Take A Field Trip To The 11th Century

04/23/2015  | 

Imagine an engaging and interactive history lesson presented by a king and his noble knights of the realm, set within the walls of an 11th century-style castle. Every detail is painstakingly recreated as your students take a personal journey back in time.

The student program at Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament greatly enhances your classroom lesson by providing an educational and entertaining program for students of all ages – a learning experience students will enjoy and remember.

Have you taken your students to visit a real castle lately? Or to witness awe inspiring and magnificent falconry, horsemanship and knighthood? To have them cheer like never before at the amazing displays of chivalry and pageantry? Have you ever wanted to have your learning experience come to life? It’s time to immerse your students in this REAL medieval adventure!

Celebrating over 3o years as North America’s largest Dinner Attraction - step back in time to an era of glory and honor. Set within the walls of an 11th century style castle, this history lesson is presented by the King and his noble court.

Students are crowned as guests of honor, as every historical detail is painstakingly recreated and based upon authentic Spanish history. This amazing production is both curriculum based and entertaining - guaranteed to have your students hanging on the edge of their seats for learning!

Educational Topics will include:

  • Knighthood & Heraldry
  • Medieval Feasts & Tournaments
  • Feudalism
  • Geography & Social Studies
  • History
  • Falconry
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Weaponry & Combat
  • Elements of Modern Theatre
  • Horsemanship

Students will marvel at the spectacular horsemanship, amazing live action swordplay, medieval games of skill and an authentic jousting tournament between the six knights of the realm! This high-caliber NEW production also features:

  • A dramatic new story line-featuring a new epic plot, premise, antagonist and protagonist!
  • Amazing new lighting, dazzling costumes, and intense stunts and battle choreography in exciting scenes and new horse dressage elements
  • A brand new musical score created and composed by the world renowned Daniel May.
  • Beautiful pageantry and dressage with our world renowned Andalusian stallions
Are you ready to surrender to an age of bravery and honor? GET MEDIEVAL! Visit our educators’ web portal –with lesson plans, teaching, aids and more at
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