From the Editor - Winter 2012

11/15/2012  |  Stephen Murphy Editor-in-Chief
From the Editor

SEEN is pleased to present our GREEN Schools issue! It has never been more important to address environmental issues and many schools have found innovative ways to teach their students environmental stewardship. We have several great articles here about schools that are focusing on green classrooms, in a way that is bringing them enormous cost savings as well as increasing student engagement. It’s a win-win.

We highlight Miami-Dade County Public Schools – the fourth largest school district in the United States – which has had impressive results with their green initiatives. Under the leadership of Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, M-DCPS has implemented a green program in which cost savings of over $10 million from energy conservation result in a cash rebate for individual schools – which can be reinvested into the school. In this issue’s SEEN interview, Mr. Carvalho shares his insights on the highly successful program.

We invite all other superintendents and educators, across the Southeast and beyond, to share success stories, best practices, lessons learned and ideas with us as well.

Also in this issue, we are excited to present several approaches to STEM Curriculum, including articles on linking assessments, instruction and learning in Science and Math, and how teachers can take the lead on implementing Common Core Standards in Math.

We also have a special section about educational inclusion of special needs students. We address how teachers can best manage the inclusive classroom in a way that will be beneficial for all students. It’s a great section that will provide some practical tips that teachers can put to use immediately.

It is with mixed feelings that I announce that this issue is my last as Editor of SEEN Magazine. While I am excited about new opportunities and new adventures, I will miss working with our educators, writers and the passionate staff here at the Southeast Education Network. It has been an honor.

I am pleased to welcome back Charles Sosnik as Editor of SEEN Magazine. As my predecessor, Charles revamped SEEN and made incredible progress on presenting the best ideas and resources to help educators in the Southeast. His interview with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan remains one of the highlights of SEEN Magazine in recent years.

Charles brings great passion to education and I am delighted to leave you, our readers, in his very capable hands. He can be reached at [email protected].

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