Vend-ucation has put together a highly effective, multi-benefit solution for a recognized school problem.

12/21/2013  |  Vend-ucation
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Placing the solution for healthy school vending into the hands of ambitious students has proven to provide a dramatically greater fundraising capacity than schools have ever enjoyed from outsourced vending professionals.

Vend-ucation has combined several very hi-tech hardware and software components into a program that offers students more than simply convenient access to healthy school vending. Students participate in a real-world business experience, nutrition training by partnering with their school’s Nutrition and Health Services, vocational education, as well as inter-school partnering and marketing development. Vend-ucation offers the same vending inventory and sales management software that is used by Fastenal for tools and supplies dispensing in thousands of factories; and Ucapit for the controlled dispensing of narcotics and EMS supplies in hundreds of ambulance companies, Fire-Rescue Centers and hospitals; and even Facebook and Amazon for controlling access to their IT supplies for their Tech Departments. Students quickly embrace and optimize this new vending technology that has been modified for school vending applications.

Schools always need more funds to work with. Converting school vending from an outsourced professional vending company to an in-house student organization (FFA, DECA, FBLA, Senior Class, etc) converts the considerable expenses of that outsourced vending service company into considerable school profits. All of those off-campus warehouse, route trucks, route personnel, fuel, income tax expenses and even the owner’s profits become the net profits of a student operated vending program with Cafeteria and Administration supervision.

Case Histories

Albany High School in Albany CA went from earning only $3,200 income from their two water and juice flavors vending machines each year to earning over $19,000 per year from their two MAX school vending machines still offering not only water, but adding juices, sandwiches, wellness approved snacks, cookies, muffins, coconut water and even Seaweed Chips.

The Pleasant Grove Independent School District in Texarkana TX installed vending machines offering USDA reimbursable meals and ala carte selections into their High School, Middle School and even their Intermediate School teaching grades 3-5. Students could make vending purchases with either cash, their lunch account balance or accessing a free lunch via USDA qualification. The monthly vending sales averaged $12,611.88 in the several months after the machines were installed and operated by the school. PGISD even reversed their reimbursable meal sales annual decreases into a modest increase on the basis of their self-operated school vending machines.

The senior class at Madelia JR Sr High School in Minnesota wanted a healthy vending machine for their school. Vend-ucation designed a machine able to sell the items they could buy from their cafeteria and local wholesalers. The 299 students in that school buy an average of $86 per day in healthy food, snacks and beverages from their MAX school vending machine, earning the Senior Class over $8,500 in net profits every year... as well as a highly educational business experience.

Richland Bean Blossom School Corp in Indiana wanted to promote breakfast, so they took advantage of a generous Indiana Dairy Association grant to help pay for a MAX machine integrated with their School Lunch POS program. The machine was so successful they almost immediately purchased a second MAX for their Middle School. The machines paid for themselves with new profits in less than a single school year. Wall Street wouldn’t dare to dream of a 100% return on investment every year.

Jim Dillingham, the founder and President of Vend-ucation, has been promoting school self-op vending for over 24 years. Dillingham has also been instrumental in promoting other Hi-Tech Vending Solutions, solving inventory management problems for Fire Rescue Companies. There is a Vend-ucation designed vending machine in a South African platinum mine deep underground that is capable of recognizing a working miner’s biometric identification and then supplying them with forgotten safety glasses, earplugs or even delivering an AIDS prescription.

Vend-ucation works with schools across America to dramatically improve school income, the availability for greater nutritional value before and after school and offering educational opportunities by engaging the most motivated students with real business experience.

Vend-ucation, in conjunction with their partnering midwest factory building these automatic retailing kiosks is now developing vocational training classes for High School and College students interesting in job and business opportunities in advanced vending technology for retailing and inventory management.

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