School Uniforms With a Lifetime Guarantee

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Schoolbelles is a family owned school uniform business that treats everyone like family. That’s not just a marketing slogan or a catchy motto; Schoolbelles treats all their customers as though they were doing business with their own family members. 

We do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. And that satisfaction has to last a lifetime, because our uniforms do.

For example, everything they sell is guaranteed for life. If it honestly breaks, tears, fades, stretches, frays...if their product doesn’t live up to a customer’s expectations in any way – they can return it and Schoolbelles will replace it. Simple as that.

Also, like family, Schoolbelles has a long history of helping out when they are asked, actually paying for uniforms out of their own pockets for those in need. They take it on a case by case basis, but according to Brian Klefos, third generation partner and family member, to date, no one has ever been turned down when they asked for help.

From humble beginnings, founder Mary Carroll started the business by sewing naval uniforms, and then began to get some business from local schools. When the schools asked about plaids, everything started falling into place. Fast forward to the present day, and Schoolbelles has almost every plaid available, and over 120 fabric colors in stock. They operate from 13 Midwest retail locations, and service schools across the country through the Internet. But even though they have successfully grown and modernized, they still do most of the little things they have done since the 1950s and 60s.

For example, Schoolbelles still sends a fitting team in to fit every student. Christine Carroll, company principal, third generation family member and the founder’s granddaughter, still goes to schools to help fit students – sometimes traveling as far as Wilmington, NC. “We like to make sure our customers are taken care of. If that means driving from Cleveland to Wilmington for a fitting, that’s what we do. We do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. And that satisfaction has to last a lifetime, because our uniforms do. We believe that our schools are our partners. We can’t win unless they win too. We don’t nickel and dime them. We don’t charge set up fees for embroidery or any of the special things we do. There aren’t any add-ons, hidden or extra costs. We can give money back to the school at the end of the year, based on what parents bought. It’s a giveback... a kind of a donation based on the amount of sales. We also have fundraising programs for our schools. They can raise a significant amount of money just by having parents buy uniforms they would have purchased anyway.”

It’s easy to create a unique look for your school’s identity with Schoolbelles...

Each school has its own individual look which represents their pride and tradition through spirit wear, staff wear, gym wear, and of course school uniforms. Schoolbelles has new uniform programs for schools that have made the decision to display their schools pride, or they can respect the history of a school by matching its traditional program.

With over a hundred skirt and jumper plaids and dozens of styles to choose from, Schoolbelles can help coordinate an impressive and identifiable look for any school. Custom designs, like monograms or heat screens, can enhance a school’s identity with no extra set up fees. Personal School Sales Representatives are available to help select items that reflect the personality of a school within its dress standards.

Administrators can contact a Schoolbelles representative to receive more information about Schoolbelles or to find out how the school can best benefit from being a part of the Schoolbelles family.Call Christine to learn more at 1-888-637-3037 x 168 [email protected]
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