FROM the EDITOR - Spring 2013

03/30/2013  |  Charles Sosnik Editor in Chief

When you only publish three times per year, it’s important that each issue delivers. That’s why we place so many valuable resources into each issue. In this issue, we bring you an edition so chock-full of choice reading, so stuffed with solutions, so packed with practical, useful information that you’ll still be using it long after the Back to School edition arrives. Our cover story is a conversation with Temple Grandin. For those of you in special education, Temple is a rock star. In talking with her, I found her common sense approach to be extremely refreshing. She is brilliant and warm and honest and likeable – and funny. My conversation with her was one of the most interesting I have had in 30 (plus) years as an editor.

I looked back at our special technology issue from four years ago in preparation for our technology focus in this current issue. It was like looking back into the distant past. The use of technology in our schools is advancing so rapidly. I never would have guessed four years ago that we would be looking at a time in just a few short years when all our textbooks would be digital and every student would have a device on his or her desk. In this issue, we explore the NEW (er, est) digital classroom revolution and explore options for our districts. Some districts, like my hometown of Charlotte/Mecklenburg, are plunking down some serious change on iPADS. Others aren’t quite ready to start drinking the Apple Kool Aid just yet. In any event, however, the change is coming. Our Technology focus will tell you what you need to know.

The Common Core State Standards seem to be on everyone’s mind these days. In this issue, we bring you a collection of articles designed to help you meet the challenges of the Common Core as your schools begin to meet (and then exceed) these rigorous standards. And speaking of rigor, in this issue we welcome our newest columnist Barbara Blackburn. I met Barbara last fall and was instantly impressed with both her clarity of thought and her writing style. Her column, Rigor is for Everyone, provides practical, research-based strategies that you can use immediately. I’m betting it will quickly become one of your favorites.

Our next issue will tackle the subject of early childhood education. As I’m finding, there are a lot of VERY strong opinions in the ECE space. As we know, educating young children is an important subject and the passion runs deep. I’d like to know your views. To add your voice to our discussion, drop me a line. I can be reached at [email protected] or 866-761-1247.

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