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On November 23, 2005, Georgia Aquarium officially opened its doors to the public. As one of the world’s most dynamic aquariums, Georgia Aquarium features more aquatic life than any other aquarium in the United States. Through a path of more than 60 exhibits and more than 10 million gallons of water Georgia Aquarium tells a global water story, with unique features designed to inspire, entertain and educate.

Situated in the heart of downtown Atlanta, Georgia Aquarium is a nonprofit organization dedicated to being a global leader in research and conservation programs that mirror the unique and amazing animals seen within the facility. Since its founding, Georgia Aquarium has been committed to inspiring current and future generations through a focus on respectful display, education and conservation of marine mammals and all aquatic species. Aquarium staff, partners and researchers are impacting the future of our aquatic world by ensuring that guests learn and care about the extraordinary animal ambassadors and in the hopes they become advocates on their behalf. The six distinct galleries and more than 60 exhibits within Georgia Aquarium depict different aquatic habitats, ranging from arctic to tropical waters, featuring an expansive collection of aquatic animals.

Education Programs

Georgia Aquarium is dedicated to promoting an entertaining learning experience that inspires guests to better understand and appreciate aquatic animals — while encouraging the conservation of these animals and their natural habitats. The Georgia Aquarium educational experience is an opportunity for students to discover the aquatic realm in an immersive learning environment. Georgia Aquarium believes that early exposure to these animals and the sharing of key information will motivate students to make positive choices about conservation throughout their lives.

The aquarium’s education department strives to make the educational experience an extension of the classroom. Georgia Aquarium takes an innovative approach to traditional student field trips — offering two program options for school groups when visiting: instructor-led or self-guided tours. In addition to exploring the atrium and all of its galleries, students are able to view the aquarium from a different perspective on the Learning Loop. While there, students participate in animal encounters, interactive activities and research applicable to real-world situations. Informal and unique education methods are utilized with the goal of enhancing the understanding of content taught in the formal classroom. All of the aquarium’s education programs are aligned with the Georgia Performance Standards (GPS).

Georgia Aquarium’s education programs serve students ranging from the pre-kindergarten to collegiate and graduate studies levels. Students served come from a variety of settings including public schools, private schools and home-school education. The aquarium also offers professional development, lectures and various other resources for educators. Since the inception of its educational programming, the aquarium has met its goal of having 100,000 students participate annually; and to date more than 400,000 students have come to learn about amazing aquatic habitats through interactive lessons, hands-on activities and exhibit tours.

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