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04/14/2014  |  Chip Pike, Ph.D. Company Profile

It's a Tough World
Today's job market is very competitive as employers look for the most qualified candidates and the "best fit" for their organization. Companies face many challenges in hiring due to shortages of required skills in the labor force, increasing competition in the marketplace, sourcing enough qualified candidates, and pressure to meet growth objectives. To increase access to candidates, employers turn to video interviewing to both broaden and deepen the talent tool.

"InterviewStream streamlined our career center's mock interview program. Finally, we can facilitate mock interviews for professors without having hundreds of students overload our small staff of counselors.

Also, since we have a large commuter population, the flexibility for students to email their interview link to their professor or counselor after they've done a mock at home has helped us work with students we otherwise could not have reached."

Jamie Belinne
Director of MBA Career Services
University of Houston Bauer School of Business

Video Here, There and Everywhere
In December 2013, 188.2 million Americans watched 52.4 billion online content videos, and video continues to the fastest-growing medium for consuming content. We live in a video world as evident by the popularity of YouTube, NetFlix, Skype, and others. Each month more than one billion unique users visit YouTube, with more than six billion hours of video watched, and 1000 hours of video uploaded every minute.

Since 2011, the use of video for interviewing has risen over 49 percents. Six in ten hiring managers use video to interview candidates - making their jobs easier, reducing time to fill positions, saving money, and ensuring a better fit.

Technology Savvy Students and Candidates
Today's generation of students and future employees are technologically savvy, and it only makes sense to let students and candidates play to their strengths by utilizing technology in the admissions, recruiting and hiring processes. The majority of candidates prefer to use video during the interview process, as it provides convenience and flexibility, and offers candidates the opportunity to create a personal brand as compared to a simple resume and phone interview.

Helping Students Succeed in College and Career
Using InterviewStream's mock interview platform, students are able to refine their interviewing and communication skills leading to a higher success rate in admissions and employment interviews. The built-in assessment features allows students to either self-assess their responses, or send their interview to a mentor, career counselor and/or teacher for feedback.

Getting the Job
A resume gets an interview, but the video interview gets the job! With increasing competition for high-skills positions, it is important for students and candidates to stand out in the crowd. For most, interviewing can be stressful, but by integrating mock interviewing into the curriculum and career centers, students have a myriad of opportunities to practice and improve their interview skills. Research continues to validate that individuals learn best by doing, and hands-on mock interviewing with practice and feedback ensure improvement and help guarantee a successful interview

The Pioneer in Video Interviewing
InterviewStream, the pioneer in video interviewing, developed this industry over 10 years ago and currently serves more than 400 colleges, universities and high schools. InterviewStream provides access to its robust video interviewing and preparation tools for over five million students, teachers, faculty, and admissions and human resources personnel.

InterviewStream can help you quickly and easily integrate video interviewing into your curriculum, your student admissions process, and recruiting and hiring ecosystem

To learn more about InterviewStream's video interviewing technologies, visit us at or give us a call at 877-773-3164 to schedule a RAPID, 20-minute demo.

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