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There’s a new protein drink on the market. In a sea of false promises and ‘filler’ poducts, CleanShake is a company that guarantees products with 100% organic ingredients, which contain absolutely no soy, gluten, artificial flavors, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, fillchemical additives, preservatives, sucralose or maltodextrin.

The founder and CEO, Fred Morrill, says he created CleanShake out of necessity after reading the nutritional labels of protein drinks currently on the market. With a family of talented athletes, who include a competitive surfer, national jiu jitsu champion and a yoga enthusiast, Morrill had difficulty finding aotein shake that met his family’s healthy criteria.“They all had some type of preservatives, a lot of added sugar and artificial ingedients and coloring,” he says. “When I started to look more into the ingredients in these products, I couldn’t believe how terrible many of them were for us, especially in seemingly healthy drinks that my children were consuming on a daily basis.”


“CleanShake was created by a desire to develop the best nutritional supplement products on the market,” Fred says. “I wanted to give my kids a product that I knew would provide them with the long-term health benefits that they deserve, while fulfilling many of their dailnutritional needs.”After two years of development with the highest level of integrity, Fred was able to create the ultimate ultra-premium, organic shake. “It wasn’t easy to make happen. Most people told me that it was impossible to have a shake like this on the market, but I knew that it could be done,” Fred says. “I would not compromise on any of the ingredients, regardless of increased shelf life or cost. The quality of the product was worth more to me than any numbers.”


Every serving of CleanShake includes 23 organic fruits, seeds and root vegetables. There are 23 vitamins and minerals – 18 provide 100 percent of the recommended daily value. These 200-calories protein shakes also contain 30 grams of protein, five grams of dietary fiber, two grams of sugar, 10 grams of carbohydrates, rBGH-free premium whey protein concentrate and a high quality probiotic.“When people compare CleanShake labels to other protein shakes, the choice becomes clear,” Morrill says.

CleanShakes come in three different flavors: organic berry, Indo vanilla and milk cocoa. Each flavor was ceated based on his own family’s preferences. “My youngest son is a chocolate lover, while my daughter has always loved her berry smoothies. My wife and I can’t get enough vanilla, especially because it blends so well with so many diffeent flavors.” Even though it is new to the market, CleanShake is growing faster than Fred ever could have imagined. “Since we went live, the feedback has been incredible,” he says. “Wellness centers, bariatric surgery patients, and so many others with various health concerns are quickly embracing CleanShake.”“People are truly starting to take notice of the ingredients that many companies have gotten away with using for so long. They want transparency- to know what they are consuming and that it is impacting their lives for the better.”


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