Student Data, a Top Concern of School Districts

08/24/2015  | 

The digital transformation of our schools has dramatically altered the landscape of education and resulted in an unprecedented rise in the collection and use of student data. Today’s classrooms use cloud-based content and teaching systems as well as tens of thousands of learning apps delivered by individual vendors; districts employ learning management systems, student information systems and multiple SaaS systems.

“All of this student data being collected has created some very serious privacy concerns, and states are scrambling to keep a handle on the problem.”

Each of these systems collects and uses student data, and many share and disseminate data in order to function.

All of this student data being collected has created some very serious privacy concerns, and states are scrambling to keep a handle on the problem. To date, 46 states have considered 182 bills addressing student data privacy, and 12 states have passed 24 new student data privacy laws.

And the discussion continues as States ponder the future of data collected from students. Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Oregon have now passed a law to prohibit online service providers from using student data for commercial or secondary purposes. Maine, Nevada, Virginia and Washington have passed new laws based on a similar model from The Software & Information Industry Association’s Student Privacy Pledge.

In 2014, nine states passed laws that gave school districts new or expanded responsibilities around student data privacy and security. More of these are expected to follow. These expanded responsibility laws ensure that districts can no longer be passive players in the drama. They must be proactive or suffer the consequences of placing their districts in serious financial risk.

District superintendents and their staffs are now the guardians of their students’ data. The search is on for tools and resources that can help them with this new responsibility.

Through a suite of software tools for school districts, Education Framework is making data privacy manageable, transparent and simple for some of America’s smartest school districts. Their student privacy and parental consent solution, EdProtect, will analyze every potential app and website before they ever make it to the classroom. Your staff will receive an easy-to-understand score that shows at a glance how safe their student data is. You’ll be secure in the knowledge that you are proactively protecting your students and shielding your district from harm.

Education Framework was started on the belief that nothing is more important than the safety of our nation’s students, including their data. According to Jim Onstad, President of Education Framework, “My kids will be using school supplied iPads for the first time this year, and I want to know how their personal data will be used to promote personalized learning without exposing their information to questionable apps & websites. Many parents across the country feel the same way, but as a business leader and technologist, I want to help school districts solve this problem. We have come up with a solution that just makes sense for districts, and allows them to integrate student data privacy directly into their curriculum planning process.”

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