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04/11/2014  | 
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Shareen dropped out of school at age 14. After spending three hard years, she decided to return to school so she could support her daughter. In her Educurious classroom, she found support and encouragement to begin to read again. Leveraging The Educurious Expert Network™, Shareen communicated with prominent, New York Times best-selling author April Henry who shared her own meandering path via a webinar. After building skills and confidence, Shareen has since decided that she too wants to be a writer.

Chris and Markus each entered 600 data points at home to visualize a model of how ideas spread through their social network to better understand the transmission of infectious diseases. Chris told his teacher that, “I spent a lot of time on this, Ms. Daniels.” Their teacher remarked that both boys were much more engaged than in previous biology curriculum units. Chris spent time at home playing with the data display software program, and downloaded the latest version so he could be on the cutting edge.

These are examples of students whose lives are being changed through an organization called Educurious, whose mission is to fundamentally transform the K-12 education experience.

Educurious works with districts to create an education system in which young people learn in meaningful ways. Their education experience has become relevant to their own lives, and they choose to become engaged, finding meaning and inspiration in their classrooms. These motivated, curious students are self-directed to prepare themselves for college and tomorrow’s careers.

Shareen, Chris and Markus – like many other students, have found that their schools’ integrated solution has captured their imagination and interest. Through project-based learning, technology and the help of their teachers and real-world experts, they are enjoying a meaningful learning experience that teaches them the contemporary skills they’ll need to thrive in our competitive global economy. Their learning experience has been transformed into one that:

  • Increases their self-confidence as they solve real problems and see the results.
  • Expands their career possibilities by connecting them to real-world experts who share their knowledge, passion and experience, collaborating with them on class projects.
  • Equips them with the communication and technology skills they need for college and careers.
  • Shifts their role from passive learners to active collaborators, problem solvers, and contributors.
  • Incorporates the technologies they use every day through a blended learning model.
  • Repositions their teachers as guides and facilitators to transform their classrooms into learning communities

At the schools Shareen, Chris and Markus attend, like the schools in other Educurious districts, project based courses are taught. These courses include 12 units in middle and high school biology and English. As students develop solutions to real-world challenges, school administrators have confidence knowing that courses are built to the Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards – and are well supported by blended professional development for their teachers.

Students like Shareen, Chris and Markus love their schools’ blended learning approach. Their online platform delivers curriculum and space for collaboration. Its multimedia-rich content, gaming and digital assets structure and support student pathways, helping them collaborate on projects and incorporate 21st-century learning.

If you would like to learn more about the Educurious system and how you can bring its transformative qualities to your district, visit www.educurious.org and call 206-402-4489.

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