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Designed for students in grades three through high school, Think Through Math (TTM) is a learning system that provides quality math instruction while supporting students and teachers in unprecedented ways, including immediate student access to state certified teachers .It was developed by teachers and technologists to help students prepare for Common Core, state and TEKS standards and assessments, and has established a track record of unprecedented improvement throughout the Southeast and across the country.

“Nothing can replace the power of an effective teacher.”

For example, a number of 8th grade students at Georgia’s Malcom Bridge Middle School failed the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT) and were at-risk for of not being permitted to move to 9th grade. After a one-month intensive summer school program using Think Through Math, the group went from 0 percent to 78 percent passing.

In Texas during the 2011-2012 school year, only 67 percent of students at South Houston passed their STAAR Algebra 1 EOC. In 2012-2013, after using Think Through Math as part of their intervention plan, 80 percent of students at South Houston passed their STAAR Algebra 1 EOC, taking the campus from last place to second place in their district. This left approximately 130 remediation students who still needed intervention based on the first class of STAAR testers. With continued exposure to TTM, over 50 percent of those remaining remediation students were successful on their Algebra 1 assessment during the very next testing opportunity.

Responding to a state mandate, Ascension Parish in Louisiana took action to identify students 15 years of age or older who were at least two years behind in math achievement. The district implemented Think Through Math and achieved three to seven year gains in post-program testing for 50 percent of their at-risk students.

Focusing on fundamentals and the progression to algebra, Think Through Math deepens understanding of critical mathematical concepts, improves higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills. It Targets the most critical foundations for algebra, and provides both rigorous instruction and meaningful practice.

Students receive immediate feedback at every step as well as instant access to live, state-certified math teachers. As students work at their computers or tablets, they receive intervention—precisely when they need it. A powerful combination of CODiE-winning content, unprecedented motivation, student effort, computer-adaptive instruction and live state-certified teachers creates a swift, measurable advance in a student’s mathematical growth.


TTM’s number one goal is to motivate students to do more math. Everything is designed to engage students and transform the way they feel about math. It starts with the belief that all students have the capacity for math; they just need a program with the tools that allows them to experience success. Because Think Through Math meets students in their zone of proximal development (the difference between what learners can do without help and what they can do with help), students quickly achieve success–a meaningful reward to struggling students.


Students can be stressed or fatigued by math. Too many have never experienced success with mathematics and have given up.

Evidence shows, however, that armed with their new found

capacity for success, the more students engage with Think Through Math, the more they learn and the more they improve.

Think Through Math motivates students to do more math both during and after school with its uniquely 21st century motivation system–a powerful blend of intrinsic and extrinsic motivators. The system is based on a single idea: reward effort.


Underperforming students require individualized instruction that addresses their unique gaps and provides plenty of opportunities for meaningful practice. Think Through Math is adaptive. The program continuously collects performance data, modifies learning pathways, and provides immediate corrective feedback at each step. Feedback is delivered with three levels of real-time instructional support. Here’s how it works:


Virtual learning coaches provide guidance, inspiration and immediate corrective feedback at every step.


When students need additional help in strategic parts of each lesson, they can immediately connect to a LIVE, state-certified math teacher. Live teachers provide individualized assistance through interactive voice and text technology.


Students who need an additional level of instruction are escalated to the TTM Concept Zone. Here they work with a certified math teacher in a state-of-the art whiteboard environment that’s built into the program.


Explicit instruction and meaningful practice consistently result in positive effects on the performance of students who have difficulty with mathematics. Students who need intervention instruction typically fail to look for relationships or make connections among mathematical ideas on their own.

Targeting the most critical foundations for algebra, Think Through Math provides explicit instruction to connect new learning to what students already know. It also provides opportunities to apply and practice new concepts and skills to relevant problems. The routines and consistent language used in explicit instruction also provide English language learners the clear, specific, and easy-to-follow steps they need as they learn a new skill or strategy.


Think Through Math provides unparalleled support in Spanish. Students who are learning English do best when they have scaffolding that supports their learning. Think Through Math incorporates multiple means of support including visual, auditory, simple language, meaningful practice, and precise translations.

On many levels, the program supports ELLs as well as every struggling reader by providing lessons that are consistently structured and carefully executed. If students continue to struggle, they have unlimited access 90 hours per week to fluent, Spanish-speaking teachers.


Think Through Math will provide on-site teacher training and orientation. It typically takes about three hours to complete. Sometimes it also makes sense for educators to receive program training and implementation support online. Teachers have access to online “how to” training videos and step-by-step process documents. Think Through Math also hosts online webinars for educators who want to refresh or improve their understanding of the system. Webinars are hosted by TTM “Master Teachers.”

Once your school’s implementation is underway, a Program Effectiveness Manager will set up periodic coaching visits to observe and support teachers and students on the system. These visits focus on the implementation of best practices and address questions that may have come up since the start of the program.

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