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Emergency and continuity plans have always been vital to the well being of a school district or university, but prior to 2004, the tools and methodologies available were not entirely adequate. Specifically, there were no viable web-based planning tools that could lead large, complex organizations like districts and universities through the long-term process. 

In 2004, the principals at BOLDplanning recognized this fact and developed a comprehensive web-based tool designed to take advantage of the power of the Internet. The premier system they created has grown over the past 11 years into a brand that is changing the way school districts and universities develop, update and maintain emergency and continuity plans. BOLDplanning specializes in assisting both higher education and K-12 school systems, and has a proven track record of producing plans that have been approved by a variety of audit protocols across both the private and public sectors.

Company Founders Peter Hodes, Fulton Wold and Chad Bowers have extensive knowledge in Emergency Operations Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Continuity of Government and Continuity of Operations Planning, dating back prior to the events of Sept. 11. Their unique perspective convinced them that disaster planning was no longer a luxury for educational institutions, but had become a necessity.

BOLDplanning uses a proprietary web-based planning system. They assist educational institutions across the country with business continuity, continuity of operations and emergency response plans, producing customized tools designed to match each institution’s specific planning needs and requirements. These customized tools are deployed online, allowing districts, universities, community colleges, charter and independent schools to create individual elements in an easy-to-use, standardized planning environment. Planning methodology follows both public and private sector standards.

Michael Fletcher, the Safety and Security Director at Williamson County Schools in Franklin, Tennessee was impressed not only with the thoroughness of the BOLDplanning system, but with the company’s ability to work with his district. “Most districts don’t have a position like mine, someone trained in emergency management doing their emergency planning. This tool allows untrained people to easily move through the system and create emergency operation plans. You don’t have to be an emergency management professional. They have a strong technical support group that is phenomenal to work with.”

According to Essi Ellis, Emergency Manager, University of Denver’s University Police Department, Emergency Management Division, “The benefit of working with BOLDplanning is that we are able to have all the departments, schools and colleges KNOW what the recovery plans are. What happens if a building goes down, especially if you cannot have an interruption in your schedule? The software system is very flexible and easy to use. Now we can get recovery started as soon as an incident happens due to our preparedness, response and recovery plans.”

Every educational institution brings a unique set of constituents into the planning process. BOLDplanning has significant experience working with administrators, educators, student services, campus facility managers, law enforcement and other key groups. BOLDplanning works with each school system, university, or individual school campus independently to develop a customized planning solution, a training implementation package, and a timeline strategy.

Over 7,000 diverse organizations trust BOLDplanning with the development and maintenance of their Continuity and Emergency Plans. To learn how they can help your state, district, institution or school, visit or call 615-469-5558.
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