Integrated Blind Spot Pedestrian Detection Systems

09/01/2014  |  Collision Avoidance Systems

Forward Collisions

Mobileye is an exciting technology that is seeing great success at reducing accidents and modifying driver behavior.


 Under a single operating platform the Mobileye system will perform the following tasks.

  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Tailgate Warning
  • Pedestrian Detection Warning
  • Intelligent High Beam Control
  • Speed Limit Recognition

Dual Dash Cam

The dual dash camera system is a powerful tool that comes complete with a forward facing HD camera as well as an internal facing HD camera to view the cab area of your vehicle. If an accident occurs you can access the recorded camera video to determine if your driver was at fault, mitigate risk, coach drivers on risky driving behavior etc. This will also capture GPS coordinates of where each event took place.

Distracted Driver Accidents
(due to cell phone use)

Collision Avoidance Systems now offers a Distracted Driver technology to stop in cab use of cell phones while driving. This is unique spin on a growing problem that physically removes a cell phone from the drivers hands.

Back Up Accidents

Collision Avoidance Systems offers the only “Talking” sonar sensor system available on the market. Sonar sensors are installed in the rear of the vehicle and a speaker is placed in the drivers compartment. If the sensors detect an object in the vehicles path while in reverse our system will initiate an audible countdown telling the driver in feet (not beeps) how far they can continue before having a backup accident. Just like having a spotter behind your vehicle you will hear a voice say 9ft, 6ft, 5ft, 4ft etc all the way down to 12 inches. Finally there is no more guessing when backing up.

Backup / Side Camera Systems

We also carry a full line of backup & side view camera systems. A monitor is placed on the dash or in the drivers compartment which will show the driver all camera views. These camera views can be displayed manually or by a trigger such as a turn signal or the reverse gear. If you are getting ready to move out into traffic and put your left turn signal on, the left side camera will display full screen on the monitor showing the driver everything on the side of the truck. If the driver puts the truck in reverse the backup camera will display full screen to show the driver a full view of what is behind the truck. Drivers can also manually navigate through each camera to display the camera they would like to see at that time.

Integrated Backup Sensors / Camera Systems:

Collision Avoidance Systems has just released a new Integrated system which now pairs our sonar sensor systems with our camera systems under a single operating platform. We call this system our Virtual Spotter Series as now not only will we show you what is behind the truck (camera), we will also tell you how far away it is. Just like having a spotter wave you back your driver will now be able to backup with confidence.

GPS Fleet Tracking/Telematics Reporting

More data means more understanding. Utilimarc’s telematics solution unlocks the power of telematics data. Our platform works with your existing telematics devices or with our exclusive partner, RVA, to provide a complete suite of reliable telematics information.

  • Driver Behavior
  • Drive Safety
  • Idle Time
  • Fuel Management
  • Vehicle Information
  • Asset Utilization
  • GPS Location
  • And much more...

Please do not hesitate to contact Collision Avoidance Systems with any questions or to schedule a call to discuss any or all of these options in more detail. We look forward to talking with you soon and the opportunity to professionally earn your business.

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