Transform Your District’s iPads into a Laptop Replacement

04/23/2015  | 

Superintendents, school boards, technology directors and others are at a technology crossroads. Textbooks are rapidly being replaced with digital curriculum, and most districts are somewhere in the process of supplying devices for every learner, teacher and staff member.  

Companies like Apple, whose App Store features more than 80,000 education apps designed especially for the iPad device, have sold more than 8 million iPads to the education market worldwide. Over 700,000 were sold for classroom use last year in the US alone. District decision-makers are currently deciding whether to continue buying iPads in record numbers or to purchase competing platforms like the Chromebook. The iPad is the obvious choice because of its available applications and content, but without a keyboard and case it lacks the functionality of a Chromebook or laptop computer.

Believing there had to be a solution for the iPad’s shortcomings, Seattle-based technology veterans Steve Isaac and Brad Melmon developed a solution called Touchfire. Touchfire is packed with a long list of advanced functions, but the real brilliance is in the integration – all of its best-of-breed features work perfectly together.

Over a Dozen Different
Viewing and Typing Positions

Touchfire’s patent pending cases use magnets to achieve a huge number of positions and easily handle every situation an iPad can get into. It provides 100% iPad protection via an elastic outer skin and a shock-absorbing interior. It’s completely student-proof. But unlike other protective cases, Touchfire is thin and sleek, fitting the iPad like a glove. Touchfire’s built-in magnetic mount means your district’s iPads can be instantly attached to almost any flat surface. The sound booster increases the iPad’s sound volume to the front by 50% - perfect for class video-watching.

The iPad’s Own Built-in Keyboard

The Touchfire’s intergrated keyboard weighs less than an ounce and it’s as thin as two credit cards. The transparent Touchfire keyboard lets you feel the keys on the iPad, rest your fingers on the home row, and even type without looking. It attaches magnetically to the case’s cover and is completely out of the way when watching a video or using touchscreen functions.

The Touchfire keyboard is the ultimate mobile typing companion. There are no batteries to charge, no Bluetooth pairing to fail, no draining the iPad’s battery – a fact that your IT department will thank you for. Touchfire is half the weight of a traditional Bluetooth case/keyboard with none of the bulk – Students can toss it in a backpack and go.

Touchfire gives the iPad a tremendous amount of added functionality –with no power requirements and very little cost. After the challenges that districts have had in their technology purchases, the addition of the Touchfire solution suddenly makes every iPad purchase look extremely smart.

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