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04/14/2014  |  Annalisa Williams Admin Arsenal

It's no surprise that technology is a core part of education. Teachers rely heavily on software to organize lessons and teach students critical skills. However, software must be updated routinely in order to stay fully protected against the dangers of software exploits. Leading applications (Java, Flash, Reader, Chrome, etc.) will provide security patches on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Tools are available for educators to keep school computers updated and safe from vulnerabilities

Ensuring that these “patches”1 are installed to all computers (student, teacher, administration) is critical. Missing even a single computer can place the entire school/district at risk.

Freeing Up Time for Educators
Admin Arsenal's PDQ Deploy2 is an application that offers a solution to the dreaded “sneakernet”3 install (walking to each computer to install patches one-by-one). PDQ Deploy allows an IT sys admin (or lab instructor) to install software without visiting each computer AND without disturbing users currently working on computers.

These installations occur without interruption to students or faculty currently using computers.

Know What's Already Installed
Inventory software tools give administrators the ability to know what is installed on all computers; both software and hardware.
This allows reports to be generated showing all the computer assets in your school or district. This is an excellent time-saver for educators to get the information they need without visiting individual classrooms and computers to make decisions on potential upgrades needed and track what applications are installed.

PDQ Deploy and PDQ Inventory4 tools can handle the challenges of wasting time on installing applications and patches as well as knowing what's already installed. PDQ products are priced for schools (which is another way of saying that your school can afford these products).



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