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Spray Em’ Away

New!!! Finally, an aromatherapy for kids! Give your students a tangible, empowering tool in their life toolbox. It’s an all natural room and linen spray lightly scented with extracts of calming lavender, sunflower, and honey to help refocus negative energy. It’s made in America and a portion of proceeds are donated to the national anti- bullying campaign.

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BEARACADE Door Control System

Named BEST 2014 Physical Security Equipment by Campus Safety Magazine

Active shooter events are over in mere minutes. 69% of incidents end in five minutes or less. Even when law enforcement responds quickly, civilians have to take their own actions to protect themselves and those in their care.

If you cannot rapidly and clearly evacuate, that is when it is time for BEARACADE.

BEARACADE quickly, quietly, and effectively barricades interior classroom or office doors in the event of a hostile intruder or active shooter incident. BEARACADE holds firm to provide valuable time while guiding administrators and safety forces. The advance-engineered design allows Bearacade to be lightweight, amazingly strong, and cost effective for any institution.

Importantly, BEARACADE allows every door to comply with building, fire, and life safety codes.

You owe it to your students, faculty, and staff to learn more by visiting
or calling 855-350-2321.

BEARACADE ... It’s About Time

Pro V2 in Schools:
A Lesson in Reasonable Response to Violence

When school staff are the victims, a solution to de-escalate and deter violence can save reputations, jobs and well-being. But how do you safely end an incident perpetrated by a student without using force or risking making the situation worse? The Pro V2 allows schools to meet standards of reasonableness in ending altercations using multiple non-lethal responses that no other tool provides. Choose the appropriate level of response that stops the event and count on best-in-class incident documentation to keep everyone safe from false allegations. The Pro V2 is a response plan that the whole school community can get behind – plus, we do it on a budget that works for schools. Winner of the 2014 Campus Safety BEST Award for Personal Gear and Equipment. Contact Guardian 8 today for a no-cost evaluation kit.

www.guardian8.com or 877.659.6007

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