Technology as a Leadership Tool

11/20/2009  |  MELVIN B. KATZ, ED.D.
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Among the most common educational buzz words we hear today are “diversified teaching,”“cooperative learning groups,”“instructional differentiation”and most predominately the “infusion of technology” into the learning environment.

Educators sometimes think of “technology”as hardware and software and often confuse these budget lines with “infusion of technology in the classroom.”How mistaken they are! Technology should be considered hands on, vibrant and a vast new resource for researching, participating, teaching, learning and communicating. It is has not only replaced the print media in many vital areas but has added a dimension to research and education that can be both time saving, and efficient as well as providing the most –up to date knowledge in the field.

 The utilization of the computer reaches down into the elementary grades and moves up and through to the university experience. Not a single subject is exempt from the efficacy of computer aided instruction — whether it is science, math, history, English or any of the art or music areas. With that in mind, it is Merriam Webster’s definition of the word tool “as something (as an instrument or apparatus) used in performing an operation or necessary in the practice of a vocation or profession” that best describes Seton Hall University’s online Education, Leadership, Management and Policy (ELMP) program.The online ELMP program now going into its 10th year, remains as one of the most popular programs in the Seton Hall University College of Education and Human Services.

The economics of education today has far reaching implications and effects.As education scrutiny becomes more probing and assessments become more intense, many retirements of administrators and supervisors are occurring earlier and in larger numbers.These vacancies must be filled by creative educators who have the leadership skills of creating successful and effective learning environments.

Are you going to be ready to accept the challenge-of becoming a 21st century education leader? Are you ready for the accolades given to movers and shakers of successful educational change? If your answer to these questions is yes, then earning a Seton Hall University degree in Education, Leadership Management and Policy online may be right for you.

The Seton Hall M.A. in Education Leadership, Management and Policy (E.L.M.P.) offered through the college of Education and Human Services and SetonWorldWide, the online campus of Seton Hall University is ideal for busy teachers, coaches, music and art educators or others who are unable to attend class on campus.The online ELMP program identical to the on campus program and the online courses are taught by Seton Hall campus faculty.Two on campus weekend residencies are required.The ELMP program leads to eligibility for principal and supervisor certification.The online ELMP program meets all requirements for NCATE (National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education).

Since 1856 Seton Hall University has been a catalyst for educational leadership preparing teachers and administrators to address challenges and innovations in the field of education.

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