Busch Gardens lets your students watch their lessons come to life

03/30/2013  | 
experiential learning

We’re here to let you in on a little secret — but only if you promise not to tell your students. Busch Gardens® isn’t just an incredible theme park. Sure, we may have 422 acres of thrilling rides and roller coasters that will make even the most stoic teenagers shriek with glee. But we’re also a hands-on classroom, laboratory and performance space, where your students can watch their lessons come to life.

Busch Gardens makes lesson planning easier for teachers, too. We’ve created group tours and educational programming for a range of age groups, from elementary school to high school. Whether you’re explaining the principles of physics or the effects of green technology, the excitement of standing on stage or the importance of wild animal habitats, we have an unforgettable field trip for you. Many of our tours even have student worksheets and other educational planning materials — perfect for extending the impact of your Busch Gardens visit.

Here’s a closer look at a few of our most popular group tours. Reservations must be made two weeks in advance, and there are certain restrictions on tour dates and the number of guests. Tour tickets are $13.50 per person.

Coasters 101: Learning in Motion

Science and technology come racing to life with a behind-the-scenes tour of the world’s most exhilarating roller coasters: Loch Ness Monster® and Griffon®. Our expert guides will lead your group into the control rooms and maintenance bays of these incredible machines, where you’ll explore the science behind the thrills. And with front-of-the-line ride access, students will feel physics at work.

Verbolten® Insider Tour: The Latest in Roller Coaster Technology

Experience the magic of Busch Gardens’ newest roller coaster: the fear-inducing Verbolten. Discover how our multi-launch masterpiece twists and turn through the Black Forest, with exclusive access to the event building and priority access for a one-time ride.

Wolf Encounter: A Howling Good Time

Bring your pack to Busch Gardens for an up-close encounter with America’s top predator: the often-misunderstood gray wolf. Students will learn more about the important role wolves play in the wild, their fierce loyalty and what we can do to help them survive in the modern world. Depending on the day, you may even meet a few more of our animal ambassadors.

Busch Gardens Insider: The Ultimate Educational Experience

Do your students think they know what it takes to run the world’s most beautiful theme park? Sign up for our Insider tour and go behind the scenes. Tour our in-house bakery and explore the secrets of the special effects at Escape from Pompeii®, then learn how roller coasters work with a visit to the Loch Ness Monster. Enjoy a landscape tour of our gorgeous gardens in Italy; then, experience Ireland with reserved seating for a performance of Celtic Fyre®, the live show that brings together the magic of Celtic dance, music and storytelling.

NASA Presents Launch Into Physics

This spring, we’re inviting all middle school and high school students to challenge the rules of gravity — thanks to our new “Launch Into Physics” program created in collaboration with NASA. On select days, Busch Gardens transforms into a huge hands-on physics laboratory, where students learn about momentum, acceleration, and g-force while exploring rides throughout the park. Because nothing brings inertia to life like a 240 foot plunge on Mäch Tower®.

Meal Options That Cater to You

Wondering how you’re going to feed a bunch of hungry students? Busch Gardens has it covered. Discounted meal certificates let your students choose an entrée, side and drink from almost any restaurant in the park. Or if you’d like to eat together, we offer catered group meals with an all-you-care-to-eat buffet — the perfect picnic for picky eaters. It’s a great way to come back together for a meal. Not only will you have your very own space, you can even have your very own animal show. Once your group is finished with lunch, our animal experts will introduce a few of our amazing animal ambassadors. It’s a wonderful way to see the magic of wild creatures up close, while learning more about animal habits and habitats.

Plunge into Fun at Water Country USA®

And once you’ve had a blast at Busch Gardens, make a splash at Water Country USA. Located only three miles away, Virginia’s largest water park is a hot place to cool down. Feeling brave? Plummet down our 75 foot tall speed slide Vanish Point®, or get seriously soaked as you twist and turn down Aquazoid’s darkened tunnels. In the mood for some relaxation? Lazy rivers, a huge Surfer’s Bay wave pool, and kid-friendly splash zones are fun for all ages.

For more information, or to plan your own fi eld trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg or Water Country USA, visit buschgardens.com or call 800-343-7946 today.
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