazards comprehensive approach. This includes advanced training, security consulting, safety and security products and technologies tailored to meet schools specific safety needs and security objectives.

When it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our children, there is zero room for error, apathy or a check the box mentality.

While no two schools are identical, up until now, a one size fits all methodology has become the norm when it comes to school safety initiatives.

SSI Guardian is adamant in providing schools the same level of protective security expertise that is afforded to government officials, corporate executives and Hollywood megastars. Created by educators for educators, the firm’s advanced safe school training is based on research and is PhD authored to meet academic standards. Incorporating security best practices, school officials and parents gain piece of mind knowing the safety of their children is being steered by some of America’s most qualified security experts.

When it comes to the safety and wellbeing of our children, there is zero room for error, apathy or a check the box mentality. Nothing less than the best available solutions are acceptable in protecting these innocent lives. “Parents entrust the safety and wellbeing of their most prized treasures to school leaders each and every school day. They deserve the right to expect that every reasonable step is being taken to ensure that their children are being protected.” Says Michael A. Yorio, the firm’s President.

In 2015, school executives are faced with unprecedented challenges in safeguarding their students, teachers and staff. With liability concerns at the forefront, unproven practices are no longer the standard. The bar has been raised and SSI Guardian provides the guidance, advanced training and solutions required for schools to become the nation’s preeminent leaders in safe school initiatives. Recognizing the reality of budgets, the company has created a scholarship fund that will aid schools in offsetting some of the investment associated with advanced training. Mr. Yorio would go on to say, “Our company is a longtime champion of education and I am proud to add to that legacy by making available  life critical training and performance driven solutions that will prepare schools for unannounced crises. In the end, preparation is the single most component that will help save lives yet remains the most overlooked.”

In concert with with US Federal government, SSI Guardian is the only professional organization that addresses Safe and Healthy Schools through collaboration with its sibling company SPARK. Based in San Diego, SPARK has been providing evidenced based PE curriculum and training to schools since 1989. The company also distributes SPORTIME, its  proprietary line of PE equipment. Studies have revealed that students learn at a higher rate when they are healthy and when they feel safe.

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