Kennedy Space Center

Interactive learning programs designed to inspire future explorers

08/21/2012  | 
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Want to elevate your students’ imaginations to new heights?

Take them on a lasting journey that truly is out of this world at Florida’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex!

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex offers numerous youth educational programs where the next generation of scientists and space explorers can learn the story of NASA’s space missions, experience history first-hand, learn the future of space technology, study and discover the importance of science, technology, engineering and math through hands-on activities. Students have the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes and take a glimpse of NASA’s launch headquarters at Kennedy Space Center on the KSC Bus Tour, meet and talk with a real veteran astronaut, see inspiring IMAX® films and explore the future of space exploration. Whether they are getting vertical on the Shuttle Launch Experience or flying a spacecraft in a simulation activity, the exciting learning activities make this educational experience feel more like an adventure. This allows for great student teambuilding opportunities while their experience challenges them to think creatively and to reach for the stars.

These programs are aimed at inspiring students of different grades and interest levels, and they meet all Florida Sunshine State Standards, Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test® (FCAT) requirements and national science standards.

The fun-filled, interactive learning programs at the Visitor Complex are designed to inspire future explorers and enlighten their inquisitive minds. The programs include: Student Astronaut Training Experience, Overnight Adventures, Salute to Science, Salute to Homeschoolers and Salute to Scouts.

The Student ATX-Astronaut Training Experience is a great opportunity to immerse students in the world of today’s astronauts. This interactive experience allows them the opportunity to engage in space exploration briefings, hands-on training, motion-based simulators and a full-scale space shuttle mission simulation - all designed to prepare your students for the rigors of spaceflight. This experience takes place at the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame® adjacent to the Visitor Complex.

The Salute to Science, the Salute to Homeschoolers and the Salute to Scouts are exciting field trip opportunities for large groups of 100 or more. These student explorers enjoy the opportunity to meet an astronaut and learn firsthand in a private session about the latest NASA accomplishments and goals for the future. One of the programs’ highlights is the opportunity to engage in a hands-on, minds-on Team Engineering Challenge.

If you want to take the learning experience to greater heights, your students will love the Overnight Adventure. They are invited to bring their sleeping bags and camp out indoors underneath the gigantic Saturn V moon rocket, the world’s largest rocket. This experience provides the students with an opportunity to truly gain a deeper appreciation as they are immersed in the past, present and future of space exploration. They can touch a real moon rock, see artifacts from previously flown space trips and understand the various factors involved in space flights. This program is designed for school, scout and youth groups entering 2nd-9th grades.

As you are guiding your students along the journey at Kennedy Space Center, you can challenge them to complete the “Explorers Logbook,” a workbook designed to engage students while leading them on a tour of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. These booklets are grade specific and they include educational activities, scavenger hunts and writing exercises.

To help take this experience back into the classroom, NASA also provides resources to help teachers with their lesson plans.

An Educator Study Pass is available to Florida and Georgia K-12 educators. The study pass provides educators with a complimentary admission ticket with year-round access to the Visitor Complex and KSC’s Educator Resource Center. The study pass is designed to help plan field trips and discover interesting facts to integrate into science, math and space exploration curriculums.

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