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More and more districts are asking themselves the same question: Why buy a Student Information System (SIS) from one company, a Special Education System from another company, a Data and Assessment Management System from yet another company, and then transfer data back and forth between them? For districts that have discovered Illuminate Education, there is a very simple answer – they no longer have to.

These districts have the option of utilizing the Illuminate Student Information System™, Illuminate Special Education System™, and Illuminate Data and Assessment (DnA) Management System™ to essentially (and affordably) use one cohesive system for all these data requirements. Districts have the option of purchasing everything at once, or starting with Data and Assessment or Special Ed and then adding other pieces when it makes sense. However, from the beginning they can bring in as much data as they wish since at the heart of it Illuminate is a power longitudinal data platform with powerful reporting and analysis tools.

According to Lane Rankin, founder of Illuminate Education, “the company is based upon one very simple mantra: one system, one login, one solution. That’s why Illuminate Education’s suite of products can be your district’s one-stop shop for comprehensive data reform. You can use one system to handle needs that are typically handled by three separate vendors. Your gradebook, assessment system, parent portal, attendance, data management, report cards, special education system, scheduling, discipline, Medicaid billing, IEP writing, and more... Illuminate does it all with one system.”

“Of course, having the convenience of one system would be meaningless unless that system was designed to maximize efficiency, featured user-friendly interfaces, and supported practical and progressive needs at the state, district, site, classroom, parent, and student levels,” Rankin continued.

At the heart of Illuminate is an educator perspective that focuses on what busy educators (and the students they serve) need most. Illuminate Education is not a data company. It is an education company that serves educators through the collection, organization and analysis of student data. It was founded on one fundamental question: How do you make a difference using data? With this in mind, Illuminate follows its mission to create tools educators can use to promote student and educator success.


Putting Students First -create tools educators can use to promote student & educator success.

Use Collaboration - work well together and work alongside districts, educators, and other technology companies to ensure our tools can help impact student success.

Have Simplicity -tools are designed with ease-of-use in mind.

Be Responsive - There’s always someone available to make sure you get the best possible answer.

Be Educators at Heart -They aren’t just a technology company, they’re an education company doing technology. Their team is comprised of former educators, district technology leaders, administrators, attendance clerks, and other school staff.

Be Creative - Every Illuminator is a leader with a knack for creativity. They work together to come up with innovative solutions to even the most challenging problems.

Have a Positive Attitude -Culture is important, and they only work with kind, thoughtful, passionate people. In addition to a positive attitude, they require honesty, trust, integrity, a good sense of humor, loyalty, acceptance, an appreciation for having fun, and a large dose of humility.

The employees of Illuminate Education honestly believe that they are out to change the world. Since 2009, they’ve helped thousands of schools across the country by developing new and powerful tools to collect, organize, and analyze student data. As a team of former school administrators, district technologists, designers, engineers, thinkers, and doers, they work hard to build a range of products that educators can use to positively impact student success.

For more information, visit www.illuminateed.com
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