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An average of 30 percent of students do not have adequate Internet access when they leave school. As more districts implement digital and web-based learning programs, a large number of students are finding themselves caught in a widening “digital divide” struggling to keep up with their connected peers.

The Kajeet SmartSpot ™ provides safe, affordable mobile broadband connecting students to the available resources needed to complete required assignments outside of school. The Kajeet SmartSpot includes both the W-Fi hotspot and the Sentinel administrative portal which provides customizable filtered Internet access that is CIPA compliant. Schools can filter out the sites that are not for educational purposes to ensure students are safely connecting to the Internet at home or on the go. As part of the solution, teachers and administrators receive reports with learning analytics to help improve student achievement.

To learn more visit: www.kajeet.com/learnmore  or call 1-866-246-7366.

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