Fernbank Museum celebrates 20 years with ways to make learning fun

04/01/2012  |  Brandi Berry
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There’s always a good reason to enjoy Fernbank Museum of Natural History’s exhibitions, IMAX films, education programs, special activity days, and other offerings. But Fernbank is making a great idea even better as the Museum celebrates its 20th anniversary with more exhibits, more programs and more ways to have fun while learning.

Right Now!

  1. Wildlife Rescue: This popular exhibition is on view through May 6. Students explore compelling stories, hands-on interactives, and multimedia encounters as they learn about endangered animals from around the world, the people helping them survive, and the science behind their efforts.
  2. Born to be Wild: This new IMAX film, showing through May 18. Meet orphaned orangutans and elephants along with the people who rescue raise and return them to the wild—saving endangered species one life at a time.
  3. To the Arctic: This incredible new film swims alongside polar bears and reveals a world beneath Arctic ice on April 20 in celebration of Earth Day.

    During Spring Break!
  4. 97 Days to Play: Fernbank kicks off 97 Days to Play with an ongoing schedule of summer events, family celebrations, activity days, scavenger hunts, special programs and much more.
  5. The Scoop on Poop: This summer exhibit, May 26-Sept. 3, lets you listen to a bear’s digestive system, learn the language of poop around the world, examine fecal samples in a veterinarian’s lab, track wild animals by clues left in scat, and meet a dinosaur dung detective.
  6. Summer Camps: Fernbank’s week-long day camps are offered from June 4-July 20 for rising Kindergarten through fifth-grade students. Fernbank educators guide campers on an exploration of the scientific world, including ecology, paleontology.

    This Fall!
  7. Genghis Khan: Invade Fernbank on Oct. 5 and experience the amazing true story of this Mongol warlord and innovative leader who brought unity, stability and more to his people.
  8. Winter Wonderland: Celebrate holidays, traditions and cultures around the world in this festive exhibition and programming series.

    All Year Long!
  9. Auditorium Programs: Enhance your field trip experience with an auditorium program taught by a Fernbank educator. Correlated to Georgia Performance Standards, the 40-50 minute programs include active discussion, fun visuals, live specimens and artifacts (where appropriate) focusing on dinosaurs, live animals, ecosystems, world cultures or physical science.
  10. Curriculum standards: Fernbank makes it easy to correlate programs to your curriculum. Fernbank also offers correlations for special exhibitions, permanent exhibitions and IMAX films that include a broad range of themes relating to life science, earth science, history, geography, the scientific process, world culture, physical science, and plenty of opportunities to integrate language arts and math.
  11. Downloadable Resources: Visit fernbankmuseum.org/fieldtrips for free scavenger hunts, exhibition guides, activities, and other resources to complete before, during and after your visit.
  12. The World’s Largest Dinosaurs: They may have existed more than 65 million years ago, but standing beneath the 123-foot-long plant-eating Argentinosaurus and the 47-foot-long meat-eating Giganotosaurus never “gets old.”
  13. New Children’s Exhibit: Students in Pre-K through 4th grade embark on a quest to enjoy live animal habitats and over 100 hands-on opportunities in the new children’s exhibition Fernbank NatureQuest.
  14. Discover Georgia’s Past and Present: Go on A Walk Through Time in Georgia to explore Georgia’s natural regions and the history of the Earth in this permanent exhibition.
  15. Connect with Cultures: Find out how people communicate information through their clothing, jewelry and even body modification in the permanent exhibit Reflections of Culture.
  16. Scholarships: Take advantage of Fernbank’s limited grant-funded field trip assistance for Title 1 schools.

    Just For Educators!
  17. Discounts: If you aren’t from a Title 1 School, you can still save on a field trip by booking your fall field trip now. Fernbank is offering an early bird discount for field trips taken between August and December 2012. Just book by Aug. 15 to receive a 10 percent discount. Use promo
    EarlyBird-FT-10%-8/15/12 the time of booking.
  18. Educator E-Newsletter: Fernbank makes it easy to keep in touch and take advantage of all the Museum has to offer, including the exclusive Educator Evening each fall, with monthly “Just for Educators” emails. Sign up by sending an email to
    [email protected].
Fernbank Museum of Natural History is located at 767 Clifton Road NE in Atlanta. For more information, visit fernbankmuseum.org/fieldtrips. To book a field trip, call 404.929.6320.
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